One day in the Olympic Park

6. Palace of Sport Iceberg. For the first time I managed to remove it into a clear and sunny day. I think that it is in this light that all its beauty is opens. It was held in figure skating and short track.

7. Thousands of people enter the Olympic Park to visit the competition and just walk in the park. Despite this amount, there was no feeling of shy or crush, everything was very organized.

nine. Passage "Rollercoaster" Sochi Park, on the way there were huge installations with greetings.

ten. Various entertainment activities were organized in the park.

eleven. Chief Olympic Store Sochi 2014 – Bosco. There was a big share of guests who stood stood to get there. People bought everything! People wanted! People did it!) I personally have only gloves with multicolored fingers, I don’t need anymore)

12. Persons of people. Persons of people who hit this magnificent holiday. People were happy and satisfied.

13. Those most welcome installations that I did not perceive first, but then I realized that they fit very well into the overall landscape of the park.

fourteen. Fans in front of the match Russia – USA.

16. Since from the entrance to the center of the park, there is a very long distance, through the territory they rush electrocars, which were very quickly delivered by anyone else) the priority was in the elderly, people with disabilities and children. Even the next day, when I was late for a hockey match, we were politely denied explanation that young and beautiful can walk to sports facilities on foot.

17. February 16 issued a hot day. The temperature of the day rose to +18 degrees and the people rested in the center of the park near the bowl of fire.

eighteen. Approximately like that!

19. One of the power points between the indoor skating center "Adler Arena" and Iceberg.

21. KKTS "Adler Arena", Where were the competition for skating sports.

22. Some volunteers work, others relax, waiting for their shift.

23. Another group of youth to entertain guests.

24. Olympic rings installed in front of the Ice Palace "Big" enjoyed special popularity.

25. Mountain View Photos.

26. Near them gave a speech by a group of hares who showed an enchanting show)

thirty. "Big". People Going to Hockey Match Russia – USA.

31. Fans and Elvis.

33. Bowl of Olympic Fire.

35. Alley of Flags of countries participating in the Olympiad.

37. Here is the moment when Viktor An invoked the next gold.

38. After the start of the match Russia – the USA, the fans still walk next to the palace in the hope of buying a ticket.

40. And again the bowl of the Olympic Fire (I warned, these photos will be much).

42. Iceberg and Alley Flags Day.

46. One of their entertainment and hobbies, which provided one of the sponsors – to collect the collection of Olympic Matryoshek icons, in which winter sports depicted. Starting, hard to stop)

One day in the Olympic Park

47. In the park comes evening.

48. And on Medals Plaza, more and more people are going.

50. "Big". When it is completely dark, on the roof "Big" flags of team countries and current account. It looks unreal cool!

53. If you look in the side of the exit from the Olympic Park, then the same installations say everything "See you soon!"

54. Central Olympic Stadium "Fisht", Where was the opening and closing ceremonies. Outside it seems not so big as long as you do not inside.

55. Near Phiste, the studios that were broadcast to the whole world.

57. One of the items, where the fans are not only ate, but together they watched straight broadcasts on their tablets and phones and all together were chanting for our national team. Like one family!

58. Sponsors presented their guests "Chips". This is omega.

59. And this is a 3D screen from megaphone. Everyone could take a picture and at the appointed time your face appeared on time on the bulk screen.

60. Volkswagen invited to the test drive, as well as everyone who wanted to send the opportunity to send you a postcard signed by you for free to anywhere.

61. Russian slides in Sochi-Park, which will be opened after the end of the Olympic Games.

62. Hotel "Bogatyr".

63. On this last photo, the scale of attendance of the Olympic Park is especially visible.

Time was not enough, and on a lot. I did not visit the houses of sponsors, I did not have time to get to the houses of fans. In a buiding "Formula 1" there was a big exhibition of all regions of Russia. I did not have enough a few more days to get there, where I wanted – that is, everywhere.
Despite all this, I got great pleasure and impressions from all seen and what I experienced on that day! This is really a holiday, it is an atmosphere that was created by the spirit and mood of all guests and visitors to the Olympic Park, as well as volunteers who restlessly wished you a good day and called back again.
This happened. It was cool.

One day in the Olympic Park

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