One day on the island of Burano

When you went around Venice along and across, and even an aperitif is not a joy, sit down on the ship and go to the island of Burano. Capture bread with you to feed the seagulls along the way, and a pair of picnic sandwiches.

The motor ship from Venice on the island of Burano is sent every half hour. Come past the glazed hall and sit down on the latest outdoor benches. Places here are all ten people so worth hurry. It overlooks the water, the sky and here it turns out beautiful photos without glare.
The road will take half an hour. If you are lucky, you will be able to feed the chap. Perhaps on the way you will want to take pictures with the captain of the "Ship". For all rules, the entrance to the cab is prohibited. But if your charm does not know borders, the captain will go to the "Crime".

Do not pay for a guide. I’ll tell you so!

Burano Island is completely small, you can get around half an hour. Wikipedia is confident that 2,800 people live here. Not like the truth. Feels like, hardly residents are like a thousand. It is believed that Burano founded the Romans who fled from the city of Altino during the invasions of the barbarians. It sounds believable. Since then, the island is considered a fisherman village.

Just specifically for fishermen at home painted in bright colors, so that men, returning to the island, even in the fog did not make a mistake of the door. (Apparently there were cases).
There is another version, it is no longer about fishermen, but about their drunkenness. According to legend, multicolored houses helped men who drove to unconsciousness, find the way home.
Find real fishermen to ask where the truth, I failed. Yes, I think about drunkenness, they would still not admitted. The only thing I met on the island is the fishing networks, neatly and, apparently, have long been folded, yes cats, which are dormant on bite-baked as if in wintering boats.
About wives of fishermen everything is clearer, no legends. Women on Burano in centuries Cornney days and nights behind weaving lace. By the 16th century it began to get so good that lace with Burano wanted to get noble young ladies from all ends of Europe.
An interesting fact that local guides tell one.

This rule is enshrined by law, it concerns only those buildings that go to the main streets). And painting buildings coordinate with the mayor. (Obviously, paint the house in black here will definitely not be allowed). Here, in general, and everything I told you, so do not take a guide, money for wind.

One day on the island of Burano

Burano: how to find a local resident?

In the city hung feeling that everything around, unreal, toy, if you want. As if Burano is placed on the island of scenery for filming the film, who wanted to remove, and changed his mind. And if they were removed, something absurdist, Kafkyan and accurately with a love line and an optimistic finale would come out.
Here you want to knock on the walls of the houses and make sure that it’s cardboard. Put 10 euros on the fact that boats arranged along the channels – good butaforia, manually. Stupns stronger on the bridge to check the strength or stick behind the curtains: do not paper?

Too here everything is extinced. It is impossible that the curtains are selected on the whole island under the color of houses: green to green, pink to pink, curtains with anchors to the house painted in blue. Painfully measured pots with red flowers on the windowsill, the pink bike at the pink house is too accurate, and obviously someone specially hung six of the same white T-shirts in a row to dry under the Italian Sun.

Only tourists wandered between color houses. Local – none. Unless souvenir shop sellers and waiters, which are served espresso for 2 euros in restaurants, of course, without sugar, and offended, if you order cappuccino after lunch. But they do not count!
To meet the inhabitants of the island will have to collapse from stores with lace and shove inside the small quarters. Somewhere in the courtyards are hidden wooden shops and even stand plastic chairs, where you can trust and see the real life of the former fishing village.
Will not pass and half an hour as a curly woman of about 60s in a light dress and apron over to reach the window to pour your white violets. The gloomy man in the window of the blue house will begin to paint the tenth of the shutters of the windows with a brush who got him from his grandfather. And his wife gently posts in a row just wrapped shirts.
Take patience, and see how three years of seven years old will fly into the courtyard to drive the ball, and the nervous woman in her home slippers and with a broom in his hands runs out to catch a restless cat, who just doubled.
– Oh, you, scoundrel, – she will say, (only in Italian, of course). And from the door of her houses to you will be coming to the sounds of the working TV, there is exactly what the Italian series.
Closer to noon, take care, the courtyard will flood creamy and spicy smells of home dinner, they will be fascinated from all door slots. And here you will very much by the way will be your sandwiches. You took them with you?

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