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Athos – Peninsula in the northeastern part of Greece and «Third finger» famous Halhidikov. Athos remains one of the untouched parts of Northern Greece. Landscape Here is stunning: small green valleys and gorges, woodland, alternating with steep ravines and inaccessible coastal lines. On the Holy Mount of Athos, the fortress walls of the monasteries are towering, surrounded by silver-green sea olive groves.

Athos is the land where myths are intertwined with history, and wonders – with reality. Athos represents a self-governing secluded monastic community, which includes twenty monastic monasteries. Very popular among Orthodox pilgrimage tours in Athos, thanks to which you can find out at those distant times when the pagan peninsula has become known as «Garden of the Mother of God». In the west of the Athos Peninsula is a port, from where tourists go to unforgettable sea cruises to the neighboring islands.

Athos – the name of the mountain and the eponymous Peninsula in Northern Greece, which is the UNESCO World Heritage. On Athos Peninsulas, about 1400 monks live in 20 Orthodox monasteries, only men can visit them when receiving special permission, women can join the Athos shrine from afar. Of the twenty monasteries located in Athos, one Russian, Bulgarian and Serbian, the rest of the monasteries are Greek. Each monastery stores holy power, rare icons, frescoes and mosaics. Although many of them were destroyed as a result of fires or stolen, huge collections of historical texts, rare documents and manuscripts are carefully stored in libraries.

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What is interesting to see in Athos?

Top attractions of Athos

Holy Mount Athos

Simonopetr Monastery

Iverly monastery

Monastery Ayos-Dionisios

Ksropotos monastery

Monastery Ayos-Pandelemon

Monastery Constamonit

Monastery zographs

Monastery Xenophon

Mns Athos: Excursions and Events

One of the most popular excursions in Athos is a one-day cruise around the Holy Mountain – an impressive swimming tour in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. On the sea route to Chalkidiki you will swim along the coast side by side with dolphins and enjoy the beautiful view of the coastal monasteries and their unique splendor. Thanks to its special status of the Autonomous Monastic Republic, Athos is untouched and unusually beautiful. Athos sailing tour begins 9 am from Limenaria or Tasos and lasts up to 6 pm with arrival at the point of departure.

Another interesting excursion to Athos – 3-day travel on the route Athos – Chalkidiki. This is a unique tour of the northern part of the Aegean Sea, which begins with the magnificent Tasos Island and ends on the Halkidiki Peninsula. Marine excursion allows you to see impressive monasteries that rises on Mount Athos at an altitude of 2033 m. Stopping on Ammouliani Island provides an opportunity for swimming near the quietly striking fishing boats, and Sitonia will offer beautiful natural beaches for a relaxing holiday. Upon arrival in the monastery, the visitor can ask one of his guests to hold a kind of excursion through the monastery and get information about the history of a particular monastery. Most likely, the monastery of St. Panteleimonos will be such a monastery (Agiou Panteleimonos), t.To. He is the only Russian monastery in Athos, and permission to stay to tourists from Russia give it to him.

An excursions in Athos do not mean visits to the monasteries themselves, as a rule, reviews of its attractions takes place at a short distance due to the ban on the grounds of women on the territory of the monastic state. Allowed to the Land of St. Athon exclusively a man, but to visit, it is necessary to have a permit that is issued to the Bureau of Pilgrims in the city of Thessaloniki for up to 4 days.

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Climate in Athos

Unlike South Greece, Winter in Athos is long, rainy and cold. Snow here is a bad phenomenon. But even in winter, many tourists come to Athos for spiritual privacy, especially since many monasteries have central heating.

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In the summer in Athos, it is hot, the peak of tourist sechone has to arrive in the middle of June and lasts until mid-September. In the summer there are thunderstorms in Athos, and because of the storm warning, many boat cruises are canceled.

Preferred to visit Athos in the spring (from mid-April to mid-June), when the climate in Athos is more favorable for stay, or in the fall (from mid-September to the end of October), when the season of fruits and vegetables begins.

The climate in Athos is generally moderate, although it varies from one settlement to another. Average air temperature in summer here +29..+31 degrees, winter +9..+11 degrees. Water warms up to +24..+26 degrees. For a detailed acquaintance with the forecast, see the weather in Athos for months.

Men Athos: Entertainment and Active Leisure

The main sport on the Halkidiki Peninsula is water sports. This is diving, surfing, windsurfing, swimming and other sports that tourists are engaged in independently in secluded bays or at nearby resorts.

Near the Mountain Athos bathing and water sports is prohibited, so it remains to look for entertainment outside the holy place. Within the limits of Athos, only hiking, allowing not only to spend time actively, but also independently examine many natural attractions and powerful monasteries of Athos.

Near the Athos Peninsula, there are plenty of hotels in which gyms, sports grounds and complexes are located offering a wide range of different entertainment and sports opportunities and active recreation in Athos.

Transport features of Athos

On the Athos Peninsula, transport messages are well developed. The taxi usual for tourists is missing here, the bus service is also irregular. Move the resort is possible on bicycles or scooters.

On the most Mount Athos, you can only walk from the monastery to the monastery, focusing on special route cards. The longest walk on the mountain: from Agia Anna to the Great Lavra (takes from six to seven hours). Many of the ancient pedestrian walkways are still used for walking, but sometimes it’s still better to go on a new tourist trail.

Transport connection between nearby resorts is well developed. Tourists can take advantage of the bus or taxis to get from or to nearby cities and resorts: Uranipolis, Jerissos, Thessaloniki, Daphny. Regular buses go between resorts from early morning, and to Mount Athos can also deliver special minibuses or motorboats.

R. Athos, Greece Reviews, Reviews, Hotels of Afona Tourprom Travel

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