Rabat – This is not only the capital of Morocco, but also a favorite place for tourists from all over the world. Picturesque places, enchanting species and rich cultural world – only part of what traveler lovers find here.

The city will not leave anyone indifferent and its unique architecture. Unique it can be called due to the weave of Eastern and European cultures. The atmosphere of the slave deserves separate attention, after all, becoming a real business center, he wonderful combines the spirit of Eastern history, its flavor and modern business flows.

Rabat can be called a real collection of attractions. Be sure, going to travel by Rabat, you do not have to miss the lack of interesting places to visit. Fullect all the charms of Kasba fortress fortress, walking along the beautiful streets of white and blue and enjoying an amazing view that opens from a spacious observation deck.

Among other legendary places Rabat – Minaret 69 meters in height, referred to as Khasan Tower, and the Royal Palace. And, of course, all the conditions for entertainment, as well as many restaurants in which you will be offered to taste not only dishes kitchens of the whole world, but also traditional delicacies and the east and Maghreba Kushan.

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What is interesting to see in Rabat?

Top attractions Rabat

Mosque Yakub Al-Mansur and Khasan Tower

Kasba Udaia

Royal Palace in Rabat

Rabat: excursions and events

There is a lot of excursions on the slave. You can start with the so-called introductory or sightseeing tour. Such an excursion will cost you about $ 40. During her passage, you will be familiar with the unique architecture of the discount, the main attractions, historical places and buildings, the ruins of fortresses, mosques.

You will also visit the famous minarets, markets, fishermen villages, along with the eastern religious historical monuments, you will be familiar with the Christian temples and tell their rich history.

Overview tour of Rabatat includes a separate detailed consideration of the Khasan Castle, the Royal Palace and Mausoleum of Mohammed V, as well as their visit. A comfortable bus is available as a vehicle, designed specifically for tourist excursions. Also included hiking directly on the sights themselves in order to penetrate the spirit of the saturated history of these places.

An average excursion on average lasts about three hours, for which you have to learn a lot of interesting things both about Morocco and about the capital of this kingdom in particular. Having done a study tour, you can determine the most liked places and subsequently visit them yourself.

History Rabat

Climate in Rabat

Climate in Rabat is very favorable. The capital of the Kingdom of Morocco is in the subtropical zone, which is noticeably affected by temperature. If in summer the average temperature ranges between 30-35C°, then in winter it sinks about twice and amounts to 15-20s°. Rabat is characterized by increased humidity.

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For those who want to go on a journey through Morocco, in particular to Rabat, attention should be paid to what the right time is to travel – Spring. But if you are not afraid of heat and high humidity, then boldly go to conquer summer Atlantic beaches and Maghreb sights. In any case, before collecting suitcases, check out the weather forecast in Rabat by months.

Rabat: Entertainment and Activities

Rabat will offer you excellent streaming conditions if you are a sports amateur. Going to go to the beach, you can capture a surfboard with you. Most of the beaches of Rabat are a refuge for many surficists. If you are more attracting sailing, then you are still on the beach!

Especially interesting, the discount will be for cyclists, jeeping down the beautiful streets on a two-wheeled vehicle, you undoubtedly align in it both pleasant and useful.

For connoisseurs of exotics, riding camels and horses.

Transport features Rabat

Buses – Method of movement by Rabata for those who want to get in touch with a local life and do not consider to get to the place as quickly as possible. The cost of one pass by bus is 0.5 dollars. This type of transport drives at the main places of the city, and at each stop indicated, which buses on it are stopped and where they are sent.

Want more comfort and less time spent on the road? Universal solution of almost all cities in the world – taxi. Rabat replete with taxi drivers, ready to choose you and take to the place – you just stand on hand. Here taxis is usually either white or red.

These are two main ways to move on Rabbat. As for lovers to charge independently – cars for hire. During the day you will have to pay from 30 to 60 dollars, depending on the machine selected.

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