Rabbits are not only valuable fur

Oddly enough, the most popular dish in Malta is not a fish or seafood, but a rabbit. Rabbit dishes, in Maltese – Phenox, became one of the national symbols of the state. This feature of Maltese cuisine has a simple explanation. The fact is that the rabbit is very unpretentious in food, in contrast, let’s say, from the cow. In addition, the rabbit is unusually fruit. Maybe that’s why British colonizers and rabbits diluted by eating them into food. Local residents have adopted the love of the rabbit, invented by Fencatu the rite of eating rabbit meat.

During the phenkata, Maltese men gather together, eat a tender rabbit meat and drink it by local beer "Chisk" or "Cholef" or local wine. In Malta, by the way, make good wines (dry, semi-dry and sweet). The best wines, according to Maltese themselves, are produced in the east of the country, in the area of ​​Marsachlor. Svetlana Istratova, General Director of the Moscow Firm "SV TUR + K", Prefers Collector’s Maltese Wine Hauteville, resembling Cabernet Sauvignon.

Since rabbits breeding does not require large cash investments, many Maltese families hold rabbits in their courtyards. Rabbit meat is very easy, soft and is distinguished by low cholesterol and fats. Another dignity is cheaper: Spaghetti dish with rabbit sauce costs about 50 cents. A fried rabbit dish, which is often served with goat cheese, maltese sausages or fried potatoes and vegetables, as well as wine, fruit and nuts, costs from two to five Maltese lire ($ 5-12). At the same time, the dish is calculated for three or four people. FENEK – Favorite dish Anthony Karuana, head of the Moscow representation of the Maltese National Organization for Tourism (MAN). He is the same as many Maltese men love and Fencatu. Sometimes, however, Mr. Karuana is preparing a rabbit himself (cm recipe. below).

Rabbits are not only valuable fur

Fenek can, of course, cook at home. But it is better to try it in Malta, where there are a lot of beautiful restaurants and bars. For example, tiny and unassuming Selmun Bar, located next to the Maritim Selmun Palace in Mellikhe. Here you can eat in the fresh air, enjoying the impressive view of the estate of the Grand Master. Baked rabbit with garlic, salad and homemade wine will cost only $ 2. Not bad and restaurant New Life in Mdzharr, which is rightfully considered the capital of phenkates in Malta. Here served superbly cooked bebbux (snails with garlic). In the restaurant Charlie’s Inn, located near Aura, the rabbit will prepare the way tourists want: baked, grilled or stewed with garlic in wine (cost per three people – about $ 20). Well, a gorgeous dish with a snack from spaghetti, pudding and wine will cost $ 13 per person.

However, not only rabbit eat in Malta. Big Maltese dinner begins with Friend (snacks). These are all sorts of pickles, pies, marinades, Adzhik and even steal stew. Then, follows the soup, for example, the minnester from fresh or dried vegetables, usually supplied with jbaneitis – goat or sheep cheese from the island of Gozo. Or Kuksu – Bean soup with onion puree, tomatoes and vermicellus. As a main dish, besides rabbit offer tal lamps (cake with local fish lamp), Brazholi (chopped meat with eggs, bread crumbs and parsley, baked on slow fire). Dishes simpler – thympana, pasta with meat and egg baked in dough, or local ravioli. The Maltese menu is equally well suited and fans of meat – they can be recommended, for example, Ross filing (rice casserole with pieces of meat and tomatoes), and vegetarians. For them, vegetable stew with garlic cabinage. And finally, dessert. Cannoli – Viennese cake, salty or sweet with cheese, shot down cream, chocolate and sugar fruit. At Easter, which is very honored in Malta, the locals eat Figolly – biscuit with almond walnut. Or lamps-pai, spinach cake, cauliflower, nuts and raisins. Popular Cake with Pumpkin, Rice and Basil. Local bread is very tailed – Hobz. It traditionally baked in home furnaces. On Sunday, when bread is taken out of the furnaces, they are transferred to the locals for baking hot. This custom has been preserved since those times when in a few homes were their ovens, and roast was Sunday treat. Now in the mornings on Sunday, you can watch how residents of the village are born, covered with clean towels, to a rustic oven. Roast, prepared in this way, much more tastier than in the usual oven. Under the towels there is meat laid on a layer of powdered potatoes and bulbs, seasoned with spices and pieces of fucked salla. In bakeries for each baggage attaching small metal labels to know who the owner of this dish. For this from the villagers there is a small fee. By 11 o’clock in the morning, a magnificent fragrance spreads to the entire district.

Rabbits are not only valuable fur

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