Fakeal Monastery of the Holy Martyr Mina

One of the most famous monasteries in the vicinity of Sofia – Fakeal abode of the Saint Great Military. It is located on the territory of the Moscow residential complex “Benkovski”, The former village of Freakovtsi, among beautiful meadows along the Vladayst River. All year round laity massively flock into the monastery to find God’s grace.
According to local legend, in the XI century in these places there was a major Christian complex, uniting 40 chapels, many buildings of the monastery compound and the spiritual school. For the monastery, the estate of the Athos Monastic Republic, in which pilgrims going to the Holy Mount, stayed for rest. A few centuries later, sacred place “Resurrected” In a dream, the propheted Bona Bona, who was endowed with the ability to see in a dream of places where the Christian temples and monasteries were once. Bone appeared in the dream of the Lord, who showed her the place of the ancient abode. Then followed the second God’s sign when in the same place “Self-starving fire”. When the next day, local people came there, they saw a clearly marked outline of the place in ancient times in ancient times.

Other of the locals argue that on the day of the holiday of the Cross of the Lord – September 14, 1927, in this place people saw the remains of the walls. The excavations began on the instructions of the grandmother’s baboons, as a result of which the foundations of the ancient church were disclosed, part of the Cross and Cadyl. Near the place of the altar, a spring was discovered from which healing “Holy water”.

Radovsky Monastery of the Holy Martyr Mina Sights of Sofia Travel Guide

In the same year, hundreds of laity gathered on the day of St. Mini, who began the collection of funds for the elimination of the monastery. In place of the foundations of the ancient Christian church, a wooden chapel was arranged, which existed until 1942, and the nearby building for the shelter of pilgrims survived until 1969.

In 1942, the church obscurity of the village of Frejaltsi decided to build a new temple. Consecration of the new church took place on October 21, 1945. 12 years later was consecrated and a new chapel dedicated to SVV. Nameless Kosme and Damian. Sprinder was built into his altar. To this day, people come here to wash their eyes with healing water, and also pour into a bottle of holy water to sprinkle their homes, for “Health and prosperity”. In 1970, a chapel was arranged here in honor of SVV. Apostles Peter and Paul. A few years ago, the construction of two more chapels began. So gradually passes the implementation of the idea of ​​pilgrims about the restoration of the 40 chapels existing here in the 11th century.
Until 2004, a monastery lived in the Havenovsky Monastery. But the last one – Mother of the gratuit, died on the 90th year of his life. Local residents remember that she had the skills of healers and clairvoyant. Bulgarians from all over the world called her on the phone with a request to be lit a candle and prayed for their health and prosperity. The popularity of the Affectionary Resident is connected with the miraculous icon of. Mines, which is kept in the focus of the temple. Pilgrims argue that this icon has a mighty healing force and helps sincerely believers to get rid of serious diseases and unilles.
To this day, the monastery of St. Mines are famous for the healing place for the soul and body. A special book is kept in the monastery, which describes the wonders that occurred here. It is worth noting that recently more young people looking for hope in God and want more details about Holy Mine are converged in the abode – Temple cartridge. Among them are many childless families who pray to the saint to the child. Everyone praying for his own and his loved ones brings food here – fried chicken, sausage, bread, sweet cake and others who put under the icon.
Every time in the days of large Christian holidays, the courtyard of the monastery is crowded with the people. Recently, new buildings have been built at the monastery – shelter for pilgrims, kitchen and dining room so that people come here from different edges could spend the night and eat. Monastery cuisine and baptism premises were also built. The courtyard of the monastery looks great, in which flower beds, water colon, table and seats are arranged, the focus where the rivant scenes are prepared. Comfort complement the wooden gazebo and a small pond. Next follows the second courtyard, to which the path lees, running through a small birch grove. And around the buildings of the monastery, church and chapel.
The Radovsky Monastery celebrates his temple holiday on November 11, when the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the Holy Martyr. On the night of the holiday there is a night vision, participation in which people take, praying to get healing from spiritual and bodily suffering. In the morning, the priest of the temple serves the Holy Divine Liturgy, which is going to be a huge variety of laity, who came to bow down to St. Mini. Festively marked and the days of the saints that are cartridges of local chapels – Nov. 1 – on the day of SVV. Non-Samybrics Moskov and Damiana, and in the days of St. Ionna Rile and Sv. Nikolai Mirliysky Wonderworker. And at any time of the year, the flow of believers, who want to bow with a candle in their hands in front of the icon of St. Mina, which is above human growth. They leave the gift icon, flowers and money.
In recent years, the monastery of St. Mina has established himself as an attractive center for people of many different ages, not only because of its proximity to the metropolitan city, but because of the actively developing year-round, there is a religious life.

Radovsky Monastery of the Holy Martyr Mina Sights of Sofia Travel Guide

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