Rafting in Karelia ; The main adventure of your vacation

Want to get unusual sensations? Releviate. Tired every year lies monotonously on the beach. Today you will learn everything about Rafting in Karelia .

Our friends are Raft Tour Karelia Explain how to go to rafting on the rivers Karelia ; In my first extreme journey. All tours are listed in this article, you will find on their official website.

Rafting ; This is an alloy on frameless inflatable courts ; Rafet ; Special large inflatable boats having a self-dice bottom. Rafting is sometimes called alloys on catamarans or kayaks.

Who can go to rafting

Novice we advise start with short, simple routes,

  • "An active weekend tour" 2 days / 1 night,
  • "Lower Shuya" 3 days / 2 nights.

As a alloy means best to start choose raft – This is the safest and convenient (in the planning plan) alloy.

Minimum number of participants – 7 people.

Usually groups consist of 15-20 people. You can arrive one or together, we will add you to the team group. You can also order an individual tour, provided that 7 people (for southern routes) and 9 people (for the northern routes) are scored.

By the way, our company can simultaneously take up to 220 people. We have a solid technical base that it allows.

Is it possible to go on an alloy with children and from what age

Anyone, regardless of age, can go to a water campaign.

Children under 16 we take on rafting only accompanied by parents.

If a child is less than 10 years old, That we advise you to choose tours of Shua:

  • "An active weekend tour",
  • "Lower Shuya",
  • "Sun thresholds",
  • "Wine River"

Children under 9 years old we provide a discount of 20%, from 9 to 12 years – 10%

For older children And with the experience of alloys we advise the routes more interesting, but also more complicated:

  • "Upper Shuya",
  • "River Keret and the White Sea",
  • "Pistayki River".

The level of complexity of the thresholds varies depending on the water level and the solution to let children in the threshold or not, will receive an instructor directly on the route.

We do not advise groups with children to choose routes on the sports river Ucea.

When it is better to come to alloy

We spend alloys from May to September. Consider every month in detail:

In May, June The highest water level in Karelian rivers. Stormy, powerful thresholds make an alloy unforgettable and Most extremal . This is a great time for alloy.

In July The water level is reduced, but July – the warmest Month in Karelia. Tourists will be able not only to enjoy overcoming thresholds, but also sunbathe and boil.

August – water level low, More often come rain . But this is the right time to combine Alloy with the collection of mushrooms and berries . Yes, and annoying mosquitoes and midges no longer .

How long the routes are calculated

If tourists decided first In life will go to the water hike, we recommend starting with short routes on the river Shuya, Calculated for 2-3 days. During this time, tourists will be able to master the alloy technique, get acquainted with the beauty of Karelian nature and experience their strength when passing thresholds.

If tourists Already have alloy experience, then we advise you to choose longer routes, for example, for 5-9 days. These tours are more extreme: there are sills 2-3, and then 4 categories of complexity.

What awaits on the route

Where to come

We meet all tourists from the central entrance to the building of the railway station in Petrozavodsk. After, leaving them to our tourist center, located 30 km from the city, where they are breakfast, pick up equipment, and after you go to the beginning of the route.

For what rivers we will melt

We will organize rafting on the rivers of Central and South Karelia – Shuya, Uksa, Jump, Suna. As well as north of Karelia – Keret, Ohta, Pistayoki.

We have routes with a length from 20 km to 100 km.

Sample route and how much it costs

For example, the River Keret and the White Sea route – there are dynamic sills on the way from 1 to 3 complexity categories, sandy beaches, beautiful lakes. Kerety ; This is a mountain-taiga river, for it is characterized by rapids with a rapid flow and many stones. North Karelia nature is very beautiful, we can say that Places untouched by man . Tourists will see the White Sea, maybe even its inhabitants. Here is a good fishing, pike come across, perch, grayling . Beautiful shores, cliffs, thick coniferous forest.

The tour is designed for 9 days / 8 nights, cost 13,800 rubles / person. The length of the route is 100 km.

On this route, tourists will need to come not to Petrozavodsk, but in g.Louchi. Back – departure from the SUPA station.

Additional services

Rafting in Karelia; The main adventure of your vacation

; In case of arrival of tourists on the eve of the alloy on its transport, we all place in the guest house 500 rubles / person or in tents 250 rubles / person.

  • Optional Bani,
  • Order of the individual menu,
  • Services cook,
  • Order excursions

How difficult it is

Our routes have a category of complexity from 1 to 4. Depending on the water level, the complexity of the thresholds changes. For example, on the Pistayki River there are thresholds 3-4 complexity categories.

If tourists want to enjoy the beauty of Karelian nature, fishing, a collection of berries and mushrooms, then alloy is suitable for the Suna River and mapping. These are calm rivers, where there are very few thresholds 1 category of complexity.

Categories of complexity of river thresholds and other obstacles:

1 to.with. Light, low thresholds and rigging in which you do not need to determine the trajectory of passage. Such obstacles can take place tourists without the experience of alloys.

2 K.with. Thresholds and shafts with a small slope and a wide channel at the site of passage. Water speed is not big. The trajectory is visible from water, pre-exploration is not required.

What to do in Petrozavodsk for the New Year – Resting interesting and cheap

3 K.with. Separate big threshold or barrel with calm way out. The passage line is visible from water.

4K.with. Complex obstacles: Many stones in the thresholds, there are trees and barrels. Canyons with clamps, plums and individual stones. Water flux is fast. The trajectory of passing from the water is not visible or visible not completely, the intelligence is needed.

5 K.with. Stretched thresholds with a big bias and rapid flow. Large trees and barrels following each other. Necessarily need exploration and insurance.

6 K.with. Continuous chain of complex obstacles without calm sites and mooring capabilities. Due to high danger, careful intelligence and insurance.

6+ K.with. Previously, nobody passed areas of the 6th category of complexity, or having isolated cases of passing. Also, life-threatening obstacles: thresholds or waterfalls do not allow mistakes.

How to prepare for rafting that take with you

What clothes, equipment required for minimum?

List of necessary things:

  • backpack or travel bag;
  • Dishes: bowl, mug, spoon,
  • Comfortable hiking clothes: pants and lightweight hooded jacket, long sleeve shirt,
  • Woolen socks 2 pairs, simple socks 2 – 3 pairs,
  • bathing suit,
  • T-shirts,
  • Gloves x / b,
  • Headgear with a visor,
  • Warm jacket,
  • Woolen hat,
  • sweater,
  • Cape from rain,
  • Changing underwear.
  • Shoes: Tourist or sneakers shoes, replaceable shoes, rubber boots;
  • Personal things: sunglasses, knife, flashlight with a set of spare batteries, tanning cream and after tanning,
  • Small polyurethane rug for seating,
  • Personal hygiene products,
  • individual first aid kit;
  • Documents in hermetic packaging: passport + photocopy of the first pages for possible border control, insurance medical policy.

How to dress

Tourists will need to take concrete 3 sets of clothing (depending on weather conditions):

  • For rafting: Windbreaker, sweater, T-shirt, Pants, Shorts. Sneakers / sneakers (shoes that will not fall from the leg). Take the raincoat.
  • Clothes for shore – any comfortable clothing, shoes, you can take rubber boots, sweaters / windbreaker, headdress.
  • Clothes for sleep – It can be either thermal underwear, or ordinary X / B sweatshirt and pants.

What will provide a firm

For tourists, Raf-Tour provides modern, high-quality equipment:

  • watercraft (we have rafts 8 locals, rafts 10 local, kayaks, catamarans 2 double, catamarans 4-bed). Verified manufacturers: Triton and Raftmaster.
  • Savior
  • Sealed packaging for personal belongings
  • helmet
  • set fire equipment (ax, saw, boilers) a group
  • Group awning
  • Tent (2-3-4 local)
  • sleeping bag
  • Heat insulating rug

Is it safe?

  • For all of our tourists, we prescribe insurance.
  • Before each tour, all the equipment checks the instructor and, in the case of any malfunction, changes on a good or repair.
  • In front of the alloy, the instructor explains the Safety In the Group.
  • Every tourist we issue a life jacket, helmet and paddle.
  • Before boarding the selected alloy tool, the instructor tells tourists about how to manage it. Novice we advise you to choose raft.

If the tourist does not want to pass the thresholds, he will be able to fuck them along the shore. No one can make him go against his own will.

  • With each instructor, we support communication throughout the trip (2-3 times a day).
  • Each group takes a first-aid kit.

The instructor may decide to stop the hike, in case of strong wind, bad weather. That is, wait, and after moving on the route.

In case of unforeseen circumstances, it is possible to evacuate a group from any point of the route.

All our instructors have passed special training and have appropriate certificates allowing them to work as an instructor. Have work experience in water tourism at least 3 years.

Statistics and facts

On average, Raft-Tour Karelia conducts About 80 tours per season. That is somewhere 1 120 Alloys We organized since 2002. If we consider that the average number of participants in the group is 15 people, it turns out that for the past 14 years We served about 17,000 people.

In total, we passed on the rivers of Karelia about 80,000 kilometers ; It is exactly twice as much as the Equator Length of the Planet Earth.

Why Raft Tour

  • Our company never cancels tours,
  • We have experienced instructors who have the necessary qualifications and confirming certificates,
  • We have our own tourist center, in the territory of which the bath is located, guest house, gazebos, camping platform, free parking for a / m
  • After each tour of the tourists, there is an opportunity to go in the bath for free,
  • In case of arrival on the eve of the alloy, it is possible to spend the night in a guest house or in a tent for an additional fee,
  • You can pre-order excursion tours,
  • For an additional fee you can use the services of the cook / Order An individual menu
  • Possible order of an individual tour

All photos in this article belong to the company Raft Tour, please do not use them without negotiation with the copyright holder.

Rafting ; This is an interesting and unusual adventure. You will definitely like it. Thank you for reading and successful travel.

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