Railway passion

Those who first fall into Switzerland, often catch themselves to the thoughts that all the Swiss swiss did not play in the train. When they grew up, it was an unrealized desire embodied in their railways. In Switzerland, the most dense network of railway communication in Europe, and one of the most dense – in the world. It seems that the train can be reserved literally to any location, and where it is impossible, you will be taken by bus or boat, and most likely – one and the same ticket.

You do not like trains? So you were not in Switzerland or did not go there by railways. The train in Switzerland is not just a means of transport for moving from point A to point B. For the Swiss themselves, this is the fastest, comfortable and affordable way to move around the country, for tourists – it is also an excellent replacement for the excursion bus and the opportunity to drive in a few hours to completely different regions of Switzerland. Whether it is necessary to say that the Swiss trains are almost silent, comfortable and clean, they are continuously fed, and, of course, they walk strictly on schedule, and very convenient. The only thing that cannot be done in Swiss trains is to smoke it. In its addiction to trains in Switzerland, went even further than in other developed countries: now the train can be rented and choose any route trip, for several hours or for a whole day. Meeting, anniversary or incentive trip in modern or historical cars will be remembered for a long time, and excellent cuisine and modern conference equipment makes it great to combine work and pleasure.

Swiss Travel System (Swiss Travel System) – Subject of National Pride and West in this country. On the question of the title of the most popular Internet site in the country, many Swiss do not think about: "SBB.ch", – And, indeed, it may be more important than timetables, profitable offers and comfortable docks. Of course, the Swiss could not dwell only on simply sell tickets from one city to another, in cars 1 and 2 classes.

Number of options "Travel" and discounts provided literally to all and all – foreigners, families, youth, children, retirees, often traveling – poorly remembered. For example, Swiss Pass in addition to ordinary trains operates on legendary panoramic routes and on all types of public transport in 37 Swiss cities.

This year, the Swiss railway workers and this seemed a little: now for owners of SWISS Pass / Swiss Flexi Pass operates 50% discount on all lifts. And for lovers of art and excursions, Museumspass will be the ideal option: such a passage are skipping in more than 400 Museums Switzerland.

Switzerland – the most mountainous country of Europe, and use railways and funicular for lifting in the mountains in this country began in the 19th century. The highest railway station in Europe is, of course, also in Switzerland – in the Jongfrau region, on JOUNGFRAUJOCH The train is closed to a height of 3454 meters. An unforgettable trip begins in a special train at Interlaken-Ost, in a beautiful area of ​​two lakes. Start rail "Climbing" You can and a little later, at Wilderswill and Zweilutschinen stations. Return road to Interlaken is already on another route, through the spa Grindelwald. Traveling to the famous peak continues a little more than two hours, and on the way to tourists will have to see the striking contrast of flowers, the fast change of landscapes, in the end to be among the eternal ice. Even in the midst of summer, when in the lakes below you can swim, it is worth being ready for the fact that at the mark of 3454 m reigns a real winter, and grab with you warm things and sunglasses. Rising to the legendary peak, you can not only admire the surroundings, but also to arrange a more exotic adventure – a walk around the glacier. From June to the end of October, specially organized groups undergo a picturesque two-day route among mountains and snow. Such a journey is absolutely not dangerous and accessible to anyone who is in good physical shape – it’s enough to have the right clothes and shoes, and guides will take care about everything else. Feel yourself at the peak of emotions on the top of Europe can be different, for example, trying to play golf on the alestic glacier. In just one punch, you can win the piaget hours worth 66,666 euros! The ride on a high-altitude train gives the opportunity for a short time to move at another time of the year, and spend the day skiing, snowboarding, riding a sleigh behind a dog harness or entertaining children with roller skiing.

In the fall in the present winter, it is possible in another region of Switzerland – near the legendary Matterhorn. In one of the most beautiful and elite high-altitude resorts of Switzerland, Zermatt, can only be reached by train. Automotive traffic in the city is prohibited, and electric vehicles and equestrian wagons are used as a means of transport. Even if you do not feel delighted with railway moving, being in Zermatte it is worth spending time to get on Gornergrat on a mountain train (3090 m). This high-mountain railway was opened in 1898, and since then admire Matterhorn and photographing it from new angles it became possible without much physical costs. To the height of three with a small kilometer train rises 42 minutes, and at the top you can have lunch or a cup of coffee with a view of Matterhorn and picturesque surroundings. This tour is now included in the mandatory tourist program, and the alpine train makes the daily climbing to the mountainegraph 25 times a day.

On the way upstairs, at an altitude of 2222 meters, you can stay in a five-star Riffenalp hotel, open in 1884 next to the relic conifer and fully updated in 2000. Below, in Certmit itself there are 116 hotels of various categories, including those famous "Five stars", Zermatterhof and Mont Cervin receiving guests for more than 150 years. Starting from the summer of this year, four fully renovated, more comfortable trains rise to the mountain. New trains are more convenient for landing and disembarkation, have wide doors, high windows providing maximum review features. Wagons are designed taking into account the wishes of tourists who want to get good photos while traveling. Trains also satisfy the most stringent safety requirements, however, like all other trains in Switzerland.

Railway passion

In the neighboring cerematic ski resort, Saas-Fe decided that the lack of a metro in the Swiss cities – by no means reason to abandon him in the conditions of the mountains. Metro Alpin, built more than 20 years ago, to this day remains the most high-altitude metro in the world. In just 3 minutes, the train with a capacity of 115 people is closed to a height of 3,500 meters, overcoming a semi-kilometer road in a glacier and an impressive difference of heights of 500 meters. By the way, the construction of this Swiss road took part in the construction of this Swiss road: the unique experience of Metrostro-Builders was very requested.

At the top of Allalin (Allalin), where the train comes, there are two very interesting sights. The world’s largest ice grotto, created by a person, covers an area of ​​5500 kV. meters. Today it has a small museum of mountaineering and the exhibition of minerals, a children’s maze, ice sculptures of fairy-tale heroes, animals and people and even … the most real ice chapel. The inhabitants of Saas-Fe are especially proud that in this chapel you can commit a wedding ceremony, and seriously believe that marriages registered in the thicker of ice, especially durable. "Feelings are not taut" – Local residents believe in this accept, and absolutely all pairs, decorated to get married inside the glacier.

A little higher, above the multi-metering ice, on the top of Allalin is the most high-alley rotating restaurant. Fantastic panorama of opening peaks with a height of more than 4000 meters and an amazing view of almost the entire valley and surrounding vertices – only for this it is worth climbing here. The full circle of the restaurant comes in one hour, but it is sometimes not enough to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding mountains.

Trains, funicular, metro and a wide variety of types of lifts in Switzerland are just as common as cars in other countries. And the organization of the travel system itself is so thought out, economical and effective that the idea to take the car for rent sometimes just does not occur to travelers. And indeed, why hold long hours behind the wheel of the car, there is SWISS Travel System and Swiss Railways?

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