Railways and trains in India

The main volume of passenger and freight traffic provides railways. Between large cities, run high-speed trains with car carriages, air conditioning. Express trains are less comfortable, but at almost 30% cheaper. Sleeping wagons are divided into several classes: 1As, 2ac, 3ac and Sleeper.

  • 1As – the most comfortable placement. Double coupe by type taken in the CIS Class. In some trains we are talking about double coupe, but in most cases – about double placentars with curtains. Travel in this class. Low cheaper flights by plane.
  • 2As – the most popular classroom. The familiar canister, every place has curtains. In each car 4 toilet plus separately 2 washbasins.
  • 3As – the same reserved seat as in class 2as, with the difference that passengers are here on three shelves on each side and three side. In other words, the passenger goes there instead of the usual luggage shelf, and the luggage is stored directly on the floor or under the lower shelves.
  • Sleeper – Lowest Sleeping Class. 3As is distinguished by the lack of air conditioner, which is replaced here by large fans, and rigid (wooden) sun beds.
  • Railways and trains in India

The general rule for all mentioned classes is quite dirty. Mud slightly less in higher classes. Non-blind cockroaches. Dusty curtains, can not be washed for a long time. Lingerie is included in the first three classes, but not in the Sleeper class. Each trip has a dining room. Tariffs – Fixed and Extremely Low. For cars, employees have a dining room and offer to buy food. Tourist should be referred to meals in a train with great caution – food is preparing in unsanitary conditions.

Program Indrail Pass, T. E. A foreign tourist (for registration there is a passport, payment – only in SLE) can travel at one ticket (must be purchased before arriving in the country or in the official railway offices) without restrictions on any trains during a certain period (usually a year from the date of purchase). Ticket Indrail Pass is nominable and cannot be transferred to another person. Children from 5 to 12 years old can travel for 50% adult fare, children under 5 years travel free.

Buying tickets for Indian stations – this is an exciting occupation in itself. At some stations (not everywhere) there are special cash desks for foreigners. There you can without anyone to buy train tickets, but no later than 4 hours before their departure. There are nuances – these CASS have certain hours of operation, beyond which will have to stand in a common queue, which may not be particularly comfortable due to large and noisy crowd of passengers. Cash regulations are often closed for lunch, for a break, on a technical break. But the most favorite Hindu cashiers are to set the Link Failure plate ("No connection"), after which the potential passengers remain nothing but waiting for the recovery of communication.

Indian Railways Sight (WWW.indianrail.GOV.IN) Extremely uncomfortable for a tourist. More indanguable ticket booking system find it difficult. Not only that there is no acceptable schedules and from the passenger they require the number of the train, which is unknown to him, so also the purchase of tickets is associated with difficult fillings of the questionnaire, molds, sent to your password mailbox and so on. All this works badly, flies out of the network, the card is not accepted, the encoding is knocked into the most responsible moment and so on. Add to this the fact that the system itself works only at certain hours. SUMMARY – on the purchase of train tickets via the Internet should not be placed.

Mountain areas are serviced by many lines built by the British, so the rolling stock is not new, and the tracks of roads often has different widths, from here a small speed and frequent transplants when traveling.

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