Railways and trains in Portugal: Personal experience

In the Portuguese capital – Lisbon – there are 4 railway stations, from which we tried 3: Oriente, Entrecampos (Entrecampos), Kaysh do Sodre (Cais Do Sodre) – Metro Lisbon Station. The fourth railway station, Rosso, was closed for reconstruction, therefore I can not inform about it any practical information, except that beauty he is incredible.

In the port – the second city of our basing – there are 2 stations: SAO BENTO and CAMPANHA. From the first we went around the surroundings, from the second we went to Lisbon.

At the end of my story, I will inform what of the train points visited by us from which station, how much time on the way, how the ticket and T.NS. – by analogy with Spain.

So what are Portuguese trains? The benchmark serve, of course, the trains of the Nice Minah Switzerland. So, Portuguese trains almost "at the level", Close to Railways Denmark, Belgium, Germany and Spain. Talusha.3bb.RU / viewtopic.php?id = 51 – descriptions of these glorious railways

Trains in Portugal – clean, with soft seats, the audience behaves decently. Trains are divided into regional (only grade 2), Intersiti (there is 1 class), Alphapendular (Alfa Pendular – Type Eurostar). As in Italy, the difference between the cost of tickets is much more significant than speed difference. So, for example, in intersiti only for landing for the train you pay 4 euros, in Alfa Pendular – 8.5 euros – the type of surcharge for speed. When buying IC and AP tickets immediately there is a 10% discount, but only if returned during the day. According to our addiction, it turned out to be unprofitable to take a travel path in the country, so they bought tickets for each trip.

Tickets are purchased in automatic and cash desks at the station. It was noticed that the public is more willingly uses machine guns – in use they are simple and work quickly, take coins, banknotes, cards. When buying at the box office can also be paid by the card (if you have a Visa, for which the pin code does not need to be administered, click two times OK), the documents never asked.

You do not need to compote tickets: the regional day acts (to Sintra – 2 hours), Interssiti and Alfa Pendular act only on a specific train, wagon and place (act – this does not mean that during this time you can ride, and the time interval during this time which can be started). During the trip, it is impossible to go on the train, t.E. as in Italy – to go out on the station you like and walk, and then continue the route, it will not work.

Controllers go. Penalty for a short-free passage Something around 120 euros. If there is no ticket office on your station (it happens often), and the ticketing machine does not work, you can buy a ticket from the controller, it will cost as much. They take cards too.

Only private railways go on some sites, for example, on Lisbon – Setubal Railway company FERTAGUS (WWW.FERTAGUS.pt). Tickets for trains of this company are not bought in general cash desks, but in special (general cash regulations have a salado-green color, these are blue). It should be remembered that the tickets of this company when landing on the train compost in cars that stand on the platform (similar to Italian, but not yellow, and light beige).

Wagons are divided into smoking and non-smoking. At the same time, it is possible to smoke in the tambour, and if you sit close to the door, then you constantly blow up the smoke and smell when opening the door. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, do not sit down on site 114-118. Toilets in trains are available – with paper, towels, soap, etc.

So, the subtleties of achieving to different points.


Oriente – Lisbon Station, unique with t. V. architecture. On the contrary, it is the most high-rise building of Portugal "Vasco da Gama"
Entre Campos – Lisbon Station, from here ride on Sintra
Cais Do Sodre – Lisbon Station, from here Trains go to the spa coast (Cascais, Estoril, from here they go to Belem)
Sao Bento – Port Station, 2 minutes walk from Main Square
REG – electric train, ticket without a wagon and places, no worse than intersisati
IC – Intersiti, high-speed train, a ticket with a car and place

Railways and trains in Portugal Personal experience

Not completely railways, but let it be up to heap

1. Underground. One-time ticket in Lisbon costs 0.75 euros, 1 hour operates. Keep tickets, there are also turnstiles at the exit. Bought tickets in the machine, some do not take banknotes more than 5 euros, prison. You can, of course, purchase a card for 0.5 euros, which is charged with rides by 0.7 euros, but you can not walk along such a map, we would have to purchase 2, and we didn’t go so much to roll back 20 trips.

Lisbon metro has 4 branches, stopping short, doors in the wagons open, no need to do. When moving in the subway with transfers should be borne in mind that you need to clearly remember the final station of that branch where you need. This is described in detail by Arial on the example of the Madrid Metro: Talusha.3bb.RU / viewtopic.php?id = 189

How to get from Lisbon Airport

2.1. By taxi. It costs from 10 euros, depending on the time of arrival, hotel range and driver’s arrogance. Carefully! Personally observed as a taxi driver, having received money for the trip, without waiting until the passenger pulled the luggage, went along with the notorious baggage.

2. At Aerbas – a special bus that makes several stops in the center of Lisbon, at the area of ​​Marquise Pombale (where the bulk of hotels is located), then express. 3 Euro

3. On buses Nos. 44, 45. Tickets are purchased from the driver – 1.30 euros. Movement interval – 10-12 minutes, time on the way about half an hour even at rush hour.

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