Railways and trains in United Kingdom

Unlike most European countries, there is no united national carrier in the UK. After the reform of the 1980s, two and a half dozen separate companies operate in the country, each of which serves a certain line or region. At the same time, several carriers compete on many lines.

Part of the companies are engaged only by trunk transport (for example, Virgin Trains, East Coast or Cross Country), part – only suburban (for example, First Capital Connect, Southern or Merseyrail), some combine one with another (First Great Western, London Midland, Southeastern or South West Trains). Finally, there are companies in just one route – For example, Heathrow Express and Heathrow Connect.

All this concerns almost exclusively England. Internal transportation in Scotland is almost completely completely given to SCOTRAIL, in Wales – Arriva Trains Wales, although individual flights of English companies come to the territory of Wales and Scotland. Northern Ireland serves only Northern Ireland Railways.

Buying tickets for trains

Despite the formal fragmentation, the booking system for all operators is one. Tickets are easiest to buy on www.Nationalrail.co.uk, although each carrier has its own resource, and sells there, as a rule, not only his tickets.

The pale system itself is somewhat confused. Standard tickets in one side are almost always very expensive (for example, a two-hour crossing London – Liverpool: 79 pounds at normal time, 151 in peak). However, on a day and more than a trip, the Advance discounted tickets are almost always available, which can reduce the price of 2-5 times, but are valid only for a particular flight. In addition, if the advance tickets are missing, then in the non-spike time you benefit there – back – for example, on the same route such a ticket to any non-spike train costs 80 pounds.

Usually the earlier a ticket is bought, the more advantageous Advance price is available. On some routes, another economy method is available – a breakdown of a trip to individual segments, which in the amount may be cheaper than a single ticket for the entire route. Check it can be on .

However, all of the above does not apply to many suburban routes – there are simply no Advance tickets. Only standard tickets that can be quite expensive – for example, a ticket for a half-hour trip from London to Rading costs 16-18 pounds. Helps, as a rule, only a ticket back, which costs the same 18 pounds.

In most trains, in addition to the standard, there are first class cars, they are about one and a half times more expensive. However, at the weekend surcharge is minimal.

Travel tickets for trains in United Kingdom

Railways and trains in United Kingdom

Tourists who intend to travel intensively on the UK on trains, will suit travel britrail. They exist in a variety of options – to the whole of the UK, only in England, Scotland or Wales, to the south-west of England, on London and the surroundings. They are sold in foreign travel agencies and cash desks of foreign railways, and in the UK itself are available only in the kiosk of the tourist office in London on 11a Charing Cross Road. From November to February, travel, as a rule, cost 20% cheaper. They can also be ordered on www.Britrail.COM, but delivery will take a long time.

Features and advice

The intensity of movement on the key lines reaches a dozen flights per hour, but only a few flights per day can walk in the incomplete outfound regions. Schedules Each company publishes its individual, but at stations are posted summary graphs for each route. Storage cameras are available only at the main railway stations, and in London and Edinburgh are very expensive – from 8 pounds for place.

Night trains in Britain only three. Two walk from London to Scotland, one of London to the southwest – to Plymouth and Penzans. In addition to sedentary cars, they only have sleeping with 1- and 2-seater accommodation.

In London, more than a dozen major stations responsible for various directions. Transfer from the station to the station is usually performed on the subway or bus.

EUROSTAR trains go to the continent, departed from Station ST. Pancras. They follow the tunnel under La Mansha to Paris and Brussels, flights to Amsterdam are planned in the future.

Railways and trains in United Kingdom

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