Railways Germany

High-speed and high-speed trains:
– City Night Line (CNL) – night high-speed trains, run between the largest cities of Germany and Europe.
– Intercity-Express (ICE) – Day analog CNL.
– Eurocity (EC) and InterCity (IC) – simple high-speed trains, make stops not only in the largest cities, but also in smaller. IC "run" only inside Germany while EC can go beyond the borders of their homeland.

Mixer Train Intercity-Express

Regional trains:
– Regional-Express (Re) – Quick regional trains, connect not only large, but also small towns.
– Regionalbahn (RB) – ordinary regional trains, stop in all cities and villages.
– Länderbahn (Distote in different ways) – Various regional railways.
– S-Bahn (s) – suburban trains connecting major cities with nearest suburbs.

"Modest" Regional Train Regional-Express

Nordwestbahn Regional Railway Train

High Speed ​​and High Speed ​​Trains Always bought separate tickets for a specific time. Payment can be made via the Internet, after which it is possible to print a passage on the printer and, if necessary, to prevent controlleter.

– Do not agree if the site is offered to send a real ticket for real mail, t.To. The likelihood is great, that he will not reach you (hello Russian Post!).
– Carefully read the rules for payment of tickets on the map, in most cases when controlling the train you will need to show a bank card.
– Carry out the purchase as early as possible until the quota is selected for the lowest tickets, the sale opens 3 months before the departure of the train.
– Just in case, print two copies of the ticket and put in different pockets bags.

Now About trips on regional trains, for which a lot of various tickets is offered!

– Tickets are valid only when driving in second grade on regional trains (Re, Ire, RB, S-Bahn).
– You can purchase travel through the Internet or in ticket vehicles at the railway stations of German cities, as well as at the box office, but already with a surcharge of 2 euros.
– Pre-selling tickets begins three months before the trip.
– Travels are designed for a group to a maximum of 5 people, an increase or change of the composition of which is impossible after the start of the ticket action is also prohibited to transfer a ticket for use by other persons.
– Children under 14 years (inclusive) accompanied by parents or grandparents / grandparents for free, while the number of adults accompanying in the group should not be more than two. Children without accompaniment are considered as adults.
– In a ticket, you must enter the name and surname of one of the group of passengers, who uses this pass and, if necessary, will be able to provide an identity document.

Railways Germany

Quer-Durchs-Land-Ticket Gives the right to unlimited use by regional trains throughout Germany.
– valid for one weekday from 9 am and up to 3 hours of next day;
– The cost depends on the number of people who will use the ticket: 44 euros for the first passenger and further added to 6 euros for each subsequent passenger, the ticket is designed for a maximum of 5 people, the group size must be defined until the ticket purchase.

Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket output ticket Allows you to travel through German railways on regional trains, as well as move on some lines in neighboring Poland.
– valid during Saturday or Sunday from midnight and up to 3 hours of night of the next day;

– The cost is fixed – 42 euros per group of 1 to 5 people;
– The ticket can be purchased directly on the train at a price of 46 euros;
– In Poland, this ticket can be used on the following routes: Küstrin-Kietz-Kostrzyn, Grambow-Szczecin GL, Tantow-Szczecin GL, Forst Border-Zasieki, Frankfurt (Oder) Border- Slubice, Görlitz-Zgorzelec.

Land ticket Länder-Ticket Gives the right to use all the urban and long-distance transport (except for high-speed trains) within the same land (region) of Germany.
– valid for one weekday (from 9 am and up to 3 hours of the night of the next day) or one weekend or festive day (starting from midnight);
– Some regions also offer night land tickets;
– In different regions, the cost is calculated in different ways: somewhere it is fixed, somewhere depends on the number of people in the group (no more than 5);
– In some border regions, the land ticket is allowed to travel to neighboring countries (for example, from Bavaria can be reached to the Austrian Salzburg);
– where the ticket does not act (for example, on water transport or funicular) on it often you can get a discount.
Information on this type of travel for each particular region must be specified in the Labor Ids of the region itself.

Germany also operate famous in Europe Travel Interrail, about which I have already told in one of the previous articles.

Railways Germany

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