Raina and Ludwig II Treasures

As in any self-respecting country in Europe, in Germany, a lot of castles, and each in its own way remarkable. Therefore, to categorize them is easiest on a geographical basis. Russian tourists tend to go on day trips from Cologne to Frankfurt on the program "Romantic Rhine Valley" or learn "king of the road" in Bavaria.

Rhine castles – sturdy, strict and majestic. They are more like a fortress: clear lines, gray, thick walls without any frills and luxuries. Of course, mostly from the castles remained only ruins, but something is still preserved. Some castles even open to the public – for example Marksburg. Perched atop the basalt rocks and literally buried in it, this castle of the XII century has survived after numerous attacks by foes. Inside – the same restraint and ingenuous medieval utensils, unless, of course, can be called uncomplicated 40-kilogram armor or bulky wooden four-poster bed. White kitchen walls with bundles of dried herbs on the walls, dark dark brown furniture in the rooms – this medieval knights lived in such a harsh environment.

locks literally "dotted with" both banks of the Rhine, and some are even in the middle of the river. The most enterprising locals have built fortified castles on the rocks in the river and turned them into "customs posts": Pulled a chain from coast to coast and allowed to pass only the courts for a fee. Now on the Rhine completely free to go steamers, making mini-cruises past the picturesque valleys and steep cliffs, past the Lorelei rock, Rhine Nymphs, which, according to legend, his singing lures ships directly on the sharp stones. So do not take risks, you can travel free on the road by bus.

Lovers feel the atmosphere from the inside to find the castle, which is converted into a hotel annexe. A couple of nights in a castle hotel with a beautiful view of the Rhine from the window – and you can feel like a real resident of the Middle Ages.

If, however, limited familiarity with castles tour, worthy end 200-kilometer walk along the Rhine will be the tasting of the famous wines of the Rhine and the night walk with torches or oil lamps. The German castle ghosts are not found – this English tradition of the Germans decided himself not to assign, but the guide can depict a night guard and uneven light lights tell you about the history of the castle is not less exciting than it would make a ghost.

Quite different than the Rhine, look Bavarian castles, the benefit of age and they do not have such a solid. They are fragile and elegant: flirty turrets everywhere gilding, sculpture and stucco. Most of these "air" Castles built the Bavarian King Ludwig II. He was obsessed zamkostroitelstvom and did not like to repeat. Each king’s castle is built on a unique project. The only detail that is found everywhere – Swan. This bird was admired by Ludwig-child, and he tried to organically weave swan motif in the interior of their castles. The most beautiful and unusual castle, past which does not pass any tourist – Neuschwanstein. It is often called "with pictures Castle". And there are at least two explanations.

Firstly, a large proportion of the children of the world saw this castle: Neuschwanstein painted and animated – brand Walt Disney, which invariably appears in the intro to the cartoons. Secondly, the castle on the part really looks like a nice postcard or an illustration to the German fairy tale. The most impressive view of Neuschwanstein – because of the gorge, on the part of the castle Hohenschwangau in the foothills of the Alps, in which Ludwig II spent his childhood. Quite a spectacular view opens and Mary Bridge, named in honor of the mother of King. The bridge is suspended over the gorge Pellata at a height of 92 m, and directly beneath it boils 45-meter waterfall.

Raina and Ludwig II Treasures

Inside Neuschwanstein go also very cost. You can reach it on foot along a pedestrian walkway and by bus. Inside the castle are all very bright, even pompously. The first thing that rushes into the eyes is the endless swans: on the door handles, on the tapestries, on the floor and on the ceiling; Statues of swans, swan bas-reliefs, stone swans and metal. Real Swan Song Ludwig II. Of course, this fantasy was not limited to. Mosaics, marble and gilding, walls and ceilings, painted by biblical motifs and motifs of German legends, in all this magnificence The capricious king spent only 170 days.

Of course, Neuschwanstein, though the most popular, but far from the only castle in Bavaria. Among the mountains, forests and lakes there are a great set. On the steamer can be reached to the present "Big German Versailles" – Herrenaki castle, located 80 km from Munich on the island in the middle of Lake Kimsee, which is due to solid sizes "Bavarian Morce". This is the last and most expensive project of Ludwig II, who took not one attempt to create something worthy of his idol – French king Louis XIV

First "Versailles", According to the Bavarian ruler, failed. However, Linderhof Castle is attractive for tourists no less than other locks. If in Herrenhosha, for example, there are accurate copies of the mirror and small galleries of Versailles, and the facade of the castle is very similar to the garden facade of the French prototype, then Linderhof only remotely resembles Versailles with its gorgeous park with arbors, terraces and cascades, a series of mirrors who create an impression of infinity, internal Decoration. But in hardly catchy features there is a special charm.

And finally, it is possible to go through the impressions "Road fairy tales". Of course, this route for an amateur; It passes through the geographical center of Germany, who, oddly enough, is considered a Grehamau, where tourists are rarely peeking. On this way – from Marburg to Bremen, they say, the Brothers Grimm went and collected folk stories for their fairy tales. And here are the castles too. They are only interesting, they are not their own species (since, as a rule, are in a dilapidated state), and the names and fabulous atmosphere around them: these are Snow White and Zlatovka Castles.

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