Rakhmat, Samarkand!

During the flight (Uzbek Airlines), the film "Marathon" was shown, another strange choice was thought. For those who have not watched, very briefly: it is necessary to climb the steps to the roof of the skyscraper, the winning – prize (1 million dollars). As it turned out, the choice is not accidental. Tourists in Samarkand are invited to evaluate their strength in such ascent. Not far from the city there is a sacred place – Hazrati Dovuda (Saint David), located at an altitude of a more kilometer, attracting pilgrims and just lovers of beautiful species. It is necessary to rise in steps (1303 pieces. ) different heights and widths often meet pebbles. All go: and old, and young. Why rise: believe in your strength, get a vacation of sins, make beautiful photos, a pleasant bonus – to lose weight for a couple of kilograms (even there are weight scales). Completely dismissed can pull down on a donkey, horse or camel (choice for you). Two dry drills helped me: Horse and his owner. I went to Sinai something similar, only there the rise was night, and at the top met the dawn.

The purpose of my visit to the city was, of course, gur-emir. GUR-EMIR (Emir Tomb) – Timur Mausoleum (Tamerlana) and his family. Masterpiece Islamic architecture. Served as a prototype for the Taj Mahal (the descendants of Tamerlan rules in Northern India!). It was in agre that I had an idea to see Gur-Emir. It’s amazing how far you need to fly away to discover something much closer.

Tamerlan, or Timur (on Turkic language – iron). The commander and ruler, the creator of the powerful army, the National Hero of Uzbekistan. Founder of the Empire Timurid. How correctly the names are given, predetermining further fate. Permanent wars and hiking – only an iron man will withstand such life. And his wife – 18 souls (not counting concubines), although, probably, it is more correct to say, bodies. Was there a time to the soul of each with such active hostilities? Exception – Bibi Hanoe, but about it later. Died, as it should be a warrior, during a trip to China in 68 years. Buried with Mausoleum Gur-Emir. It is the opening of this grave that, if you believe the famous legend, it was the reason for the beginning of the Second World War. Local old-timers tried to stop excavations, but unsuccessfully. You can believe or not believe, but the dust of Timur disturbed on June 20, 1941! This coincidence does not end. Only after the burial of the remains (for the personal instructions of Stalin) in November 1942 began an offensive under Stalingrad and a fracture in the war.

Ulugbek (Favorite Grandson Tamerlan, on Turkic Language – Great) – Mathematician, Astronomer and Poet. As befits the truly Sultan, had only three wives, unlike his militant grandfather. It was Ulugbek who turned Samarkand to the Scientific and Cultural Center of the Middle Ages. Built the madrasa (if you go, raise the minaret, the kind of chic) ​​and the observatory, created the starry sky catalog. Enlightened and patronized scientists and poets. The period of his rule – the era of the Eastern Renaissance. Ulugbek himself – Lorenzo Medici East. Was killed like our emperor Paul (with assistance or inaction (which is essentially the same thing) Son). Alas, power loves such stories, and world examples of this. He was also buried in Mausoleum Gur-Emir, the construction of which started by the famous grandfather, he completed.

The religious traditions of Islam are forbidden to depict living beings, so there is no lifetime portrait of Tamerlan. There is a picture – the fiction of the artist and the face, recreated in skeletal remains anthropologist M. Gerasimov, thereby, who led the excavation in 1941. Compare.

Now and the "iron" grandfather and the "great" grandson rest next to the Mausoleum Gur-Emir. As if offering every widdle to decide which way closer. I asked local residents (so to speak, a sociological survey), what kind of names among familiar and close more – Timur or Ulugbek. Reply, equally. The question remained rhetorical: they are honored and love the same.

Bibi Hanoe (translated "Senior Princess") – Favorite wife Tamerlan. The greatness of Genghizhan himself, the clever, beauty, raised all his children and grandchildren from other wives (his alas, was not), built a mosque (if there was not enough funds, sold their jewels), only he was consulted. After the death of her husband was poisoned (the struggle for the inheritance). About her resembles the majestic Mosque by Bibi-Hagon, named in her honor, and the names of the states rightly kanoun in the fly.

Samarkand pellets – another reason for visiting the city, always delicious and do not spoil for a long time. Bring them close and not mistaken. The market is located next to Bibi Han Mosque. And from the madrasa you can quickly reach the electrocare.

Interesting legend about the emergence of the country: when the Most High distributed the land, good-natured Uzbek misstit and left with anything, then the Most High gave him the fertile land between the two rivers (Amudarya and Syrdarya) left for himself.

Senior people in Uzbekistan remember well and know Russian. Some men served near Moscow or Leningrad. As for young people – it depends on the school, where they studied / learn. More often began to choose English – tourism is rapidly developing.

On the roads you can meet (as retro brings from the USSR) Muscovite, Zhigulenok or Volga. All in working condition. Local traffic police did not see, drivers are not fasten, but everything is neat, comfortable on the roads.

Alas, there is a small donkey, which has to carry a heavy cart or very fatted saddle.

Rakhmat, Samarkand!

If you want to buy souvenirs or you artist, I recommend to visit the paper factory. On paper, by the way, give a guarantee of 1000 years. Make the old grandfather way from the cortex of the Mulberry. Perfectly preserved ancient manuscripts give hope that this paper (and your work on it) will be saved. I bought a cute doll for memory, called, of course, Bibi Han.

A silk path passed through Samarkand, trading people were different faith, which is why there is respectable attitude to all confessions. Conflicts on national or religious grounds are excluded. Beautiful ancient tradition, decent admiration in our difficult time.

I really like to go on an unfamiliar while the city is waiting for amazing discoveries and even a miracle, and Samarkand gave me all this.

Beauty in Samarkand

It’s nice that women are invited at the airports of Uzbekistan for landing. Nowhere has not seen this, although I fly a lot.

Attentive readers (and others and will not reach this place) already, probably guessed what this word mean, – thanks!

Rakhmat, Samarkand!

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