Ramadan in the UAE

Most Russian tourists know about Ramadan just that this is the holy month of Muslims. But at all, they do not imagine how it will affect the rest in hot Islamic countries. In this article, let’s talk about the features of rest per month Ramadan in the Arab Emirates. Is it convenient to relax at this time? What are the pros and cons?

On November 8, 2020, important amendments were entered into force in the laws of the UAE. The amendments touched including rules for tourists during Ramadan. Details below in this article.

What is Ramadan

Ramadan (or Ramazan) is the 9th month of the Lunar Islamic calendar. It is believed that this month, Allah began to transfer the prophet Mohammed, the teachings of Islam, which was then collected in the book Quran.

Muslims consider this time the most good in the year. As the associate of the Prophet Mohammed, Al-Khuraira, said: "Paradise’s gates open to Ramadan, the gates of hell are locked up, all the demons are sought in the chain".

When the month of Ramadan passes

Recall that months in the Islamic lunar calendar do not coincide with the months in the usual Gregorian calendar. The month of Ramadan every year shifts in our calendar forward for about 10 days.

A month in the Islamic lunar calendar lasts 29 or 30 days, depends on the phases of the moon.

Below Table with Dates.

Year Islamic year Start The ending
2020 1441 April 23 May, 23rd
2021 1442 April 13 12 May
2022 1443 April 3 May 2
2023 1444 March 22 The 21st of April
2024 1445 10th of March April 9

What does Ramadan mean for Muslims

Observance of the post per month Ramadan (post is called "Saum") – this is one of the five pillars of Islam, five godly actions that each orthodox Muslim must perform.

But the post in Islam does not look like a Christian post. If Christians limit their diet, then Muslims do not eat at all, but only from dawn to sunset. Before dawn take food allowed, such a meal is called "Sukhur". You can also eat after sunset, such a meal is called "Iftar".

From dawn to sunset Muslims can neither eat or drink nor smoking. The prohibition concerns any absorption of something, even chewing gum under the ban. An interesting point that take water in the mouth while swimming is also a violation of the post.

The post is required for all adult Muslims, except for patients who are in difficult journey, pregnant women, nursing mothers, diabetics, women with menstruation, children under 12.

Any good act or any sin when performing in Ramadan strengthens. So, bargain with Muslims in this month – the case is useful.

Restrictions for tourists in the UAE

In many Islamic countries there are no laws that would oblige someone to observe. But in the UAE there is such a law – this is the Criminal Code Article 313-A (UAE Penal Code Article 313-A). It is forbidden to everyone, including tourists, drink, have or commit any violation post of action during the daytime during Ramadan.

Punishment: up to 1000 Dirhams fine or up to 1 month arrest. In practice, tourists are not punishable on this article, at least in the press of such cases have not been mentioned for a long time. Police is usually limited to clarifications. If the violator does not listen, then they deliver a little sit down to the police station, calm down, think.

Since 2018, the power of Abu Dhabi Emirates is very interesting. Near the Sheikh Zaid’s mosque put an instrument, his shot informs people about the end of the post. Heard a shot – eat, drink, smoking. Watch the gun on the photo next, click on the photo to enlarge.

Eat and drink to tourists permitted in a restaurant or cafe, but most of the catering establishments are closed.

Unpleasant news for those tourists who love to take cars for hire. Eat, drink and smoke is prohibited even in private transport.

Previously, the law banned the sale of alcohol in Ramadan. Only in the Emirate of Dubai, some bars received a special license and spilled alcohol.

Amendments on November 8, 2020 removed the ban on alcohol in Ramadan. However, each emirate has the right to establish local prohibitions. And most likely they will prohibit. Wait and see.

The dress code does not change to Ramadan, read about the dress code our article "Laws for tourists in the UAE". However, the rigidity of control increases. If at any other month, a police officer or a security guard would not pay attention, then claims may arise in Ramadan.

Attractions work on abbreviated schedule, usually with a big break in the middle of the day. In the last 10 days of the month, they can close or work a couple of hours a day.

Ramadan in the UAE

Entertainment and fun are not welcome. Live music disappears from restaurants, do not work disco, some amusement parks stop work.

Other features

As soon as the sun sits down, it becomes you can. However, often getting better becoming more difficult. Many restaurants are clogged under the urban, some are busy servicing public tables and tents Iftar, the order can be waited for a very long time.

People hurry home to family dinner Iftar, someone in a hurry to the restaurant dine with friends. Traffic jams in the first hour after sunset terrible. In addition, Muslim drivers are tired of the whole day without water and food, and the accident at this first hour after the sunset "Cashbills".

Good news

Near mosques organize big tables and awnings for Iftar (evening feeding). On such tables fed free. In 2013, the Al-Nur mosque in the Sharjah’s Emirate was organized by a recruit-recording table for a kilometer. 2500 people fitted at the table.

In 2021, tables and awnings for Iftars are prohibited by the authorities. This is a measure against the spread of coronavirus.

Is it worth going to the UAE to Ramadan?

Travels to the UAE a month of Ramadan there are opponents and supporters. We talked about the negatives in detail, now we note the positive parties.

The main positive is a decline in prices. Hotels at this time are fill bad, and hoteliers are trying to attract tourists discounts. Discounts up to 50% in Ramadan – this is a normal phenomenon.

The second plus is the low hotels load. There are free rooms in almost any hotel, at least stop tomorrow.

If only the sea, the sun and the beach are needed from recreation, think about. If at other months the hotel 5 stars on the first line was clearly not affordable, then the price may be quite acceptable in Ramadan. In the hotels, banning for food, smoking and drinking do not work.

In addition to the Holy Month, in Islam there is a sacred day of the week – Friday, which has its own features for tourists. Read our review "Friday in the UAE".

Have a good holiday in the UAE, and read our interesting and useful articles about this country (Links below).

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