Ramazan (Ramadan) in Turkey

What is waiting for tourists in Turkey to the holy month of Ramazan? What can and can not at this time? What are the pros and cons of relaxation in Ramazan? Read the answers in our article, as well as a lot of interesting things about the customs and traditions of this month.

Briefly, what is Ramazan?

This is the 9th month in the Lunar Islamic calendar, the month is considered sacred. This month, Muslims will fast – do not eat, do not drink, do not smoke during the daytime.

In Turkey, the month is called "Ramazan", but in most Islamic countries it is called "Ramadan".

Ramazan and Ramazan Bayram is different!

This is a very important point. Ramazan is a holy month when Muslims will fast. Ramazan Bayram – So in Turkey, they call a holiday of 3-4 days long, which comes immediately after the sacred month of Ramazan. Do not confuse these two events!

Recreation per month Ramazan has many advantages, although there are some shortcomings. This time can be called favorable for tourists.

Holiday Ramazan Bayram (he is a shekeker by Bayram, "Sugar holiday") on the contrary – the worst time for tourists, when Hotels "Bitcom" are filled with Turks, water parks are crowded, everywhere queues.

If you decide to come to Turkey to Ramazan, then try to leave Ramazan Bayrama.

Accurate dates are calculated on the Islamic moon calendar, every year the dates are changing. Schedule View in the table below.

Year Ramazan Ramazan Bayram
2020 April 24 – May 23 May 24-26
2021 April 13 – May 12 May 13-15
2022 April 3 – May 2 May 3-5
2023 March 22 – April 21 April 22-24
2024 March 10 – April 9 April 10-12

Important note! A few days before the event, the exact date is confirmed by a special religious commission, which observes the phases of the Moon. Date can change even a few days before the event.

If you relax in the hotel in the resort area

If on vacation in Turkey, only the beach, the sea and all inclusive are needed. If you go out of the hotel, you will not go on excursions or to the city. If the hotel is located in the beach area, and not in the city. In this case, you can not think about Ramazan at all, remember only the three rules:

First, you need to go to the end of the sacred month, that is, before the beginning of the holiday Ramazan Bayram;

Secondly, after leaving the plane, try not to drink and do not eat to the tourist bus (if you are going a batch tour) or to the hotel (if you drive yourself). Many people around will fast (do not drink and do not eat up to sunset), they are hungry and feel thirst. Do not hurt people;

Thirdly, if after the flight you want to smoke, then smoke somewhere on the sidelines. The fewer people see, the better. Observing post smoking prohibited. Do not hurt people.

Nothing more about Ramazan know no need. There will be no restrictions in the hotel. It is no secret that in Turkey resort zones live their lives, separate from the rest of the country. In the whole country there is a holy month, and in the resort areas it is as if there would be no.

If you are going to the city or on excursions, if the hotel is located within the city, then read on.

Detail what Ramazan is?

This is the 9th month of the Islamic lunar calendar. In this month, the Prophet Mohammed received Koran, so the month is considered sacred for Muslims.

In Ramazan, believers will fast. It is forbidden to eat, drink, smoke from sunrise to dawn. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, sick, sick, people in a long journey are exempt.

The post is designed to raise patience in believers, restraint, humility. Compliance with the post in Ramazan is one of the five "Podlits of Islam" – five mandatory regulations that Muslim must comply.

Turkey is a secular state. Law in Turkey does not oblige anyone to observe the post. Even alcohol law is not prohibited.

Naturally, not all Turks observe the post. There are no exact figures of statistics. The Institute for Religion of Turkey published a statistical study in which he received a figure of 83%. It looks untrue, as part of the population of Turkey – Alawitis, who will not stand, about 2% of the population are not at all Muslims, and among the Sunnis, many honestly admit that they allow themselves to drink water. It is believed that about 50% of the population is observed.

What can not tourists?

As we have said, laws do not require anyone to observe. There are no additional restrictions for tourists to Ramazan. Recommendations on the behavior are ordinary, read our article "What is impossible in Turkey".

We recommend complying with special measures of decency and respect for someone else’s culture. Do not eat and do not drink publicly. Eat and drink you can go to the nearest cafe. Or wait for the moment when there are no people around. Agree, why provoke in surrounding negative emotions??

What is Ramazan Bayram?

This is a holiday of 3-4 days long, which begins immediately after the month of Ramazan, the Turks also call him "Shekeker Bayram". In Arabic, he is called "ID al-Fitr", Russians he is more familiar under the name "Uraza Bayram".

These are days when post is over. Comething is good and a lot, having fun, spend money. In Ramazan, it is customary to be modest in everything, the money from Muslims accumulate, and in Ramazan, the Bayram spend this money. Read the details in our article "Holidays in Turkey".

And what could be in Turkey a way to eat a lot? Of course, all inclusive! Turks are traveling in hotels Ai thousands. Also they fill water parks and amusement parks. So tourists we recommend or leave to Ramazan Bayram, or come after it.

What is "Sujur" and "Iftar"?

Ramazan can not eat and drink from dawn to sunset. More precisely – from the first rays of the rising sun to the last rays of the outgoing sun.

Muslims themselves do not look at the sun, they define these points in the Azanam (calls for prayer with mosques minarets). When the first Azan sounds on the morning namaz (prayer), then the post began. When the fourth azan sounds on the evening namaz, then the post is over, you can eat.

Until the first rays of the sun, it is possible, such a meal is called "Sukhur". Usually eat something light, carbohydrate food, do not eat meat and fat.

In many cities of Turkey, the old custom has been preserved. Drummers walk along the streets and knock that there are strength. So they will be believers for a tex of Sukhur. Usually they pass in 3 nights. Salvation from them Only one thing – wear earplugs. Naturally, in resort areas they do not go.

After the complete sunset it is possible, such a meal is called "Iftar". Turks most often eat at the Iftar something light and easily digestible with the stomach, and already at night are satisfied with a full dinner with meat. Attar usually eat: loose bread, soup, pickled vegetables, dates.

Ramazan (Ramadan) in Turkey

In some cities and districts of Turkey, IFTAR arrange at the expense of municipalities and for everyone. And even tourists can participate, it is allowed. Tables in this case are covered near mosques.

Whether to relax in Ramazan?

There is nothing terrible in Ramazan in Ramazan. Attractions and transportation work as familiar graphics. Restaurants in resort areas work as usual. Only in major cities, some catering establishments can be closed during the day, some offer a shortened menu, as the visitors are much less.

Even alcohol consumption law does not prohibit. Naturally, in a public space in a drunken form in any case is an offense.


There are very few people in water parks, because locals do not go here, as it is also forbidden to swim in the post. Public beaches are almost empty;

In restaurants and cafes are much less people. But this concerns the usual cities of the country, in the resort zones, everything is as usual;

After sunset, a real holiday begins: playing musical instruments, arrange the theaters of shadows, actors work in costumes. The illumination of mosques and streets. And it concerns the usual cities of the country, in the resort zones, everything is as usual.


All of the minuses listed below refer only to cities and areas outside of resort zones. In the resort zones there is nothing!

– Some businesses can work on shortened graphics. For example, banks or exchange offices;

– Some restaurants and cafes are closed in the summer of summer veranda, it is possible to eat only indoors, and even the windows with curtains close so that from the street it was not visible;

– Immediately after sunset, dinner will most likely fail. Restaurants are filled with people on Iftar. We will have to wait until the places are released;

– Gul drums in some cities, about what we were told in detail above;

– Some restaurants, cafes and bars do not sell alcohol.

What else

– In addition to Ramadan Bayrama, there are other religious holidays in Turkey with their own characteristics. Calendar and descriptions, see the article "Holidays in Turkey";

– Since supermarkets in Ramazan are open, many tourists prefer to eat food from there. Take ready-made dishes, baking or make sandwiches. To navigate in prices, read our article "Product prices in Turkey";

– About general rules of behavior, read in our article "What is impossible in Turkey".

Successful trips to cities and to the resorts of Turkey, and read our interesting articles about this country (List of articles below).

Ramazan (Ramadan) in Turkey

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