Ranch Cadillac Ranch – Cemetery of Abandoned Car in Texas

Cadillac Ranch Cadillac Ranch is an artistic sculptural installation on the Route 66 highway, west of Amarillo, Texas. The desert landmark is 10 half-walked in the Earth of Cadillacs, painted graffiti.

Ranch Cadillac Ranch Ranch Cadillac Ranch Ranch – Cemetery of abandoned cars in Texas Cemetery of abandoned cars in Texas

There are several myths about the appearance of the ranch of abandoned cars, the most popular of which is the one who knows the children who grew up in Texas. As the story says, one eccentric millionaire from Amaryillo acquired one Cadillac after another, and when it comes to buy a new one, he buried the previous hood down on the land belonging to him. However, this story is not up to the end of truth, because the creation of an art facility was a planned artistic event.

Base Cadillac Ranch That’s how Cadillaci Cadillac Ranch, 1974

By its appearance, the installation is indeed obliged to one Texas milliona, Stanley Marsh, the third (Stanley Marsh, 3), who was considered an eccentric. In 1973, the march invited the team of artists from San Francisco called Ant Farm to help creating a unique work of art for his huge ranch of the west of Amarillo.

Stanley Marsh 3

Artists find ten used Cadillac cars of the model range from 1948 to 1963. Located near the surviving residues of the historic highway ROUTE 66, the installation was conceived as the personification of the "Golden Age" of American cars. Most of the cars bought from landfills, and they cost an average of about 200 dollars. Then they buried the hood down, "face" to the west in the direction of the old highway. Those cars, which were still on the go, were driven into funeral holes, and the rest were lowered with the help of technique. In 1974, the project was completed, and there immediately began to arrive visitors from all over the world, leaving their mark in the form of graffiti on the monument of the outgoing automotive era.

Ranch Cadillac Ranch in the past

At first, it was still possible to see the original color of Cadillac – turquoise, yellow-banana, gold and heavenly blue, – but it lasts not long. Barely monument was ready, cars were written by name and scratched. Over time, the vandals and hunters for souvenirs were divided by the windows, struck the whole chrome, removed radio, speakers, and even doors. After such a wheel, they welded to the rods driven into the ground to at least somehow prevent theft. However, the march always claimed that every year the installation looks better.

The millionaire constantly recommended ranch to the visit and, it seems, did not object to constant graffiti, with regular frequency appearing on the exhibits.

Marsha had a lot of other "artistic undersions" in Amaryillo, in particular – the alignment of strange colorful road signs throughout the city. In the case of them, vandalism also did not scare it.

One of the road signs from march in Amarillo Road signs from march in Amarillo Road signs from march in Amarillo with USA

Over the years, Cadillac Ranch repainted many times. In May 2002, the initial color of cars was restored. In June 2003 they painted them again, but this time in black color, in honor of the founder of the founder Ant Farm.

Ranch Cadillac Ranch - Cemetery of Abandoned Car in Texas

Some people consider such use of the current collectible objects by blasphemy. But in 1974, these cars no longer enjoyed their popularity, and most of them were bought in landfills. For these cadyllakov, there were two ways – either to become part of the installation on the ranch, or to be in a metal crusher.

Passed decades. Cadillacies are now in the ground and serve as an art longer than the road. They remained alone metal hulls covered with paint, and with difficulty can be learn cars.

Ranch Kadillakov "Cadillac Ranch", Texas

And yet the ranch of "Cadillac Ranch" is popular more than ever. The smell of aerosol paint is felt for a hundred yards, exactly as the sound of votes speaking in French, German and English. Visitors from all over the world are ready to go on ankle in the dirt, just to look at this art object.

Cadillac Ranch Cadillac Ranch, Texas Rancho Cadillac Ranch Ranch, USA Ranch Cadillac Ranch, Texas, US Cadillac Ranch, Texas Cadillac Ranch, Texas, USA Cadillac Ranch, United States

Ranch is always happy to tourists. If you take with you an aerosol paint and you are going to leave a trace on the exhibits, be sure to make several photos. Because everything that is created on Cadillac Ranch is likely to live only a few hours before someone else comes and do the same.

Rancho is located to the west of Amarillo on the old Highway Route 66, south of I-40 between exits 60 and 62.

Ranch Cadillac Ranch - Cemetery of Abandoned Car in Texas

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