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Summer is invariably associated with rises on nature, warm evenings in the outdoor outdoors. And what could be better than a delicious kebab, just shot from the fire? Only the same kebab in tandem with good wine! However, not all wine, whether it is even very good, suitable for the meat holiday in nature. Experts «Wine Guide Russia» From Roskkaya told the correspondent of infoogroup «Turprom», What kind of wine is best suited to the kebab and become a win-win selection.

The art of the selection of wine is not to choose just «Delicious», and in the fact that the wine came to the occasion to open it and the very atmosphere itself. That is why there is a special wine for a picnic, which can not be combined with a romantic dinner with fruits and desserts.

«The general principle of the selection of white wine for a picnic is: it should not be too simple and easy. At the beginning, while the fire is not yet divorced, and the food is not ready, you can drink white wine from the fragrant grape variety on the aperitif. But later, under the bird, fish or the more white grilled meat, it is better to drink something more complicated from the classic grape varieties – Chardonnone or Riesling with a small excerpt in the oak», – Explains the head of the expert group «Wine Guide Russia» Arthur Sargsyan.

With red wines, the situation is reverse. For complex wines with long exposure and with a gradually drop-down aroma, which requires decantation, it is better to choose another reason. For a picnic, wines are not very complex, but rather balanced, with well-pronounced fruit and spicy shades in taste.

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And now explain items. Among white wines leading in «Wine Guide Russia» 2019 for the candidacy of accompaniment for summer bastards in nature will be suitable Ringling Chateau Taman Reserve, Chardonnay Golubitsky, Chardonnay «Fanagoria» Cut Lermont with an excerpt in oak. All these wines can be found on the shelves at a price of 400-600 rubles. Pretty bright and at the same time full focus «Solar Valley» Or author Chardone-Sauvignon «Fanagoria» will be cheaper .

Muller-Turgas Winery will be perfectly suitable for the aperitif «Kuban Wine».

As for red wines from «Wine Guide Russia»Ranking, suitable to the Saperava kebab under the brand «Chateau Taman» orAvtohthththhtricopotopota «Fanagoria». Also good for picnic and wines of Crimean manufacturers –«Inkerman» and «Manor Perovsky». Important and the fact that these are large manufacturers, and their wines are represented not only in specialized boutiques, but also in stores «at home», as well as in retail outlets outside the city.

Sparkling wines – absolutely universal recommendation for any reason. In nature they will go «to bang» virtually any food except, except, fat lamb. However, for sparkling, as no other wines, the feed temperature is important. With this in nature may be difficult.

Do not forget to take care of the glasses

There are tens of types of wine glasses in the world for any occasion. There are lovers to take with them on the campaign expensive German or Austrian wine glass and even special leather handmade tubes. Probably, especially piquant looks «Wine esthete»With such objects in the company of friends drinking from aluminum circles or plastic cups.No need extremes! Plastic and paper cups also have the right to exist, but for other drinks.

If you are going to the forest, then you can stock inexpensive glass glasses on the whole company. However, acceptable glasses «wine» Forms are now made from the unbreakable plastic (it was even difficult to distinguish)).

And if you were brought to the nature of glasses, keep them behind the leg. For the bowl take not only «Not for etiquette», But not hygienic – the whole glass will be in bold stains from kebab, besides, the wine is heated from the hand, and the ringing of glasses at the end will not sound victory.

Wine temperature in nature

Ranking How and what wine to choose a tourism article for kebab from tourism

Failure to comply with the temperature of the drink can spoil the impression of it. Even red wines are better to carry cooled with them, not to mention white and sparkling. You can in advance to cool the bottles in the refrigerator, then wrap each foil and remove into the thermo package or in the refrigerator bag. You can also fill the thermos bag with ice packages.The temperature is important not only for sparkling, but also for pink wines.

For those who love the message

Not all appreciate dry wine. For sweet wine lovers in «Wine Guide Russia» There are a couple of proposals in «Pink» section: South Terroar«Myshako», Number reserve «Fanagoria» or Rose Tamani from «Kuban-Wine».

In a glass with semi-sweet pink in nature, you can throw a couple of ice cubes – Then an alcoholic drink will become not only a photogenic, but also delicious.

But the liqueur wines, even very high-quality, we do not recommend on nature. For the hot time of the year, it is still heavy. Portwine and Kagora, even collectible, better leave for a cool autumn evening. Every wine – your time and reason!

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Ranking How and what wine to choose a tourism article for kebab from tourism

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