Rare professions

There is such a profession – feline food taster. Perhaps the tailed would cope with this mission on their own, but no cat will be able to share their taste and tell us how high-quality her lunch was.

The main requirement for representatives of the profession is to carefully chew feline delicacies to make sure that they do not have veins and small parts of the bones

For these purposes in companies manufacturing pet products, whole teams of specialists who carefully follow the quality of feline feed. Smell, taste, consistency, aftertaste, appearance – all parameters under control. During the day, these brave people have to try more than a dozen of different feeds, and the main requirement for representatives of the profession is to carefully chew feline delicacies to make sure that they do not have veins and small parts of the bones. Professional tastors evaluate the product from the consumer’s point of view and are able to determine the aromas that will like cats or pushed them.

This work is well paid: approximately $ 30,000 – 75,000 per year, depending on the experience and qualifications of a specialist.


To cope with this work, you need to wear a bright orange coat and how to play musical instruments as long as possible. In such a simple way, English students and graduates of universities scare the partridges with farmer fields.

Professional scarecrow Jamie Foxs pay € 250 per week for playing at Ukulele and Accordion in the middle of the field 4 km 2 – where the birds are no longer afraid of ordinary straw stuffed.

Farmers allow their employees to install a chaise lounge in the shade and relax with the book, but when the birds dare and fall closer, the scarecrow man must begin its direct duties.

And in Indian Jaipur, the exquisite five-star Hotel Rambagh Palace held in the service of two people waving flags to drive off the pigeons away from the fountain in the courtyard. To enhance the effect on flags, a crocked bird is depicted.

Professional interlocutor

The ability to listen is highly appreciated worldwide, and in Japan – especially. In 13 million Tokyo, it is not easy to find a delicate soul and share his joys and problems, so residents of the metropolis often feel lonely. (And the Japanese work a lot. Photoproject, which illustrates that they are able to fall asleep literally on the go and even on the sidewalk, – by reference.)

To solve this problem of unclaimed, in the city created the service of professional interlocutors. They are sitting in special booths in the busiest areas of the Japanese capital and listen to everyone. Unjust bosses, naughty children, financial difficulties, problems in relationships – about all this and in general you can talk to a completely unfamiliar person for a certain fee. According to statistics, for the week, a specialist with iron nerves listens to 10,000 clients.

Catcher Iceberg

Every year from 20,000 to 40,000 icebergs are chipped from Greenland glaciers and with the help of underwater flows fall into the North Atlantic. There they become a potential threat to oil platforms located off the coast of Newfoundland. To avoid clashes, oil companies hire specialists to combat ice danger.

Air Marshals under the guise of ordinary passengers accompany high-risk flights, and in an emergency, they have the right to apply force, to wear handcuffs, use electric strokes and even firearms

When Iceberg is in close proximity to the platform, it is towed away, using special anchors and cables for this, whose length can reach 1.5 km, and diameter – 12 cm. Cables stretch around ice boulders and fix on the stern of the ship. The distance between the ship and the iceberg should be at least 0.5 km to avoid the catastrophe if the giant ice is in the time of transportation will turn over. Towing iceberg can take up to 72 hours.

Air Marshal

In seven countries of the world, safety flights provide armed air security officers. They travel incognito, in civilian clothes, so as not to attract attention, and if necessary, can neutralize terrorists or debosshires.

Air Marshals under the guise of ordinary passengers accompany high-risk flights, and in an emergency, they have the right to apply force, to wear handcuffs, use electric strokes and even firearms.

To become an air marshal, you need to go through serious training: the basic seidential course for employees of law enforcement and special training, during which candidates are studying constitutional laws, observation of behavior, defense tactics, emergency medical assistance are trained. Special attention is paid to shooting, as the employees of these services are required to perform their work in the cramped space of airliners.

Air marshals work in United Kingdom, USA, Canada, India, Austria, France, Australia. Such a service existed in the USSR, and since 2011 offers to recreate it in modern Russia, but the final decision has not yet been accepted.

Oster Islands

Rare professions

The best job in the world – Caidizer Island in the Ocean. Competition – 34,000 people in place. Such competition held by Briton Ben Southall, who received the place of caretaker of the Australian Island Hamilton in 2009. His duties included walks in the island, dives with aqualung to coral reefs, feeding fish and turtles, compiling photos and video reports for the blog.

For this, the caretaker received $ 20,000 per month for six months. In addition, a specialist provided a house with a swimming pool, three bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a golf course.

True, a person who was lucky enough to work in paradise, claims that this is a hell of work: a working day begins with a dawn, it takes place in the road and ends far over midnight. The work of the dream is sometimes fatally dangerous: Ben Southall almost died from the bite of a poisonous jellyfish.

However, the seekers adventure does not stop: In 2016, a competition was announced to the post of the island of the island in Maldives, in 2017 Volunteers went to the island of Matsikeker off the coast of Tasmania to guard the nature, to celebrate visitors and watch the weather.

Tailor for elephant

Already 50 years old Chisinchand Chadir Tadani sews clothes for elephants participating in Buddhist festivals on Sri Lanka. During the festive procession, not only dancers, drums and trudones, but also 100 temple elephants in difficult outfits – embroidered aborned by multicolored light bulbs. The tailor is developing the design of festive costumes and embodies their own ideas. "When I saw poorly dressed elephants, while people were well dressed, I decided to do this work," he says. Tadani sewed more than 2,500 dresses, each of which five years ago cost from 50,000 to 150,000 Lankan rupees (from $ 400 to $ 1000). So the work of an elephant tailor is not only creative, but also a profitable occupation.

Keeper Voronov

In the London Royal Fortress of Birds Carry as Zenitsa Oka. Tower crows are surrounded by limitless care and attention – after all, according to legend, if they disappear, Tower will collapse, and with him the English kingdom will disappear.

For the well-being of the feathers, the only keeper of the raven is responsible for the world. This post was established in the XVII century by decree King Charles II, who ordered to keep six black birds in the castle. At 4:30 am, the keeper of the raven produces them from the cells, welcoming everyone by name, will and feed their wards, checks whether they are healthy, cleans the cells. In the daily diet of the Tower Crow – 200 g of raw meat and liver, once every two days of the birds get a boiled egg in the shell and rabbit meat with a skirt. Every three weeks corners cut the fly feathers on the right wing so that they do not fly away.

The working day of the keeper ends in half the tenth, when he locks the crows into the cells. A unique specialist has a non-standard schedule: seven working days and two weekends, as well as seminid leave.

However, in the old professional profession was even more fun. To be pulled by a stick on the water, to be treated, to spit, divide one skin onto a plurality of tailings and deftly rummage in the trash can – all these strange classes provided the mortar minimum of our ancestors. Read about the "Forgotten Professions of Russia".

Look at what the waterpores looked like, wipers, cabers, chants mines just over 100 years ago, can be in this photo project.

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