Ras Al-Khaima is waiting for an active relaxing lovers

For those who manit the summer of the Arab East, as well as for those who are accustomed to plan their vacation a few months before the holidays, Emirate Ras Al-Heima as part of the United Arab Emirates offers a variety of options for active and sports pastime.

Ras Al-Heima, located in the north of the country between the Hadzhar mountains in the East and the Persian Bay in the West, attracts guests a unique pristine nature, which gives the opportunity to combine absolutely different types of rest.

Water sports

Due to the large number of beaches, the Northern Principality is an ideal place to unity with water elements. Here, tourists are offered to get acquainted with the inhabitants of the Persian Gulf, making a dive with the aqualung, ride water skiing and engage in sailing sports.

Ras Al-Heyma, where in February of this year, sailing regatta Sailing Arabia was held, honored the traditions of the old sailing club, based on the dawn of the united state.

Ras-Al-High Sail Club is the home of the exclusive association of the Sailing of the Principality, also playing the role of community of immigrants, in which the exchange of experience and impressions of life in the UAE boils for several decades.


In the emirate of 2 golf courses with high-end equipment, two of them – 18 holes. Players will add determination and inspirations. Magnificent landscapes of mountains and beaches, as well as restaurants and bars located on the territory of Golf resorts, where in the evenings they like to arrange friendly sites as indigenous inhabitants of the Emirate and numerous expatics. One of the Golf Clubs of the Emirate provides guests with the opportunity to make a favorite hobby under the star night sky.

  • "Fish hunting"
  • Water sports


Ras Al-Khaima is waiting for an active relaxing lovers

In Arabic (he, Persian), the Gulf lives a great many species of marine fish and animals. Unforgettable "Fish hunting" In the Arabian bay on professionally equipped vessels. The representative of the Marine Expert team will help you get closer to the inhabitants of the underwater world and achieve successful Kleva.

Safari in the desert

On the safari on mysterious deserted and mountainous dunes of the Emirate of guests is waiting for an exciting day full of discoveries. Safari tour begins with a trip by car 4×4 in the desert and lifting on sand dunes, often at an angle of 45 degrees! Discuss the guests obtained during the day can be able to have a traditional Arab dinner or enjoying the show program at the campfire.

Light aviation

In Ras Al-Khaima travelers, a truly unforgettable adventure is waiting – a flight on a light sports aircraft or anoshut (on a parachute equipped with a motor), during which you can admire the breathtaking views of the desert, skinned beaches, turquoise sea waves and majestic mountains.

Iceland Waterpark

The largest water park on the territory of the UAE, built in 2010, was designed as a unique place for family holidays. Registration and thematic entertainment in the park are determined by their arctic "Legend" About the penguin group, after the departure of the glaciers who have found the refuge on the Arabian Peninsula. Children and adults here will delight a fantastic variety of games, water slides (including the highest in the world!), huge food court, where you can eat dishes of various national kitchens.

As a continuation of the Hajhar mountains, one of the iconic amusements of the park is Penguin Falls – the world’s largest artificial waterfall 37 meters high and 165 meters wide, from the top of which more than 378,000 liters of water poured every minute.

Mountain call!

Types of mountains in Ras Al Khaima are amazing. Spindle adrenaline, engaged in climbing, riding a mountain bike, walking around the hills or going down on a rope. Make a deeper in the history of these places, even relatively recently inhabited by the tribes of Bedouins and the mysterious legends of the East.

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