Rat, mermaid and tin can

It all started on the day before. I dreamed of blue, turning into the steady black color of the sea inhibition, in which I was peeringly, it was urine. Drumping membranes almost burst from voltage and there appeared sound: Ta-Taaaa … music from the movie "Jaw".

When in the afternoon I told my dream to our diver Gianni Di Marco, he laughed and said that this film caused the harm to people much more than the shark actually. In 2011, 12 people died due to sharks and 450 people died due to the fact that they slipped in their own bathroom. But in Switzerland there is no shark, so take a balloon, flippers and march to a lecture on diving.

We do not try to create the impression that here, as in Rome, there is everything, but it turns out – on any madness in Switzerland there is your Gianni. He is a bit for 50, he has four children, two dogs and three works, one of them – a diving instructor. "Seasonal, should be work, only in summer, when tourists come and can earn?" – I’m interested in Ya. Yes No, why, Gianni is responsible, in the winter at the bottom is surprisingly beautiful, train in special thermal costumes, and all year our name is our work. Last week helped the festival in Montre, fasten the supports on the embankment.

  • Gianni di Marco
  • Equipment for diving
  • Gianni already instructs
Rat, mermaid and tin can

And yet, who will come to the head to come to the Lake Geneva and go to dive with the aqualung?! "Our main customers are Swiss themselves who want to learn to dive here on low water. We are also engaged in diving tourism, we organize groups," – tells Janni.

In a large store, where rental equipment for diving is also working, we choose flippers in size and wetsuit. Water today is 22 ° C, not too cold, but you still need to warm. After which you load into the car and go to place.

Our goal is a small lake, not far from Villenev. It appeared by chance. Sand mined here, and stumbled into powerful underwater sources that quickly filled the pit. Now it is a lake guard, clean and watch him, it has become a favorite place of local divers. And on weekends, land travelers arrange a barbecue here.

I look with sadness on drinking beer of calm Swiss. They do not need to dive with 4 meters. Gianni already instructs me: in general, you take the phone in your teeth, and breathe as usual. As usual I breathe without a tube, and it makes me happy. But the amount of information, from the assimilation of which now depends on my physical condition, grieves. Breathe through one tube, second hold with you. Trigger for coordination of depth Checking, with the las not forget to row and look around. But all this now I need like air.

Cannot relax for a minute. Here, of course, not the Red Sea or Galapagos Islands, about which Gianni told us on the way to the lake, but still see what. Especially, this is my first dive, and be it even in the pool, I would still be enthusiastically told about colorful bathing suits, which I opened in all my beauty on the azure day.

  • Take the phone in your teeth
  • Colorful bathing suits
  • We plunge

We plunge. The first minutes are quite unpleasant, apparently, we transform from the land in waterfowl. But, suddenly, Pike, in-oh, so sailed us. Gianni, of course, then said that I was exaggerated and she was small. But I, apparently, from the overaction of pure oxygen, all sensations were aggravated and hyperacted. In a minute we bump into the mermaid. Do not worry, I have not yet shifted with a dose of oxygen, it is really a mermaid drank from a piece of metal: which they set for young divers.

In total, there are 11 different figures in the lake, there is still a rat, next to which I discovered a more interesting live cancer. Popping to the surface I am gladly showing another figure: tin can. Gianni signs: No, these are some non-urban tourists threw here, so she lies. So gestures and showed. And then added: this is the only canning bank in the lake, so rarity, let it lies.

Diving in Villara organizes Bubbles Emotion, in which Gianni works. A short course of a young fighter with diving costs 125 francs.

Rat, mermaid and tin can

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