Read it impossible to execute

Print word – terrible power. At all times, the strengths of this world tried to protect us from unwanted literature. True, at different times, the prohibitions were different. We have prepared a story about the main.


On the one hand, the eternal book, the total circulation of which it is impossible to even imagine (given almost 2000 years of publication) should be out of suspicion. However, to this day, it is prohibited in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Sudan, Morocco (on Arabic), at such a popular Maldives and on the territory of two dozen less interesting Muslim states. In China, at Mao Hunweist, during the cultural revolution (mid 60s), the Bible was publicly burned. In fairness It is worth saying that the same fate has suffered the Quran and works of Confucius.

Cultural revolution in China

In North Korea for the Bible in the apartment (and even more so, if he proposed a neighbor: "Read, who comrade!") There is a death penalty or – at best – for many years of correctional work, as well as for family members of the criminal. Punishment, however, is identical for the Quran or Bhagavat-Gita. Although the overwhelming number of competent residents of this country can only write the name of the leader. And why do they need this bible?

Surprisingly, the "Satanic Bible", written by mystic Anton Sandor La Wei, in Russia there is free access.

Salman Rushdi "Satanic poems"

Hindu, who became Pakistan, and then a citizen of Great Britain (and even received a knightly title), wrote a lot of books. But fame, as well as pain and sadness he brought him a novel in the style of magical realism about emigrants and emigration, where Islamic circles saw Satira on the Prophet Mohammed. As a result, the writer, for the life of which announced a reward at $ 2 million (now it has increased to $ 3.3 million), I had to periodically change permanent residence in order to survive.

In 2005, Ayatollah Khomeini announced that the murder of Rushdi would be a "godly act"

Behind the book released in 1988 in Britain, the Iranian leader of Ayatollah Khomeini sentenced Rushdi in absentia, and at the same time he called for the death of all those involved in the release of the novel. The book itself was under the strictest prohibition practically in all Muslim countries, with the exception of Turkey, as well as in India, Thailand, Kenya, Liberia and the top ten states. Punishment for its storage varies from the month of prison in Indonesia to three years in Zanzibar. In Venezuela, the reading of "Satanic poems" threatens the deprivation of freedom for up to 15 months, in Japan – a major fine.

After the scandalous famous novel "Satanic poems", Rushdi turned to a fairy tale, creating one of his brightest works – a small novel "Garun and the sea of ​​stories"

In Russia, the book is not prohibited, but – from sin – not published. No even official translation. It can be downloaded electronically half easily, write down the London version from Penguin Books with a monstrous transcription or order in a private printing house (you will print an electronic version, come up and even make a cover, but it will actually be samizdat, so well familiar to everyone from 40 and older) – It will be pleasure for about € 30. And all this, of course, excluding the territory of the North Caucasus.

Meanwhile, Salman Rushdi for the totality of literary merit in 2008 was recognized as the best among the laureates of the Berechovsky Prize for all 40 years of its existence.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn "Archipelago Gulag"

In the USSR for reading, storage and, do not give God, the spread of this documentary thriller could be obtained up to eight years of imprisonment. The largest confirmed period is five years.

The most dissident book of all time and peoples was a real rarity: to carry it across the border was arhistened; The copiers-hectographers and Eastern Hermann Robotron, consisting in the service in state institutions, were recorded in the KGB; reprint three sweaturated volumes manually – work not from the lungs. Therefore, the famous phrase is from those times: "I personally did not read Solzhenitsyn, but he condemned him with indignation and demand to severely shout all the masters!"- not a figure of speech, and the truth of life.

Read it impossible to execute

"Thirty years I argue with his [Solzhenitsyn] ideas, but not the tire to admire the autobiographical chapters "Archipelago". I am convinced that they will remain in one row with other great confessions "(g. Orange)

In countries, the socialist prohibition went easier. So, the book was translated into German less than a year after the publication in Paris, and every resident of the GDR could have it. The taboo remained to this day: "Archipelago Gulag" is banned by the leadership of American Guantanamo Prison.

Vladimir Nabokov "Lolita"

The most odious novel of the Russian-American writer first did not want to print on his second homeland, politely, but firmly refusing. And when he came out in 1955 in France in a publisher, specializing in porn, it was immediately banned in many countries in Europe: France, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg. As well as in both America, including Argentina – their homeland close to the spirit of Naboka Jorge Luis Borheses. In England, the book was prohibited at the level of the decision of the Parliament. In the 1960s (here is a leisurely people!) Lolita banned in New Zealand.

Nabokov independently translated "lolita" from English into Russian; Translation came out in 1967 in the New York Publishing House "Fedra"

Publishers themselves addressed the fight against the ban on which he answered: "My moral defense of the book is the book itself.". In South Africa, the ban on the novel lasted until 1982. We have banned him at once on two points: Anti-Soviet and pornography. Read "Lolita" cost 5 rubles. per night, read – 10 rubles. When, when restructuring it was published in "foreign literature", many readers were disappointed: instead of hard porn, a sad and ironic love story was offered.

Adolf Hitler "My Fight"

Another of the most mythicized works of the XX century. You can read these semi-arms and mesh fabrications of the former Efreitor, however, millions of copies of the notorious autobiography – Manifest were sold during the fascist regime. In 1945, it was promptly banned by "as a sign of respect for the victims of the Holocaust", the ban still persists in Argentina, Bolivia, Austria, Canada, Holland, Poland, Russia. Serious restrictions are in other European countries. Vatican somehow forgot to ban. In Turkey, despite the official "but!", Sold for several thousand copies. In India, "My struggle" and bestseller. In Russia today it is not difficult to purchase it. And in certain circles argue that the book should be allowed to deprive her strength symbol, which it can contain while prohibiting. In Germany, "Fight" was published for the first time in 70 years, but with extensive comments.

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