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– Baby, in Africa for SPA procedures do not go, – somehow one familiar Africanist told me with pity, which I wanted to order material for the magazine, – go there to look at wildlife. National Parks, Safari. If you do not like animals, there is nothing to do in Africa.

Before going to Malaysia, I thought that the story was the same. But it turned out that love "Only Zverlyushki" Not necessarily – in Malaysia you can arrange a route as an experienced hostess cooks soup: mixing nature with shopping, attractions, SPA, diving or snorkeling.

Chapter 1. Good fly

There are no direct flights to Malaysia, so the road can become a problem, especially for family-run and burdensome children – to fly about 12 hours without docking. If there is an opportunity, it is better to choose emirates: there even in economy class is pretty spacious, you can watch a movie or play games. And the business class is very good. Here you and folded in bed armchairs, and your own large TV, and the choice of dishes on the menu, and – what is important – a business lounge at the airport of docking, Dubai, with the ability to take a shower, eat or go to SPA. But if you suddenly do not have time to do a massage in Dubai, do not be discouraged – quite a decent Ayer SPA and in Kuala Lumpur airport. 20-minute foot reflex-massage will cost only 60 ringgitis (about 600 rubles), after which you will find yourself capable of much. For example, ask the duty officer at the reception map of the city and go towards the adventures in Kuala Lumpur.

Chapter 2. Kuala Lumpur and other animals

Kuala Lumpur is the perfect transshipment point for those who first come to Malaysia. Life is boiling here around the clock: the fact and the case come across families in full – dad, mom, aunt (in black turf) plus a few children walking on the streets at one o’clock. Daily walk hot! Behind the streets of street cafes are late in the evening, both local and tourists are sitting in the evening, and they offer to visit massage salons at every step and in just 29 ringgitis (200 rubles) to make themselves a massage of anything, from legs to head. This "dynamics" Allows the nervous system of freshly-carrying tourists to adapt to Asia, so that after a few days in Kuala Lumpur, the serenity and unevenness of life on some of the Malaysian Isles did not so shocked our brain. And so the switch will occur gradually: in the usual mad rhythm you will run away all local attractions, ranging from Petronas’s towers and ending with a park of birds, learn local shops and markets, we will store local dishes and, satisfied, finally staying on vacation – on Sipadan, Redang or. SO "Blaries" You will start to meet immediately upon arrival in the city. Huge butterflies, sitting on the asphalt, on glass windows or windshields of cars, at first cause photo-excitement photos: frame with butterfly and 88 floors of twin towers Petronas, frame with butterfly and local beauty, frame with butterfly and soup Tom pits. The aggravation of photo-illness usually happens during a visit to the Park of Butterflies, where hundreds of multi-colored lungs are flying a grid under the tightened mesh, the beautiful beauties of all shapes, sizes and colors. And then you get used to and react on insects. In the park of birds is more interesting. And even better – in the aquarium, which is located in the Suria KLCC shopping center in the business center under the towers of Petronas. Go there to admire on floating over the heads of sharks and skates. The main thing is to get to the aquarium through insurmountable for the ladies of thorns – hundreds of shopping center shopping center.

Shopping in Kuala Lumpur is a separate song. Decide you go to the Chinese quarter and buy very believable fake glasses, bags and wallets Prada, Louis Vuitton, will you go to the Petaling market behind the local souvenirs or decide to inspect Respectable shopping centers of type Pavilion or Suria KLCC, – buy another suitcase before leaving home You will probably have.


For citizens of Russia, a visa-free entry into Malaysia for up to 30 days with a vacucer of hotels, air ticket or its confirmed armor to fixed dates. In addition, the term of your passport must be at least 6 months at the end of the trip.

Chapter 3. Diary of Shopaholika

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur suburb – a giant shopping and entertainment complex, in which there is everything: and Water Park Sunway Lagoon with attractions, and hundreds of stores (from European and American brands to local brands), and restaurants-café-bars, and Hotels and SPA. Even we, accustomed to large Moscow standards "Megi", did not immediately understand how to navigate in this huge building built in the form of a pyramid and sphinx in front of him. The group instantly rested on the nearest boutiques. Or SPA – because there is nothing better than reflex and foot massage after several hours of shopping! Checked personally. Especially if the massage complements the fish peeling fishering – in Malaysia, this is a private procedure, and for tourists – a real attraction: exotic and seed. In the Foot Master Fish SPA, located in one of the lower levels of the trading pyramid, you can run both for 15 minutes – just chat in the swimming pool with hardworking fish processing your skin, and for an hour and a half – on a full pedicure cycle, including fish peeling, Foot massage and processing of steps with special cream solvent corn and scuff. And it costs all this care about $ 50 (Sunway Pyramid, LG2, 89 zone).

Real Asia

If you are configured to more serious procedures, far from the pyramid will not have to go: around a lot of SPA salons of different price categories. There are first-class Mandara Spa, located in the building Sunway Resort Hotel&SPA, right in the garden next to the water park: there is stylish, beautiful, quiet, the procedural rooms wear the names of flowers, and the body massage will cost you in 565 ringgits (about $ 180). You can choose and more budget options – right across the road from the shopping and entertainment complex, opposite the entrance to Sunway Resort&SPA, in the BEAUTY CENTURY cabin package from scrub, flower bath and clock relax massage body will cost only 98 ringgitis (about $ 30). You will definitely ask how intense massage you prefer – your hands at local masseuses (often it came from the Philippines) so strong and skillful that they will not be difficult to roll you on the massage table as the dough, and then collect back to the ball. that is in the body.


Fish pedicure is called differently: and Fish Peeling, and Fish Refl Exology, but the essence is one – Fish Garra RUFA, which are called "Fish-doctor", removes dead skin without touching live. The procedure is considered particularly useful for people with skin problems, because it is capable of improving skin condition.

Chapter 4. Beaches and fish

Malaysia is such a special place on Earth, consisting of national parks. Mangrove forests, jungle, marine reserves – all this is trying to protect and, if possible, demonstrate to tourists. Such riches do not use sin. Take, for example, Borneo – the third island in the magnitude of the world. The concentration of natural parks here reaches a maximum. Only here they live the rarest Sumatran rhino, Malay Bear Biruang, Malay Tiger, Orangutan, Forest Tarantulas and Monkeys Typoskis – Noseged Wonderful Beings. Only on Borneo can be found the largest flower in the world – Rafflesey, from here they go to the island of Sipadan, Mecca divers. Here are going for diving or snorkeling, for hiking tropical forests in search of rare plants, in parks with rare animals and birds, to relax on the islands, where you stay alone with yourself – and nature.

"Eagle, resting on the middle island", – So the name of Lang Tengakh is translated, the island on which there is nothing, with the exception of four small hotels. One of them – Sari Pacifi Ca Hotel Resort&SPA, very secluded place. From the door of the house to the beach – a maximum of 50 meters. Fall on indescribable soft, small, like powder, white sand, and meditate, looking at the ocean. From the state of full relaxation, it can take either a trip to the restaurant, or a journey on a diving or snorkeling boat. Lang Trench is near the Islands of Redang, famous for its coral maritime reserves. As soon as you wear a mask and immerse yourself in warm turquoise water, meditation will continue – the fish will surround you from all sides.

Real Asia

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