Real Estate in Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, Montenegro or Croatia?

Acquisition of real estate abroad – Extremely tempting perspective. The global crisis was reflected at the cost of housing in Europe much more than in Russia, and now it is possible to buy a cozy house by the sea here for the same cost, and often cheaper than one-room apartment on the outskirts of Moscow or house in the cottage village in the Moscow region.

Russians acquire real estate by the sea, both for their own, and for renting apartments for coming tourists.

One of the most popular countries are Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, Montenegro and Croatia.

Real estate in Turkey

Turkey (in particular the Antialie coast) is still affordable and attractive for Russians, both in terms of rest and in terms of the acquisition of real estate. The legislation of the country contributes throughout – Individuals can not only acquire housing and land, but also make loans in local banks.

The cost of real estate depends, above all, from the terrain and its remoteness from the sea. Alania and Side are considered the most inexpensive areas, in which the apartment in a modern residential complex will cost 30,000-40,000 euros, and a modest villa by the sea «Pulling» per 100,000 euros.

The most expensive areas – Belek, Kemer and Antalya.

Property in Spain

Deciding to buy an apartment in Spain, you will also not meet the legislation from the legislation. Most often at home in this sunny country, the British, Germans and French are acquired. Those who are looking for affordable accommodation in which he will be able to spend their holidays, it is worth paying attention to the resorts of Valencia. It is here that the most accessible apartments are located, of course, with concomitant minuses in the form of a variety of tourists in high season. Apartment not far from the sea can be purchased for 40000-50000 euros.

Special love of foreign citizens enjoys tenerife, and at night entertainment adherents – Ibiza and Mallorca.

In addition to its own housing, the sea of ​​many foreigners attracts the possibility of obtaining a residence permit, and later citizenship in this European country.

Also, many acquire housing in Spain in order to sell it in a few years – The country gradually comes out of the crisis, and the prices for real estate grow.

Want to buy real estate or arrange a residence permit in Spain? We advise you to visit the website of Diagonal Mar – Project for the sale of foreign real estate, promoted by the company of Texa, which has 25 years of experience in Spain.

Real Estate in Croatia

Buy real estate in Croatia is already more difficult. This can only be made by citizens of those countries that concluded a mutual agreement on the acquisition of housing with this state. There is no such contract between Russia and Croatia, so only a legal entity, the design of which will require additional efforts and investments in the property.

However, the result is worth – Clear sea, pine forests and warm weather almost all year round attracts foreign citizens. The cost of apartments begins from 50,000 euros.

The most elite area of ​​Croatia is the Opatiy – city ​​in northeast Istria. He is called Croatsky «Cote d’Azur», and real estate prices here are relevant. Opatiy is in demand among secured Russians.

Real Estate in Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, Montenegro or Croatia

Property in Bulgaria

Property in Bulgaria – Another popular cash investment option. Russians are predominantly interested in houses and apartments located in the resort area on the Black Sea coast, or on ski resorts.

Buy housing in Bulgaria can any foreign citizen – To do this, it is necessary to have only a passport and a sufficient amount. With the purchase of land more difficult. To make a deal, a foreigner will have to be taken as a legal entity.

Many Russians buy real estate in Bulgaria in order to move to this sunny country after retirement. For the elderly, the procedure for obtaining a residence permit is simplified. They require only an agreement on the purchase of housing and minimal means of living (2,000 – 3 000 euros per year).

Property prices compared to European here are significantly lower. A small one-room apartment near the sea can be bought for 25,000 euros.

Real estate in Montenegro

In Montenegro, foreign citizens attracts magnificent nature, excellent ecology and mild climate. Many Russians acquire housing not only for rest, but also for the future moving to this country.

Foreign citizen who is an individual can buy real estate in Montenegro, but for him there are a number of restrictions. The plot should not have the status of the forest, and its area should not exceed 50 acres. It is forbidden to buy housing under construction. To circumvent these restrictions, you can arrange a legal entity in the country.

Chernogorsk real estate is more expensive than apartments in Bulgaria. A small apartment is not far from the sea you can purchase for 40,000 – 60 000 Euro.

Real Estate in Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, Montenegro or Croatia

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