Real Estate in Hungary: House for the price of Moscow "Diva"

Budapest at socialism variantly differed from other capitals of Eastern Europe and the Republics of the USSR. Along with faceless local "Cheryomushkami" There were gorgeous cottages and villas that Soviet people saw only in foreign films from the life of the Welder. Lived in such exemplary houses Large party-government officials and the representatives of the creative and scientific intelligentsia. After the proletaries of all countries ceased to connect, their mansions next to the former members of the Politburo began to erect "New Hungary". Now to become the owner of an individual house in Budapest can anyone who has a minimum amount of $ 50.000 (the house in the suburbs is also cheaper). Including a Russian citizen.

The bulk of individual houses is built in Buda – the hilly part of the Hungarian capital on the right bank of the Danube. In this environmentally friendly, with numerous gardens and parks part of Budapest dreams of living almost every Hungarian. The most prestigious are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 11th and 12th areas of the city, which are just located on the Buda Hills. In total, there are 24 districts in the Hungarian capital, of which the first 13 rooms (except for the 10th district) make up the central part of the city.

Walking in Buda, it is difficult to meet two identical individual houses. Architecture of each house Individual: Almost all Hungarian architects are honored for honor to celebrate here with various projects. Especially happy those owners of mansions who can afford to have a big panoramic window overlooking the Danube.

Naturally, it is necessary to pay for pleasure: houses in these areas are more expensive than in other places Budapest (on average $$ 600-700 per square meter). Say, two-storey class villa "lux" (Total area of ​​440 square meters) with two separate entrances, two garages, 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms cost $ 250.000. And, for example, a two-story five-bedroom house, located in a less prestigious area of ​​the Hungarian capital (with two bathrooms, a kitchen, two garages, central heating) costs only $ 60.000 – at the price of a decent two-room Moscow apartment.

At home in the suburbs of Budapest, as already noted, sold, compared to the same in the near Moscow region, just at ridiculous prices: a modern cottage of 90 square meters costs $ 30.000.

If individual houses are so cheap, then what can be said about the price of apartments? Bright example: one-bedroom apartment (area 81 square meter) in the house located near the Margit Bridge, overlooking Mount Hellert and Parliament Building ("cooler" just does not happen). $ 26.000! Three-room apartment "Improved planning" In the residential area of ​​Budapest costs $ 15.000.

Those who want to cheat commercial real estate in the Hungarian capital will also be pleasantly surprised by low prices. Premises for the store (area 42 square meters plus gallery on the second floor with an area of ​​22 square meters), located in the 7th district you can buy for $ 30.000, and a fully equipped fitness center in Buda (2nd area) – for $ 15.000.

Real Estate in Hungary House for the price of Moscow doubles

Many of our compatriots – owners of Hungarian real estate – probably want to get a residence permit in Hungary. The basis for this is the availability of its company in this country. In order to register it, the founder needs to have only a passport with him. The term of registration of the enterprise is 6 working days, and the cost, including state duty, is $ 1.500.

Decorating a residence permit takes 6-8 days and costs $ 800. The personal presence of the new Hungarian resident must, since the identity card is issued in the police only directly to its owner.

Adapting in Hungary is quite easy – there is already a significant Russian-speaking community in this country. In Budapest, several newspapers are published in Russian, there is a Russian video card, a library, shops with expensive heart and stomach of ordinary Russians with salty cucumbers and caviar, restaurants and so on. There are no problems with children: at the consulate of Russia there is a secondary school from 1 to grade 11.

Services for the acquisition of property and decoration of residence permit in Hungary provides the Hungarian Law Company Rekkon, in the portfolio of which over 1.000 options for various objects of residential and commercial real estate.

Real Estate in Hungary House for the price of Moscow doubles

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