Reasoning and experience about the sale of tours – purchase in the first agency

In the last article I told an interesting story about the procedure for buying tourist vouchers. Now it’s time to analyze it well. As I said, it is very significant.

The behavior of the girl in the first travel agency

Let me remind you that the girl asked about whether they were the agency first in our search. Get an affirmative answer, she clearly disappointed and lost all interest in the process of communicating with customers.

At that moment, such a position of the manager seemed to me strange, but now already having his own experience, I can say that I understand her. Indeed, sell a tour to the client who went to your agency in the first place, almost impossible. Now I will tell why.

Why not buy in the 1st Agency

Most buyers do not understand anything in how tours arise at all. And when a person does not understand something, he begins to invent all his own. As polls show, most tourists believe that the range of tours in different travel agencies is different.

Think the range is different

I remember one case when one of my friend wanted to go to Italy to Rimini resort. He chose the hotel and went on tourist agencies. In two he was told that in his hotel it was interesting to the right dates of the tours there are no. And after that he decided to call me.

Looking at the search engine I had to explain to him the same. I also told him that there were no tours at all, no one had, and he could not go further to various companies. I perconded him other hotels or a sightseeing tour in Rome look at the Colosseum or the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. He refused and went to go on.

Already later, his girl in secret told me that they went back in three agencies, and there was no this round anywhere. As a result, they bought a tour in Hurghada. The last fact struck me to the depths of the soul. Choose a tour in Rimini, and go in the end in Hurghada.

You noticed that a person did not believe anyone and went further to look for this tour, thinking that he would be in some other firm. Very good that he was not deceived. He could stumble upon an agent who would take money from him, and then said that there is no tour. And since the contract is concluded, just forced it to choose another hotel. This happens.

By the way, I did not advise him at once, because he wanted a tour for April, and the weather in Rimini does not have to swim. Attractions in Rimini are not so much, and I did not understand why he was generally needed this tour.

Doubts in price

The second reason why not tourists will not buy a tour in the first agency – these are doubts about profitability.

Prices for vouchers are formed by tourist operators. Agents almost do not participate in their formation. If we chose some tour to Port El Cantaui in Tunisia, then the price tag will not change from agent to the agent. Of course, the agent can make a discount, sacrificing his commission, or make a campaign, something like, "Trip to Freigia Park as a gift". In the latter case, he will simply return to you the desired amount in the convective. This makes some firms to increase sales.

However, the agent can and "shove" the price, but then he risks being caught, and the franchise agencies can even be seriously paid.

But visitors just do not know. They do not realize that all prices can be viewed on the Internet. They doubt whether this price is overestimated to tour in Tunisia. Think: "And I will go to another company, maybe there is cheaper".

The funny thing is that some find cheaper. Tours prices can change over time. Already tomorrow the price can grow, but may rise. Some come across such a "rod" – come to another firm the next day, and there the price is lower. And rejoice. And some simply I miss a favorable price on the first day, it happens more often.

Reasoning and experience about the sale of tours - purchase in the first agency

Separately, this system has tours to exotic countries or excursion programs, prices for which are distinguished by stability. For example, tours to Nepal are always one amount of money, and it does not change with time. In this case, it makes sense to go to different firms.

Doubt the correctness of the choice

The most difficult case when the client seems to choose the resort and the hotel and doubts. Everyone wants to spend perfect vacation and choose not just a good option, but the best. The proverb says: "The best is a good enemy".

The problem is that a lot of a lot, and in search of a better option in the third agency, people simply forget about the suggestion that they did in the first. Such hiking can be called "walking in dotmakes". The result is always chaotic. A vivid example is my friend who went to Egypt instead of Italy. By the way, he all ended well – he perfectly spent time in the largest water park in Sharm El Sheikh and even dived with Cavalang.

Therefore, it is not worth counting on the sale. The only option, I think it is to promise to a customer some gift. It makes no sense to reduce the price, since people do not understand anything in pricing, and the principles of the formation of the price tag also fails. Maybe you can leave my memory about yourself, but I have not yet seen any such experiments.

If a person is still in Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh, then you can offer as a remuneration for the purchase of special shoes protecting from corals. Good idea. When traveling to Dominican Republic, you can immediately give a tourist tourist card (this is a migration map of the Dominican Republic, which costs $ 10 for tourists). You can think of many more.


I believe that the girl’s reaction was true. She understood everything right. She almost did not have a chance for sale, and she just did not want to spend her time. And she was right. Really bought us in another agency.

I will continue reasoning in the next article. Read, there will be even more interesting observations.

Reasoning and experience about the sale of tours - purchase in the first agency

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