Recife (Recife)

Recife (Recife) – Large city and port in the east of Brazil, the capital of the state of Pernambuka. Located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in 805 km north of Salvador and 2,300 km north of Rio de Janeiro, near the historic city of Olinda. Population – 1,546,516 people (2010).

Due to the fact that Recife is partially on the mainland, and partly on the islands connected to more than 50 bridges, as well as due to numerous rivers and channels, it is often called «Brazilian Venice».

The city was founded in 1537 by the Portuguese and was originally called Pernambuka.

Today it is one of the largest and most important cities in the Eastern Coast of Brazil (and the leader in the number of skyscrapers, in comparison with other cities of the country), as well as a major tourist center.

Recife has a great tourist potential, attracting tourists with extended sandy beaches, the architecture of the colonial period in the historic center of the city (including its beautiful old churches), numerous museums, theaters and one of the most lively carnivals in the country (more than 1.5 million. participants).

In addition, Recife is a recognized Brazilian business tourism center, it is often chosen for various events, such as symposia, seminars and conferences.

In Recife Tropical Climate, with high humidity, softened by trade winds that. The average annual temperature +28…+thirty ° C.

January The warmer month, with an average temperature from +26 to +30 ° C, July is the coolest, with average temperatures from + 22 to +27 ° C.

The rainy months – June (389 mm precipitation) and July (385 mm), then follow May (328 mm), April (326 mm) and March (264 mm).

The most dry and sunny month November, when the maximum temperature ranges about +30 ° C.

In addition to good sandy beaches located directly in the city, the entire coast in the vicinity of Recife is one huge beach with small resort towns (Porta de Galignas), host tourists all year round.

Baa Viazen Beach (BOA VIAGEM)
– One of the most visited urban beaches of Recife, famous for wonderful small white sand. Thanks to the reefs, closing the beach from the ocean, here are calm waters. Do not swim for reefs, as it is possible to meet with sharks in the open sea.

Taxi – The most convenient version of the transport for tourists (ordering the car, specify the availability of air conditioning, especially in summer).

In second place – buses, The network of their routes of which stretched around the city.

Underground Recife (Metrorec) – the third largest metro in Brazil. It connects the city center with the closest neighborhood, including the main bus station. However, not all areas of the city are captured by all interesting in the tourist plan.

Official Subway Site Recife – WWW.MetroreC.Com.Br

6 km from the center of Recife is the historic city of Olinda, one of the most well-preserved colonial cities of Brazil. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is one of the main attractions of the region.

Giant Water Park Veneza Water Park, with many slides for adults and children is located 20 km south of Recife.

Recife (Recife)

From Rio de Janeiro and Salvador to Recife is the most convenient aircraft.

International Airport Guararapis Aeroporto Internacional Dos Guararapes) – Main Air Gate Recife.

Avianca Brazil – from Brazilia, Fortaleza, Natal, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Sao Paulo

Azul Brazilian Airlines – from Belo Horizonte, Campinas, Fortaleza, Natal, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador

Condor – from Frankfurt (Germany)

Gol Airlines – from Belen, Belo Horizonte, Brazilia, Kuiaba, Fernando Di Norona, Fortaleza, Manaus, Natal, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Sao Paulo

Tam Airlines – from Belen, Brazilia, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Juan Pesoa, Maceio, Manaus, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Sao Paulo

TAP PORTUGAL – from Lisbon (Portugal)

Trip Linhas AéReas – from Belo Horizonte, Fernando Di Noronaya, Maceio, Natal, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador

WebJet – from Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador

Recife (Recife)

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