Records 2015

In the outgoing year, the most courageous and hardy experienced themselves on durability at different points of the planet, adding new knowledge about the world and man to the World Piggy Bank. In our review – something will remember 2015: Fresh world records in water, in the air and on Earth.

Swimming in 100 years

For the first time in history, a centenary sailed a distance of 1.5 km. The name of the record holder – Miko Nagaoka, this woman from Japan was the only participant in a swim in the age category from 100 to 104 years in April competition in Matsuyama. She sailed a free-style remote in 1 hour 16 minutes and a new world record was set by one fact of his participation. Miko engaged in swimming after 80 years. Last year she released the book "I am 100 years old and I am the best active swimmer in the world".

Running on water

Shaolin Monk Shi Liliang made a record ride in water in early September in the presence of numerous audience. Barely touching thin plywood sheets folded in an extremely shaky track, he overcame the distance of 125 m and thus broke his own achievements of past years. The technique of such a run is called "Flying over Water", this is one of the many practices of Kung Fu, teaching the mastery of ownership by her body. So as not to fall under the water, you need to run at high speed and have a good sense of equilibrium. Video can be found here.

From Finland to Africa on a hydrocycle

Finnish traveler Rosto Pirisis drove on the hydrocycle from the shores of Helsinki to the shores of Africa – Ceuta, Polianklava of Spain on the north coast of Morocco. For 40 days, he sailed 3,000 maritime miles, which became an absolute rice of travel on a hydrocycle: his achievement hit the Guinness Book of Records. It is noteworthy that on the journey Finn dared after the dispute with his son, who did not believe that it was possible.

Six days in a balloon

Two friends, Russian Leonid Tujtyaev and American for three Bradley, made a bold non-winning flight through the Pacific Ocean on a balloon. Starting from the Japanese city of Saga, the capital of the eponymous prefecture of the island of Kyushu, they lasted in the air for almost a week – 6 days, 16 hours and 37 minutes. The aeronautics near the Mexican city of La Powered-Grande were landed on January 31, leaving behind 10,696 km. Thus, the duet, which is represented as "two eagles", installed two world records at once: by flight range and on time spent in the balloon.

Previous records were made more than 30 years ago by the Americans: In 1978, Ben Abruzzo and Larry Newman lasted 5 days, 17 hours and 5 minutes, and in 1981, they flew to the farthest distance, overcoming 8383 km.

Immersion at 111 m

In the middle of summer, Russian scablasts, members of the underwater research detachment of the Russian geographical society, plunged into the depths of the Barents Sea on a record-wide depth of 111 m. Usually in the Arctic and Antarctic underwater expeditions, divers do not dive deeper than 30 m. Diving of Russians – officially deepest of registered in the Polar. The expedition became only the first stage of the large-scale project "13 seas of Russia", within which scuba whales, experiencing domestic underwater respiratory equipment, collect scientific data and dive into all seas that wash Russia.

Records 2015

Five mountain peaks for 8 hours

Recorted race for mountain heights Alps made Swiss climber Andreas Standl. In the same year, he conquered five mountain peaks at once with a height of over 4000 m, having fallen them in 7 hours 45 minutes and 44 seconds. "This project I wanted to draw attention to the mountains so that people sitting in their living rooms see it and understood that everything was possible. And maybe someone from them one day will also go to conquer the vertices, "said 26-year record holder.

Spiderman and the most twisted building in the world

Another record of the ascent was installed French climbing Alain Robert, famous for the nickname Spiderman. In April of last year, he was scrupped with a 307-meter kayan tower in Dubai without insurance and special funds in Dubai, overcoming 75 floors for 65 minutes. The tower is unique in its design: the walls of the skyscraper from the base to the roof are evenly twisted at 90 °. This is the highest twisted building in the world, and the Robert Record will be entered into the Guinness Book of Records.

All states per day

Three travelers from Norway managed to visit 22 US state for one day. They moved on a rented car, taxi, train and aircraft, making three flight per day. Install the record of high-speed travel to tourists helped the accumulated travel experience: one of the participants, Gunnar Garfurs, has visited all 198 countries around the world, his name is in the Guinness Book of Records. Another, Tai Yang Pak, calls himself a professional traveler, he visited 152 countries around the world. The third – Eystain Duipvik – has tremendous experience of traveling by the wheel, as it works by the controller in a transport enterprise.

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