Recreation and tourism in Cyprus

Recreation and tourism in Cyprus

Cyprus Island is famous for clean beaches, a mild climate and delicious food. Many sights Will not leave lovers of excursions indifferent. In addition, many residents know Russian, and during their travel you can meet a lot of compatriots who live on the island.

Popular resorts of Cyprus

Nicosia. The city is the capital of two states – the Republic of Cyprus, inhabited by the Greeks, and Northern Cyprus, where Turks live. Here Many traditional cuisine museums and restaurants, However, the city does not use popular among tourists.


Perhaps the most popular Russian-speaking resort. There are many attractions in the city and shops. Here is the historic center "Old Town", three water park, moon park and zoo, so entertainment will be found for everyone.

Ayia Napa

If you want to have fun, then this resort will definitely suit you. Many different restaurants, bars, nightclubs in the city. For excursion lovers, you can visit Ayia Napa Monastery. In general, the resort will definitely suit the youth.


The resort is suitable for family holidays without entertainment. The city choose people with lowest sleep who want to just relax in silence and rest. There is no fun of active life, unlike other cities.

Traditional cuisine

Cypriots &# 8211; Real Experts in Meat Preparation. They usually use pork, bird, lamb, rabbit. This property is olive oil, which is used in many dishes.
Kitchen Combines in me Greek and Turkish traditions. Very popular, such dishes like Kliftiko, Suul, Musaka, Stifado, which must be trying.

Excursions and entertainment

In Limassol, cultural and entertainment activities are often held. Most tourists seek to get to the Wine Festival, which is held in late August. At the event you can taste and buy natural wines. For lovers of history, you should visit Limassol Castle, where Cyprus is located Museum of Middle Ages. You can see many exhibits that tell about the history of Cyprus. Happy children will like it Excursion "Safari on donks". It includes riding on donkeys, a grand evening dance show with glasses, familiarity with the life of Cypriots. You can visit the zoo and any of the water parks, which will be closest to you. Sea walks are very popular in Cyprus. These include cruises on luxury yachts, diving and pirate yachts. Such excursions exactly do not leave you indifferent. There are a lot of temples, monasteries and churches on the island, which can be visited both with a group and individually. In addition, tourists love to visit traditional villages where you can buy natural Products and historical souvenirs. There is not a single tourist who would not like the show of dancing fountains. Water jets, merging together with fiery elements, shimmer by all the colors of the rainbow. Throughout the speech plays classical and even Russian music. Top show is a volcanic eruption, It is accompanied by ominous music. This is a colorful, unique spectacle that must be viewed.


The main pride of Cypriots is the embroidery in the technique of "Lefkaritics", which is very valued all over the world. It will be an excellent memorable gift. Olive oil, spices, cheese, sweets – Good products are quite popular among tourists because of their uniqueness and features of taste. In the Old Port Center shop you can find Many interesting and useful souvenirs: Sponges, corals, natural cosmetics, figurines, Cyprus lace, wines, icons and more. Everyone will find something exciting for himself. Cyprus’s holiday suits absolutely everyone since he Amazes a variety of opportunities, Excursions and entertainment!

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