Recreation. Cosmetology

If your own appearance suits you so much, which, compared, and the neighbor in the landing seems like Aphrodit, it seems that it is time to go seriously. It happens with men (with the only difference that the neighbor in their eyes begins to resemble the Apollo), although they often prefer to prefer to prefer that appearance cares them the least. Nevertheless, representatives of both weak and strong sex are not suitable to disconnect from work and devote themselves to oneself. Moreover, in June, Russians have the opportunity to combine "Restoration" Broken parts of their creature with rest on one of the best seaside resorts. Centre "Abu Navas Budzhafar" In Tunisian Sousse, all who are not indifferent to the beauty and health of the body will take.

To become like Greek gods and goddesses will help you with numerous courses developed by the Center specialists. Among them: "New silhouette" (For those who desperately lose weight under normal conditions), "Rest and harmony" (for those who are tired of stress and fatigue), "Male tone" (no comments need), "Light legs" (For those who continue to believe that the healthier is all – moving through your own limbs), "New breath" (useful for avid smokers, especially for those who hopelessly dreams the next morning to meet without a cigarette), "Form and golf" (a combination of various forms of therapy not only with marine baths, but also with golf. Very fashionable).

Special attention deserves offered by the center "For future moms". It is designed for women between the fourth and seventh months of pregnancy. They are offered hydrotherapy, massage, relaxation in the pool and preparation for painless childbirth (both in conventional and water).

All courses are calculated at least six days and include five daily procedures. And what!

Toning massage in the pool with sea water. Provides relaxation, stimulates blood circulation and gives mobility to joints.

Underwater massage carried out using a water jet aimed at a certain place. Relaxes, improves blood circulation, soothes pain.

Hydromassage in heated sea water enriched with seaweed, with light pressure of air bubbles. Enriches body tissue oxygen, promotes general relaxation.

Deep massage of water jet. Depending on the technique used, it has a firming and stimulating effect.

Painting and relaxing massage with rain of sea water distributed through installation with thread-shaped jets.

Outing to the body of hot sea algae (wrapping). Algae possess a moisturizing effect, conducive to sweating and penetration into the body of vitamins.

The combination of waters and oils with negative ionization stimulates the functions of the respiratory tract, and also cleans the nose mucous membrane.

Bath for walking against current

Contributes to the removal of toxins and stimulates blood circulation.

Recreation. Cosmetology

A variety of special massage activating the function of the lymphatic system and stimulating the process of removal from the body of harmful substances.

The effect of increasing pressure created by the pneumatic installation suspends the process of venous aging.

For those who want to supplement the efforts of doctors with individual classes, in the center of the mass of conditions. There is a gym, covered pools with heated sea water, Turkish baths, cosmetic office. Those who wish will always come out with her herbs, and seeking to lose weight will feed exclusively low-calorie dishes.

Other, located next to the center "IMAR & VIP" Offers special cosmetics courses: "Plus face", "Face and bust", "Body care", "How to become beautiful" and a new seven-day course with spectacular name "Flight for beauty". In the center there is a beauty salon conducting cosmetic and strengthening facial procedures, eyes, bust, hips.

Centers live customers in the best four and five-star Susa hotels located near the sea.

In both centers, everyone who believes that there is no limit perfection and do not want to stop halfway to achieve the goal, can buy seeding creams from seaweed. To take the next visit to Tunis to the next visit to Tunisia, respectively.

And Tunisian firm will help you use the services of the centers "Oasis Tours".

Recreation. Cosmetology

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