Recreation of the driver and passengers in the automotive journey

In order for the journey to remember as an exciting adventure, it is worth abandoning completely or partly from the night in hotels. Better better note For temporary housing, specially intended for bedtime groups of hiking and cyclists – huts and shelters (shelters). But the most interesting is waiting for travelers who won the river bank for overnight, the forest edge – of course, where it is not forbidden by local authorities or the reserve administration.

There are enough exotic ways to use a car for overnight stay, for example, special tents whose flooring Installed on the roof of the machine, where the beds are organized. True, the roof is often engaged in luggage boxing.

Cars with body type "Ven" and "Minivan" can be equipped for overnight fairly easy, Therefore, the article discusses the options for the placement of the driver and passengers in machines with the bodies of the "Universal" and "Hatchback" type, which today very popular.

Using the design of the seat and inflatable car mattress: the location of the sleeping across the body.

Car mattress or truck is inflatable mattress Sizes about 140×90 cm with additional inflatable compartments that fill the space between the front and rear seats. This product is equipped with inflatable pillows and side pad To fill the gap between two front seats, a compressor with a 12V power supply, bag and repair kit.

Front seating Maximum shift forward, their backs lean forward.

On the surface of the mattress, 2 children are easily located, or an adult man, slightly pursing his feet. You can enable fantasy and supplement the picture. The disadvantage is obvious: The length of the sleeping place does not allow stretching to the whole growth.

Using the design of seats, self-made plywood shield and a 2-bedroom mattress: the location of sleeping along the body.

For the second option, a homemade plywood shield, collected on the site of the night of 2-4 bands 8-10 mm plywood, overlapping the body area from the edge of the trunk to the back shifted as much as possible front seats. The shield is stacked foam or, better, inflatable mattress, sheets, pillows, and t.D. At the same time the backs of the rear seats Fold forward, The space between the rear and front seats is filled with luggage. You can accommodate along the car body three: 2 adults and 1 child. Available Different options for such a design.

Removing the sofa of the rear seat and the use of a self-made plywood headboard: the location of sleeping along the body.

Recreation of the driver and passengers in the automotive journey

3 option is used when the driver knows, How the rear seat cushion is removed. In this case, a headboard made from plywood from 4 mm and thicker, about 120×60 cm in size. To the headboard are attached 2 luggage straps And it, relying in one edge on the folded backs of the rear seat, together with these backs and the floor of the trunk is a surface where the mattress, sheets and all that. In principle, it is not necessary, but in some bodies structures still it is necessary to eliminate the bodies of the body. Posted by three too. Advantage over the second way – fewer homemade.

In some designs of the rear seats, even with a pillow Could not achieve completely flat surface for sleep. Then the surface is aligned with the mattress.

A good addition to accommodation for the night in the car will be Mesh-towards: They put on the side windows, ajar diagonally, as well as a tent stretched in front of the trunk and allowing you to make a bivak comfortable.

Experienced autotourists We advise not neglected Day holiday. The route during the preparation for the trip is divided into sections, approximately 200 km (it depends on the road conditions) and short 20-minute privals are planned. During these privals Need to settle, Make a few exercise. This is especially true for older drivers and passengers.

Lunch break for 1 hour is done During one of these parking lots. Day "distillation", especially in the absence of the 2nd driver, should not exceed 1000 km.

Recreation of the driver and passengers in the automotive journey

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