Red-blue be better than just blue

What can be found in letters to parents from the Son-Student who is studying at the university in another city? Most often – requests to send money. But if this other city is in America, and even parents constantly stick to questions as there and that. In general, Moskvich’s letters Andrei Korshunova (the name and surname at his request were changed), who brought his parents to the editor, seemed interesting to us. And they bring them fragments to you.

. I answer dad questions. I am doing both a barbell and simulators. We have simulators and, oddly enough, they are better than those to which I used to "Rasha", But it’s worse than in the club, where my friend Dannis goes to Kansas-City. The public in GYM (gym) walks two types:

1. Life-lowered people who, lying on the sofa, decide one day: I would need to work out. They put on the weekend outfits and go to GYM. These, as a rule, grabs 2-3 times.

2. FRATERNITY BROTHERS AND SORORITY SISTSERS. It is very difficult to explain the category. I myself understood them almost in a year. Fraternities and Sororities – they have such organizations here, Fraternities – for men, Sororities – for women. As a rule, the organization rents a house (or owns them), where all members of it live. Here they have such a concept – Brotherhood and Sisterhood. In short, when people go to the university, they come off from home, school friends and t. D. And it seems to have no one. And boring them, poor and scary. But the sun goes back to the image of Fraternity or Sorority, where all – Brothers (Brother) or sisters (sisters), and reigns there such a warm atmosphere, and everyone is broken, and t. D., and T. NS.

Of course, all this is complete nonsense. Brothers (as, however, and sisters) are divided into two types: sadists and masochists who dream of becoming sadists. The first go to Fracnities, because they are not bread with bread, but give someone to make a lot like fun. The second are because they cannot survive themselves, they need someone all the time told what to do. In short, in these Fraternities reigns a kind atmosphere of Soviet prison (or army) – of course, with amendment for American reality. They have here "Accept" In Fracnity (just like in our prison checks for newcomers): Make all sorts of sorts, and then just beat (last year the dude leg broke. ). In general, they have little problems, so they themselves arrange them themselves. But people who have passed inspection feel real heroes. Full debabism.

So, typical Fraternity Brother represents something like a thought. Main interests – How can you drink as much as possible, fuck the female (for this, special parties-Party are arranged, called After Hours, where Fraternity is purchased by the sea, the ocean beer, and women go there for free. Of course, there are a certain type of woman go there, but FraterNity-brother, what’s the difference? In short, on Weekend, there is a complete mouth, debauchery and t. D.). They also have to learn as little and study in every way to despise. For example, in the company to say: "I have an exam tomorrow, but today I need to be at a meeting of my Fraternity members. So I probably spit on this exam". Although there are some Fraternity, uniting people who want to learn, but these Fracnity are not at all "cool".

Well, the latter, but very important goal – to defeat other franthernities in a variety of competitions. That’s why they dnote and spend the night in the gym. Moreover, cool (for them) – to say: "Yesterday I got drunk like a pig, myself did not remember, but the competition for. (Fold himself) approach and need to swing".

In Sororities, about the same situation, and they are united, as a rule, girls whom Mom loves to reward a good ring word "a prostitute". They are.

And in the hall I go with a friend, talking to him and talk. Fraternity Brothers, firstly, do not know how to talk, and secondly, foreigners despise / hate. So you will not talk to them. Cards for "Rocking" no – we pay Student Fees, and the entrance (for students) is free.

Good lunch in a Chinese restaurant – $ 10 per person. Dinner – $ 20. The closer to Chicago, the more expensive. Good dinner in the Italian restaurant in the suburbs of Chicago – $$ 30-40 per person. Well, and the Russian restaurant in Chicago: Salad – $$ 15-20. I did not eat there, it was my people told me.

Last night I went to visit one familiar girl from Taiwan. Of course, the main goal of my visit was dinner. She tried her very much, prepared a lot. It was tasty, however, should notice that the restaurant is tastier. Well, nothing, ate before the dump. Then the movies watched HBO. Home Box Office is a paid channel where films are shown, not cropped (on American TV it is impossible to say shit or fuck, etc., Also can not be shown nude bodies, even semi-naked) and without promotional inserts. And advertising, even though she is here and beautiful, I just finished. The film was completely stupid, but ridiculous – we laughed from the soul. So yesterday evening was good.

I continue to answer dad questions. So – cars.

Universities are different. Our University of Comites – Students who do not live constantly in the university town, and come only to learn and go home on weekends. University even however for force people to leave home for the weekend. On the campus there is nothing to do nor you a good movie, nothing. Food in hostels noticeably monotonous on weekends, even there is no hot breakfast.

In other universities, which are far from large cities, try to diversify student life at the weekend. And about our even in the booklet it is written that it is very conveniently located – just an hour drive away from many suburbs, so that they say, your children can often visit you (parents). And many students constantly go home. Therefore, parents buy / give children cars. I would say that a normal, ordinary student is the one who has a car.

Learn 25 here.000 students so cars full. Plus 8.000 – teaching staff, and each of them has a car. Yes, all sorts of serving people. Each of them, of course, also comes to work by car. Which leads us to the parking problem.

Parking here really problem. Everywhere. Is always. It’s good that I do not live in the city where you can go crazy at all, trying to parse the car.

Parking problem try to solve two methods. First, we developed a pass system – Parking Permits. They exist different types and allow you to park in different places. Secondly, buses walk, which should (as always – in theory) bring students to do not use their cars.

So Parking Permits. To park the car on the university owned by the University, you have to pay. If you are visitor, then there are special parking for such such, where $ 4 for entry. If you have left and want to come back (on the same day), pay $ 4 again. This parking is open from 7 am to 7 pm. If at 7 in the morning (before opening) there is any car on it, then it will be taken to a special parking lot outside the city, and to bring it from there, it will be necessary to pay huge money.

If you are a student, or professor, or service, then you need to buy Parking Permit. They are different: red-blue – you can park everywhere (but, of course, only in Designated Parking Areas – places marked by parking), at any time. Costs about $ 200 per year. Remies only drivers of service machines – Service Cars and "Persons close to the emperor". Well, of course, such permits have the most unloved people in campus – Parking Services People – those who, circling parking, discharges fines for the wrong parking.

Next – Blue / Blue Permit. It is issued, or rather – for sale ($ 50) professors, instructors and service. Allows you to park in special places, which are usually closest to buildings and most convenient.

Then goes yellow permit – the most privileged of affordable students. Of course, your son put every effort to get Yellow Permit, and succeeded in this. Since everyone wants yellow, then the rules for its preparation are quite complex.

Yellow selling Teaching Assistants (something like laboratory technicians or lecturers), comuses, as well as students who live in remote areas of the city, where the bus does not go. However (and it really applies to me) if Teaching Assistant lives in a hostel (t. E. on campus), he is not laid yellow. "Yellow" You can park in places worse than "blue", or in "blue" places after 7 pm.

Then go brown permits. These are issued to comuses that live within the city, but where buses do not go. "Brown" Park worse "Yellow", "blue" and "Red-blue".

And at the end of this long string go orange permits. They are sold ($ 50) to all students. The fastest permit. Parking it is necessary to hell know where, in the tram sumps, in general – horror.

These were Permits to the University’s territory. It’s about 15 parking. Those of them who are in the center of the campus and close to buildings, – "blue". Those who are away, – "Yellow". There are several big "Brown". These aside from the campus, and to get from there, you need to go by bus or go about 10 minutes. Well, there are still gravel parking for the most distant hostels. There most often the car is robbed, glass beat and t. D. After all, there cars stand all night (and "Brown", "Yellow" and "blue" leaving).

Our university has local achievement – Parking Garage. This is a five-level unheated garage. It was built about five years ago. On the lower three levels parked "blue", and on two top – "Yellow". This garage is right in the center of campus. (In principle, because of him, I took myself Yellow Permit. After all, if the car stands on a regular parking, then after a while she is all dirty from dust. Plus in winter – snow. Need to clean the car all the time. And then the sun pays out, the snow will melt, and at night it will freeze, and you have a freezer. And in the spring, summer and autumn – the sun shines. Here it will be high-free on the dashboard of plastic, and plastic this crane. And under the roof, nothing is scary. There Pour your cars such clever people like your son.)

If you rent an apartment, then for a fee you can buy and Parking Permit to put the car at the house. Such faders are worked only at our university (since there are a lot of cars and little parking lots). In other suburbs you remove the apartment and just park the car under the windows.

For all parkings regularly ride machine-evacuators. These, like vultures, watch out the machines without Permit in order to take them to the specialist, where one day parking – $ 10. Yes, for the carriage of the payment ($ 50), and even a fine. It turns out decent. Of course, drivers of these cars – people are very unloved. (But I am sure that, hiding to work, they know about it). Therefore, in almost every chronicle of criminal incidents, you can see: "Fight with a tow truck". That seems to be all about parking. Although no, some wonderful details I forgot to include in my description.

If you know your place, you park there regularly and have permit, then you can – for extra money (for $ 200 per year) – this place to buy out, and there no one, besides you, can park. Dumb Amers certainly want to buy themselves closer to the exit in Parking Garage. Better right next to the goal. But after all, the furthest place – a maximum of walking from them! No, they need – on the first floor, near the exit.

Another extreme: I know the teacher, which of the principle did not bought Blue Permit (only $ 50 per year. – With his salary at least $ 60,000). So he comes to 7 every morning.30 to take a place on the street. Yes, on the streets there is a very limited number of places where you can park free from 7 am to 7 pm.

Knew another student who did not buy Orange Permit ($ 50 per year! And in the bar to go once – at least $ 10). But Parking the car on the street, then after 7 pm distilled her to parking for visitors (she after 7 pm is free), and then from her – at 7 am – again on the street. And she was to endure such a hunt – for $ 50, a whole year?! Mind is incomprehensible.

Yes, parking turns ordinary cases in adventure. For example, you go (or rather, you go to visit. Question – where to park the car? Special Night / Guest Parking on the streets (from 7 pm to 2 nights), as a rule, are already busy. You also have to either call you, ask you and bring you, either to park with the risk of the evacuation. My last trip to the grocery store ended Fiasko – I could not find a free space. Entering, concerned and decided: "I will come later!" I’m not talking about all sorts of events, somehow: weddings, concerts, sporting events. After all, almost everyone comes by car. And then it begins to murder. I remember, in the past Christmas we went to church (me, Dennis and Maria). It was impossible to get out from there after the service – the car is on the car!

Well, the last detail. I work in Shaumburg, it is a rich suburb. He is also famous for the fact that in it is Woodfield Mall, the largest shopping center in the world! And Christmas comes. And Christmas for amers – it is time for shopping. And they all rushed for them to shops. Well, and some of course went to Woodfield Mall. And I work directly opposite him. Woodfield Mall Parking – just incredible sizes. But before Merry Christmas, they all turned out to be filled. (So ​​many amers buy Christmas gifts back in September to avoid crowds).

People sat in cars in the aisles between the parked machines and waited for someone to leave – I looked from the window and fun. What happened inside – I do not know, did not even entered. But what are the traffic jams! I usually need 5 minutes to get to Highway. And because of all these people traveling to Mall and from Mall, I needed from 30 to 45 minutes from Christmas. Then I learned how to drive, like a chumaya (like a jerk), – fuzz people all the time to rebuild, trying to win time, do not miss anyone. They scream on me (in Moscow would probably killed a long time), but I am that? I wanted to spit on them.

Red-blue be better than just blue

At work to do absolutely nothing. That is, nothing to do. And as everyone knows, when there is nothing to do, people die from boredom and time flows so slowly that it seems that it does not flow at all, but it costs himself in one place. So, dad feat me on new creative efforts, and I will try to answer his questions in detail.

Smoking. To my regret, I don’t think I will be especially useful here. Also in "Rasha" I did not love smoking and smoking and tried to stay away from them. Well, and here God himself ordered. In America smoke, but – I would say – "Stalls" and those who can not or want to quit. For example, I have never at work (. ) I have not seen just cigarettes or tutu cigarettes. But I spent 4.5 months there! In the building, smoking is completely forbidden – there is not even a special smoking room.

University is, of course, another thing is. First, universities always stand a mansion from "Normal" Life. And secondly, every university is full of weirds, schisiks who spit on all the rules of normal life. So, at the university smoke. Smoke and students and teachers. Students who smoke, I would divide into three large groups: Alternatives, "old" Students I "cool".

Alternatives is a very separate story. Briefly – this is here such a type of postpunk style, called alternative. And people who listen to this music (which I, by the Word, I HAVE), live a special life. They have their own fashion – a torn clothing, chains, all possible parts of the body are cured rings, painted hair (green, red, orange), their own parties, their music, their own rules. They make the impression of dirty assholes (although they are quite a lot of truly smart guys among them). Almost the same impression they produce on "Normal Americans". Yes, these alternatives are mostly or rather, exclusively – from the suburbs, the victims of the metropolis.

And of course (since they are children of punk movement), they reject all laws of society. For example, if these alternatives go in the crowd of people on the street and want to sit down, something to discuss, so they are right there, on the street, and sit down, and do not care about other people. For the same reason, they do not follow the fashion, wear old things, worn earrings in all places of body and t. D. Therefore, they smoke, as if in the peak of society.

However, it should notice that, as it always happens with all the bright and clean ideas, the idea of ​​confrontation with the Company has long been in the states and does not reflect initial designs. Initially, the task was – differ from "Majorov", Children of wealthy parents. Then their fashion and at the same time all "rich" Tips were rejected. And as a result, there is a whole industry for exercising, dressing and envelope Alternatives. And now be alternative – expensive pleasure. I would say it is not less, but even more than being a normal person. But back to smoking.

The motto of Alternatives: The More Weird – The Better (the more unusual – the better). Therefore, they smoke the real alternatives all rubbish. For example, they buy tobacco and pinch cigarettes themselves. Well, and epigions smoke Marlboro.

"Old" Students are a completely different story. These are people who have left after school "in life" (in Hippari or Punk), worked on low-paid work, lived in trailer trailers and generally enjoyed life. Having considered five to ten years, they eventually realized that they needed education to start living in a normal life. Well, and since in that life, from which they came, smoke (or smoked) almost all, then they, of course, smoke. They are already under thirty and throw either inadlore, or reluctance. So smoke.

"Cool" – This, as a rule, children of secured parents, whom Mom and Dad were forced to go to College, pay for them and t. D. These people do not see the goals of life and spend almost all their time, having fun (good, the parents have money). Well, since they are "cool", then why not smoke, because it will distinguish them from the rest of the gray mass.

These people have brains, as a rule, no. And most of them – Fraternities Brothers and Sororities Sisters.

Yes – I "old", and "cool" smoke, as a rule, Marlboro. Exception are girls (sometimes) who smoke ladies cigarettes and super-"cool", which can not smoke ordinary marlboro like everyone else should smoke something unusual.

Among the teachers smoke, mostly old men (50-60 years), who throw just in. But these are very few (about 5% of teachers).

Since our university is state, he must follow the rules adopted for all state institutions. Many buildings at University – Smoke-Free, that is, it is impossible to smoke in them. Yes, funny fact: DR. Angotti, heading the faculty of computer sciences, was forced to sign an order of non-corrosion in the building, although himself – an avid smoking. In the dining room, it is impossible to smoke, while food is preparing, then you can. And therefore dishwashers are going to the corner – and smoke. In general, living in a normal life, it is very difficult to see anyone smoke or shuffle tobacco smoke.

But: there is a lifespan where everything is smoking as if everything, and you have to touch on the street – breathe fresh air. These are local bars. Just awful. Although, of course, I did not go to the bars in Moscow and, maybe, the fact that for me is horror, for a normal Muscovite – nothing.

Bars are divided by "Local" (Local) and Student (Student). Local bars are going to Local Bars (Low-Class), which smoke like steam locomotives. Yes, they are still joined "old" Students and smoke stands for a rocker. When I go there, I have tears from the eye from smoke, so I go there very rarely.

Bars for students, in turn, are coming for just Bars, Aternative Bars and Dance Bars. As it, apparently, clear from the names, alternatives are going to Alternative Bars, which are there and smoke. I ALTERNATIVES I do not like and do not go to their bars. Just the bars visit normal people and sometimes – Alternatives and "cool". So in these bars, though smoked, but you can live. Best in Dance Bars. They smoke only there "cool", But since there are people dancing, then in these bars good ventilation, which allows you to get rid of smoke.

Advertising cigarettes on campus no. Maybe prohibited by law i don’t know. Yes, here the last squeak – smoking cigars. It is considered cool. But smoke from them completely kills me. I hope that this squeak will not turn into a mustache. Yes, it is still talking about smoking. Relatively many people smoke marijuana (of course not in bars). It’s too cool here.

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