Reform of the tourist industry

The editorial office of our tourist portal received the following article, asking for publication on our tourist portal. We hope that Russian tourists and simply ordinary people will be interested in familiar with the opinion of the usual Russian citizen.

Even the pupil of a kindergarten understands that in the country you need to increase inbound tourism. But how to do that? To attract tourists to Russia, you need to surprise them. You can surprise the new type of tourism or a new excursion object of the world-class.

Ancestors left us cultural heritage. And what we will leave after yourself the descendants, hut-reading? It is, the new world-class excursion objects we must leave descendants. One of the tasks solved by the Ministry of Economic Development, Rotaryurism is the creation of cultural values. Rosturism itself orders new cultural values, although, it should be recognized that this order is not realized.

Rosturism made a methodological error of managerial design. He replaced the problem. Instead of ordering of the inventive-level tour projectors, Rosturism put the problem of selection of tour projects on a competitive basis. The competitive approach is the apparent right. In fact, it does not correspond to the declared goal – an increase in the entrance tourism. Investigation projects are involved in the competition. A competitive approach does not solve the task of tourist progress, he solves the task of mastering budget money.

Cases occurred with growth, he made another methodological error – incorrectly chose the recipient for his order, confused consumers with contractors. Rosturism acts as customers of innovative tour projects. Contractors are inventors. Instead of acting in front of students, engineers, researchers, Rotturism spoke to representatives of travel agencies, before the authorities of the regions and set the task of creating new excursion objects of the world-class. In a competitive approach, the main thing is to hinder, create a company and apply for a contest in time. Two contest conditions:

– Participant can only be a legal entity

– Competition is held in a strictly established time frame, close the way to tourism progress. Since the inventors are not allowed to the competition soon, the level of innovative projects does not reach the inventive and remains on the laboratory. Kohl soon strangers do not allow the competition, then the temptation appears to launch a corruption mechanism.

Success will come when growth will begin to promote the invention of new types of tourism and the creation of new world-class excursion facilities. Success will come when growth will change its audience, will begin to address his order to inventors when he starts to speak to students, engineers, researchers. The fundamental idea comes to one person, but not a group of people engaged in the organization of excursion and tourist trips. Mikhail Lomonosov was a traveler and left us the covenant: "Dare now weathered. What can own platonists and fast intelligence of non-rods for growth will begin to give birth to Russian land ". The effectiveness of rats services and inventions has long been proven in technique. Similarly, rationalizers and inventors, having put forward breakthrough ideas, will lead a tour of the progress. At the same time disappears the need for a competition. Inventors and rationalizers should be able to submit their applications to Rosturism all year round. Creation of the cultural value of a world-class concerned personally as the head of Rotturism and the Minister of Economic Development. The problem of building a world-class excursion facility is a problem and inventor, and rotaryism, and the Ministry of Economic Development. Thus, there should be not just advisory support for the inventor, but a joint work on the implementation of an innovative project. Such a project becomes a national project and is stately significant.

Life does not stand still, it changes and becomes more complicated. Society periodically needs reforms. It understood the State Duma well and in 2015. adopted a law on reform of tourature. Parliamentarians went on easy path. They used an organizational approach and adopted a document regulating tour operators. Language does not turn to call this innovation reform. Reform of Russia’s tourature. Need a reform of tourature, which would be characterized by a cardinal character. Whether its Roshurism specialists will take? Henry Ford also said: "The specialists are so smart and experienced that they know exactly why it is impossible to do something and then, they see the limits and obstacles everywhere. If I wanted to destroy competitors, I would give them the hordes of specialists ". To create a tourism reform project, you need to attach huge intellectual efforts.

Objectives of the proposed reform of the tourist industry

– Improve the structure of rosturism

– Create a bank of tourist rackets, inventions, know how (novelty of a technical solution, the scale of its use)

– Create new types of tourism

– create new world-class excursion objects.

Let’s comprehend and rethink by the family-species classification of tourism. The following types of tourism are known: cultural and informative, adventure, beach, mountain, water, auto, pilgrimage, astronomical, etc. There is a need for the invention of new types of tourism.

Improving the structure of Rosturism

Reform of the tourist industry

1. Rosturism in its structure introduces the department of innovation and invention.

2. Rosturism registers (excluding expertise) Tourist race and know how to Hau, and issues copyright certificates.

3. Rosturism registers tourist inventions as at the application stage in the patent office and after receiving a patent.

4. Rotturism registers new types of tourism and issues copyright certificates

5. Rosturism creates a bank of tourist races, know how and inventions and introduces society.

6. Most significant tourist inventions and knowing Rotturism introduces together with the author.

The country has revalued the role of experts and undervalued the role of ideas generators. The expert on an expert sits and the expert will chase. Idea generators are a society decoration.

Arrow of Time

Let’s look at the time boom. The generation of great travelers has completed the mission of the discovers. The following generations of people have completed the mission of the creators of world-class cultural values. The following generations of people fulfilled the mission of creators of tourism species: cultural and educational, adventure, beach, mountain, water, auto, pilgrim, astronomical, etc. Russian inventors will become pioneers in world tourism, make a new turn in history, create new types of tourism: Heavenly, Romantic, Neanderthal, Square-nest. Russian inventors will create new world-class excursion facilities. The world is flashing and calling their risen traveling miracle. Social progress will occur in Russia. The proposed idea of ​​innovation and invention is a revolutionary change. It is characterized by large scale and radical. The introduction of tourist rats services, know how and inventions will mean a deep reform of the tour. The idea of ​​innovation and invention comes far beyond the tourature. It will lead to a new paradigm for the development of the state. According to the example of ROSTURISM ROSMOLOGY, ROSDRUD, ROSSOTODERCHES, FATN, MINKULT RF, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and other state structures will abolish contests and move to the system of innovation and invention. The consequence of which will be a breakthrough in these areas. Today, growth will change its function, tomorrow tourist inventions will change the world. The introduction of technical inventions led to unheard of technical progress, whose witnesses we are. The incarnation of the proposed reform of the tourture industry will lead to unprecedented tourist progress. And after the Pushkin, we exclaim with you: "And I will long be the people who I am kind, that the reform of tourism helped".

Reform of the tourist industry

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