Refueling in Mexican, or drink you no one forces

How much I work in Mexico, so much I do not cease to be surprised by car habits and automotive addictions of Mexicans. It seems that the cars are the same as in other countries, and gasoline is the same. But everything seems to be not as abroad of this beautiful country.

– And we do not serve small children, not responding for their actions. And then, Senor, why did you decide that, having bought a bottle of alcohol, our client will immediately decide to so much?

Jorge, Seller of the shopping store "La Divine", clearly can not be in a sense than I am so concerned. Yes, really, the store sells exclusively with alcoholic beverages – one tequila on the showcase more than a dozen varieties. Yes, just here "Liqueur-vodka" Institution in the area of ​​petrol stations offering its services on the road from Mexico City, on the road leading to the area "Contadero", known as the country village of the wealthy public.

– so what? We do not offer you a drink, we offer you to buy at a fair price of drinking good quality. And who needs it, he will find without us, where "Leave". On the contrary, everything is convenient, everyone is satisfied: on Friday or Saturday, going to rest, people will fill gasoline tank and for themselves "Fuel" bought. And what, you have rest in Russia without alcohol?

I confess, I have nothing to cover. It remains deeply thinking about the differences in the Mexican and Russian approaches to how tight you need to follow an adult capable person.

Mexicans in this regard are generally large, let’s say the originals. For example, in Mexico City officially announced that December 31 on the streets of the city will not test drivers for alcoholic "exhaust". No, of course, if anyone stop "in a state of nonstay", The law will apply across the rigor. But to most find fault. Trust. Yes, as! Long author of these lines, brought up on the Soviet "scatter", I could not digest information that two thirds of Mexican drivers were not trained in driving schools, and none of them, I repeat, no one has never passed the exam by the rules of the road. And after all, they drive, do not fight at the first intersection. At least Mexican accident statistics are no worse than our Russian. There is something to think about the topic whether the authorities are worth trusting people.

So from the Mexican point of view, a store selling alcohol right at the gas station – the thing is quite normal. By the way, you can buy alcohol on many petrol stations. Usually, they are accompanied by small shops selling all sorts of. At large gas stations located on major highways, as a rule, you can have a snack in a cafe. And there, where long-distance buses stop, at your service a complete set of everything that the roadside service can be offered.

But regardless of the size and equipment of the refueling station you will always find a toilet here. Somehow not accepted in Mexico to slow down halfway and diverge on the team: "Ladies to the right – gentlemen left". Toilets most often free and usually clean. It is very easy to achieve this – you need to enter the clause of the mandatory public toilet. Want to earn, selling gasoline to the population, – be kind, secure customers and such a service. Mandatory. And that the content of this object is checked with supervisory instances as preponderant as fireproof equipment.

By the way, the Mexicans are traveling quite often. On the one hand, it is explained by the fact that most of the country is located on the Municipality, where gasoline consumption is increased, and the engine loses power almost a third. On the other hand, it is possible that that is why ordinary Mexican loves the cars not just big, but very big. And the engine so that six cylinders, and the volume is preferably more than three liters. Of course, many still have to put up with small-caps – they are more affordable and in price, and in the content. But still, at the first opportunity, the Mexican Caballero will restart on "Real car" – To be the size if not with a cruiser, then with the canoner.

At refueling here it is not necessary to leave the car. Worker will do everything himself, specifying the pre-grade of gasoline, which you want to pour into the tank. He will make calculation. If you ask, then you will check the tire pressure for free, the glass is wrapped, we will add water to the glass washer tank. Adorable workers of Mexican gas stations to add butter into the engine. But here it is necessary to keep the Ear Egor, as the qualification of the tanker as a mechanic-motorist, as a rule, leaves much to be desired. In other words, he is not interested in that you have been flooded in Carter before – synthetics, semi-synthetic or "Mineralwood". They are usually poured on gas stations and highly generously, so the oil surplus is then part of the exhaust pipe, and the part remains in a row in the engine of your car.

Refueling in Mexican, or drink you no one forces

Mexico in the world "Oil table of ranks" ranked fifth. Moreover, according to the Constitution of the country, the oil industry is the case of the state and is concentrated in the hands of the state company "PEMEX". It is under the green flag "PEMEX" There are practically all refills in Mexico. They work on the principle of franchising, like "Burger King" or "McDonalds". That is, the refueling has its own private owner who receives from "Pemex" license and must comply with the requirements set "parent company".

At the expense of the oil industry is filled with more than a third of the budgets of all levels in Mexico. In other words, "Oilman" – Main Deutile Cow State. So gasoline prices in the oil-producing country are not cheap. Liter of gasoline "Premium" (A-95) who sweep the high-robous motors of expensive and modern models, stands in terms of dollars about 70 cents. Petrol "Magna" (A-93) who poured the tanks most of the motorists, costs 60 cents per liter.

More than half of the gasoline price make up taxes. Larger taxable carries except Mexican tequila, which, with good quality, does not cost less fifteen dollars per bottle. But if the tequila consumption is reduced due to the high cost in Mexico (the people more and more prefers more cheap rum and beer on holidays), then you want gasoline taxes – you don’t want to pay all. After all, more than 90 percent of passengers and goods are transported by road transport in the country.

Separate conversation about the quality of Mexican gasoline. Weak, as they say, a person with all the resulting, more precisely, subject to your tank consequences. In a word, refueling better at proven points, and on long journeys to choose the refueling filling and more. Modern technologies and equipment narrow the field of activity "Chemists" In terms of dilution and notice.

In the province, especially in the outback, you can often see plastic canisters on the side. It is traded by stolen "Pemex" Gasoline. Steal – alas – and during transportation, from tank truck, and directly from pipelines. The purchase of such a fuel is almost certainly turns around to a solid account of the auto repair shop for replacing most parts of the power system of your car. Unless, of course, you have not seen a truck produced in the USA thirty-back years ago, which digests any gasoline regardless of the octane number and the presence of impurities.

In general, refueling in Mexico – one pleasure. Everywhere at refueling the client is happy. We just need not to forget to give tea to the employee serving you two or three pesos (twenty – thirty cents). Such a custom here, which is followed by everything regardless of the thickness of the wallet and personal generosity.

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