Regions of France: Rona – Alps

More green and picturesque, but importantly – and much less crowded tourists, the mountains of the Upper Savoy steps rise from the shore of the Geneva Lake. Shablais Region (Chablais) is widely known for its mountain resorts of Morzin and the Le, in winter providing excellent conditions for recreation skiers, and in the summer – cyclists. The southerners begin the slopes of the region of Fosigna (Faucigny) with the pretty mountain towns of Samoens (Samoens), Sixt (SIXT) and specially built in the 1960s Ski Center Flan.

Slightly east of Arabis, separated from Shabl and Fosignan Deep Valley, created during the last ice age. South starts the numerous slopes of the Mountain Resort of Megeve – one of the most beautiful and fashionable French ski centers. And over all this wall, a huge Mont Blanc array (4807 m) is towers, the highest peak of Western Europe, visible almost from any point of the upper Savoy. At his southern foot, another popular ski resort – Chamonix, or Chamonix-Mont Blanc (CHAMONIX-MONT Blanc), with its alpine museum, famous funicular to the tops of Plan-du Midi (3842 m) and Egyui Rouge (2526 m), as well as tens of kilometers of first-class slopes.

60 km south of the Lake Geneva, at an altitude of 445 meters above sea level, lies one of the most beautiful lakes of France – Turquoise Annecy (Lac d’Annecy). On his shore lies the picturesque town of Annecy. From it you can go on the bootier (WWW.Annecy-Croisieres.COM) on the lake or pass by bike on a special route (40 km) around its shores. On the eastern shore of the lake, the castle of Chateau de Menton towers (XII-XIX centuries.) – the birthplace of St. Bernard, patron of climbers. And practically opposite it, but on the West Bank of the Lake, around the village of Duen (Duingt), there is an area in which almost two thousand are concentrated (!) Summer villas and castles of different eras, some of which lies in the ruins, and the other carefully restored. From the lake of Lake, a hundred kilometers of pedestrian trail and trekking trails are missing.

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Mountain Array of Vanoise (Vanoise) lying between Chambery and Italian Border, is one of the best places in France for outdoor activities. Medieval (up to 3500 m) Mountains of the region serve as the beginning of almost semi-pussy mountain rivers. And the south-eastern array sector covered with a glacier, widely known for its picturesque landscapes and beautiful nature, was included in the Vanuaz National Park offering unprecedented opportunities for experienced travelers. But the main decoration of the region is a whole set of first-class ski centers focused around Grenoble.

South Industrial City Mouture (Moutiers) Begins the world-famous ski area Troy Valle – one of the largest ski areas in the world. Within three valleys there are several independent resorts – fashionable Courchevel and Meribel, family-oriented menu, Democratic Val Transo. Work the latest zones of Catania paradist and Saint Fua de Taranthez (Sainte-Foy-de-Tartaise), cozy Lez-Ark and Pester Vallandarry, Traditional La Plan and clearly-oriented British tourists Val-d’izer. If you add a large Olympic rink and more than 499 km of well-kept mountain bursts and more than 499 km of well-kept mountain bursts, numerous ski shops and rental offices (and you can rent here not only ski or snowboard, but also mountain bikes or kayaks), as well as many restaurants, bars, hotels, boarding houses and individual chalets, it becomes clear why almost the same tourists come here every year as on the azure shore of France. The most close attention and almost 500 km of first-class pedestrian and cycling routes are deserved on site Vanoaz National Park (www.Vanoise.COM), the picturesque Valley of the Arc with its amazing glacier landscapes and "squat" Stone villages and numerous old churches of the Valley of Izers.

Regions of France Rona - Alps

The capital of the Winter Olympics of 1968 – the city of Grenoble Nowadays, is a major center of the chemical industry, electronics and nuclear research, which, however, does not bother him to remain one of the cleanest cities in France. City wears honorary title "Capital Alps" And none of the tourists heading in these edges.

South and north of Grenoble begins the slopes of low mountain arrays Verse (Vercors) and Chartres (Chartreuse) – a beautiful natural oasis, replete with almost untouched wildlife, deep gorges, as well as numerous old monasteries. Among which, by the way, the Grand Charttresis is especially allocated (founded in XI in.) – One of the nineteen Cartesian monasteries that are still functioning on the planet, and also also considered the birthplace of the same name, now you can visit an excellent museum (WWW.Musee-Grande-Chartreuse.FR). And the industrial production of the charterca can be observed in the nearby city of Wuaron, in which the largest wine basements of the planet are located and where there are still a few species of this drink.

Also deserve attention to the Romanes Valley with its ski resort Le de-Dez-Alps and Peak Blanc (3330 m), black shale walls of L’Referne Valley (L’Infernet), True Mecca Mountaineers and Extreme Skiers – La Grav Ski Center, Beautiful Alpine Alpine Luga Sadlovina Kohl-du-Lotar with nearby Alpine Botanical Garden (founded in 1899.), National Parks Verkor, Vanuaz and Ecre, Monument to the founder of Tour de France Henri Degrange on one of the most picturesque Pok-du-Du-Halibier kilibes (it is here that one of the sections of this famous cycling), SERR-Chevalier ski region (general The name of the five traditional mountain villages, the old wooden chalets of which are now surrounded by small hotels and holiday homes), as well as a large ski resort Walloir (Valloire) whose church is considered one of the most beautiful in Savoy.

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