Regions of Greece: Chalkidiki

Halkidiki (Halkidhiki), lying to the East of Thessalonika, is one of the most popular resort and historical and religious regions of Greece. This extensive peninsula, in the purity of the Aegean Sea, three teeth of the Kasandra peninsula (Kassandhra), Sitonia (SITHONIA) and Iion Oros, or Athos (Athos) contains on its territory the largest seaside resorts of Greece. Moreover, the quality of shores here is also very high – from small "powders" Western shores to coarse sand in the east, they are all famous for cleanliness and length. Well, the Holy Athos of the Eastern Peninsula itself does not need an idea, although here you can find some good beach areas.

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Those who wish to take care of the most West Cassandra Peninsula with lively resort centers and round-the-clock entertainment. On eastern "tooth" Rest is the most calm and peaceful – this is the proximity of the Sacred Mount of Athos, who entered hundreds of Christian monasteries. On the middle peninsula, Sithonia is not so much entertainment, as in Cassandra, but picturesque bays and beautiful beaches make rest here as popular here.

Peninsula Casander

Reminded in the form of the shoe of the Casander Peninsula – the most closest to the to thessalonikov and the most developed resort of the region. There is no time covered with the forest and famous as the edge of fishermen and carpenters, by the end of the XIX century it almost impersoned, because during the war of independence of the country, many locals fled to other areas of Greece. But since 1923, the peninsula began to settle refugees from Asia Minor and quickly turned into one of the most colorful and prosperous districts of the country.

Start acquaintance with Casander is best with the town Na-Potidia (NEA Potidhea) lying in its very base, on the bank of the channel crossing the experienses in the narrowest place. From here you can drive to the resort village On Fock, Or Na-Fokea (Nea Fokaia, Nea Fokea), with its picturesque Byzantine tower on a grassy cape, a delightful small harbor and a good beach a little north, to a long time turned into a fashionable marina village Sled (SANI) on the West Bank. Sani is 7 kilometers of gentle white sand. The resort combines a few excellent beaches and a large marina for yachts. There are various hotels for every taste, many restaurants and shops. Sani beaches wide, descent to water is gentle and smooth, the water is transparent and warm – this is the perfect place to relax with children.

To running along the edge of the coastal cliff picturesque village Afitos (Athytos, Afytos, 5 km south of Na Fokei) with her beautiful church in the Latezantine style and cozy rocky beaches, to the quarters of the old village running to the sea Crypical (Kryopiyi) with multiple hotels surrounded by snow-white sandy beaches. It’s a quiet and peaceful place. Two Beach (Crupisi-2 and Crypical-4) are awarded "Blue flags". A few kilometers is another resort town – Kalitia (Kallithea) where you can go for more active and noisy entertainment.

Nearby is located "trio" Excellent seaside resorts Polychron (Polykhrono), Hanotis (Haniotis) and Pefkohor (PEFKOHORI) and go out to the scenic and deserted bay Chrusus (Canvice). From here you can also go or deserted "Sock" Cape Kabyurion (Canastravon), or to the West – to a pretty mountain town Kabyurion. There are no first-class hotels or especially good beaches, but these places can offer silence, sun and a great view of the expanses of the sea.

The South-West Coast Kasendra is essentially one big beach area, very popular with the Greeks themselves first of all as "Weekend resort". Approximately 6 km south-west of Kalayurion lies a delightful mountain village Ayia-Parashevy (Ayia Paraskevi), from the curly streets of which opens a picturesque panorama of the sea gifted and the southern slopes of the peninsula. From here you can easily drive to the popular Loutra Ayias Paraskevis resort with a modern SPA complex, clean beaches and first-class taverns Na-Skioni, To cozy harbor Mala Calivia (Mala Kalyvia), luxurious beach Eiopelientico (EyeopeLayitiko) or a pretty boring resort village Sikiri (Sikiri, Siviri). And along the entire route you can find a lot of beaches of all kinds, excellent taverns hiding under the arms of the forest of old chapels and other interesting places.

  • Clean beaches of Cassandra
  • Bay Sani
  • Umbrellas and sun beds – almost every beach
Regions of Greece Chalkidiki

Peninsula Situlya

Peninsula Situlya More Goriz, but also obviously more "Luckers", than Casander. Pine forests cover almost 85% of its territory, only in the south, olive groves are replaced, and low (up to 808 m) the central ridge and cozy shores form a picturesque landscape, so popular with the Greeks themselves and guests from abroad.

The visiting card of the peninsula is the ruins of the ancient city of Olis, or Olinphos, – one of the centers of the Ellinsky world and the large shopping city of antiquity.

The famous shores of Sytonia begin on the eastern shore of the peninsula – the picturesque resort Ormopes-Panayias with a tiny harbor, cozy beaches Bay Vourvouru 8 km south, stretching to the very Sarti (Sarti) excellent shores. Sarti – a very lively sandy beach of 1 km long, next to the town of the same name. Near the beach you can find the ruins of an ancient city destroyed in the XVI century. Beach surround olive groves and vineyards. In August, there is a traditional festival with dancing, theatrical ideas and holiday of national cuisine. For the state of water and the purity of the seabed, the members of the Greek "Voluntary club Daiverov". On Sykia Beach (Sykia), two impressive stone windmills of the XIX century remained.

  • Porto Paradiso Beach
  • Sitonian coast
  • Beach in Sikia

In the south of the tourist peninsula attract bays Kutlu-Musiu (Zogograph) and Kalamoni, Isolated bay Kouff (Porto Kufo), Long Crescent Sand Bay Toroni With wooded hills behind and the Byzantine fortress on the southern cape. On the territory of Toroni, parking on the beaches is prohibited. The municipality holds regular events on the territory of the beaches, the main of which is the celebration of Pentecost (the Descent of the Holy Spirit): during the week you can admire the costume processions, theatrical ideas, dancing and concerts.

Nearby are a two-kilometer beach Tristiika just north, as well as one of the largest marine resorts of mainland Greece – Porto Karas (PORTO CARRAS, WWW.PortoCarras.COM) Near the village of Neos-Marmaras. The famous summer resort of Porto Caras includes several beaches of owners "Blue Flag", Thalassotherapy and SPA Center, as well as a big yacht marina. The overall length of the coastline of the resort is 9 km. There are more than 25 cozy bays with beaches, some of which practically "wild", And others are located near luxury hotels and equipped with everything necessary. All beaches are very green: cypresses, palm trees, orange trees, shrubs and flowers grow everywhere.

Visit to traditional village Partyonas, Lying in the mountains north of neos-Marmaras, will give an idea about the history and customs of the region. Next to the resort village Neos-Marmaras (NEOS MARMARAS) There are wide and extended, as well as small and very clean white sand beaches. Pine groves, palm trees and eucalyptus grow around, and rocky cliffs are powdered pink bushes. On the beaches you can find umbrellas from the sun, lounge chairs and equipment rental points for water sports, excluding motor transport.

Especially north, already at the western part of the Cytonea is the old village, the old village is located Paralia Nikita, near which a new resort area of ​​Nikiti is rapidly developing.

In the very north of the peninsula on his West Bank not far from the town Ormilia (Ormilia) are two beautiful sandy beach Metamorphos (Metamorfosi) and Psakudia (PSAKOUDIA). At the coastal area of ​​local hotels, sun beds and umbrellas are installed, there are cafes, bars and small shops. There are opportunities for water sports, excluding motor transport. In the villages near the beaches you can rent apartments and visit discos. Next to the metamorphosis is equipped with camping.

Peninsula ATOS-Iion Oros

The autonomous monastic Republic of Athos, on the territory of which women and celebrating tourists are not allowed to. In 963, the first monastery was founded here, now there are 20 (including the Russian monastery of St. Panteleimon). Men in holy places allowed the entrance exclusively on special pass-visas. Most tourists manage to look at local monasteries only from the boat, not approaching the shore closer than 500 meters.

However B "Light" Press part of the peninsula quite a lot of excellent beaches and magnificent hotels. Here will like to lovers of a quiet and secluded rest.

  • Holy Mount Athos
  • Monasteries of Afona
  • Skit of Russian monks, Athos

Town Uranopolis (OranoPolis) – Resort Center, at the height of the season receiving thousands of tourists. This is the last settlement near Mount Athos, where you can still be tourists and a pilgrimage begins with a pier. Here are plenty of restaurants, bars and hotels, many of which have their own beaches. On municipal beaches, sun beds and umbrellas usually belong to taverns, near which they are exhibited.

Na-kind (Nea Rodha) – a wonderful sandy beach near the village of the same name, located in the narrow part of the peninsula. On the territory there is a large center for water sports. Here you can rent a boat, yacht, canoe, ride water skiing or water bikes, to play windsurfing with an experienced trainer. Near the beach Weather hotels, bars, clubs, taverns and shops.

Amoliani Island

Amoliani (Amoliani) – the only inhabitable island belonging to the Halkidiki Peninsula. It is located between Athos and Sithonia Peninsula. The cozy island covers are numerous beaches, for the most part sandy. Beaches near the towns – equipped, with sun beds, umbrellas and bars, but there are many "Wild" beaches where you can retire and relax among untouched nature. The most popular from Amoliani beaches: Aikias (ALIKES), Ayioc-Georgios (Agios Georgios), Karagation (Karagatsia), Nisakya (Nisakia), Megali-Amos Megali Ammos).

Regions of Greece Chalkidiki

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