Regions of Greece: Fessiona

The historic region of Fessiona lies the north of central Greece, between the mountains of Pind and the Aegean Coast.

These fertile lands irrigated by dozens of rivers running from the mountains, since ancient times were the northern outskirts of Greece, land of landpash and skillful riders. From the sea of ​​plains are separated by mountain massifs of Olympus, Osa and Magnicia, from the north and west, framed by the ridges of Pynd and Andihacia, from the south – the mountains of the Office, only the Bay of Phacitikos and several mountain gorges tied the Fessale with the rest of Greece. It is not surprising that this land of ancient times served as a place of numerous invasions and battles, therefore, from its sheedy legends, historical monuments survived much less traces than in the south. However, the same reasons contributed to the formation of a colorful and warlike fessali ethnos, leading their roots from Mirmidonyan Achille and Pelasgov – one of the most ancient peoples of the Balkans, related to Etruscs. And the Fessenians themselves considered their closest relatives of the Olympic gods – the Sacred Mountain lies on the northern border of this area.

Beaches of Fessenia

Hair Prefecture

Barba-Thomas (Barba Thomas) – City Stony Beach (city of Agria, 7 km from Volos) 200 and 15 meters wide. Lectures and environmental events are held on the territory, the International Forest Day is celebrated, the contests of poetry and departures are arranged. The beach is surrounded by palm trees, eucalyptus, close to olive, orange and lemon groves are located.

Abovos (Abovos) and Califeri (Kalifteri) – Two clean sandy beaches, owner "Blue Flag", Located near the village AFASSOS (Afissos), 27 km from the Volos, on the Bay Phaciticos Pagasitikos). The length of each beach is about 200 m, width – 30 m. Beaches are surrounded by olive groves, descending along the slopes of the pelion to the water itself. Ideal resorts for swimming, fishing, water sports. Nearby – Chic hotels, Hostels, Apartments, Car rental offices, Motorcycles and bicycles. On the beaches are held contests and exhibitions of drawing and photos. Summer beaches are equipped with sun beds and umbrellas. During the local holidays and holidays, many local residents are resting here. From a small port in Afissos, you can make a boat tour along Pelion or Meteor Monastery.

Ayos-Joanis Pelion (AG. Ioannis) – Sandy beach near the village of the same name, winner "Blue Flag". Located near the city Mursesi (Moursi). In the middle of the 20th century, the village of Ayos-Joanis turned from a small fishing village in a landscaped and popular resort. There are no sports facilities in the beach, there are rental cars, motorcycles and bicycles, trees and shrubs grow. Along the beach – spacious embankment with hotels, boarding houses, shops and taverns. Beach length – 800 m, width – 40 m.

Dad-Nero (Papa Nero) – another well-kept sandy beach, 1 km long and 50 m wide. There are also no sports facilities here, there are car rental, motorcycles and bicycles. Accommodation – in Muri.

Malopotamos (MyLopotamos) – a pebble-sandy beach with a length of 200 and a width of 25 m. Divided by cliffs into two parts, connected with each other winding path. From Muri to Milopotamus, the road goes through a shady pine forest. There are no sports facilities in the territory, there are rental cars, motorcycles and bicycles, lectures and environmental events are held. Near the beach there are several small hotels and apartments. In the summer months, the beach is filled with rest. This is one of the most famous beaches of Fessels.

Damouchari (Damouchari) – Charming Fishing Village, Natural Port. Damuhari Kamenisto-pebble beach, on a spit separating the beach and port, are visible by the ruins of a medieval castle. Lectures and seminars for vacationers are held on the beach, there are no sports facilities, there are car rental, motorcycles and bicycles. Near the beach there are several small hotels and apartments. Beach length – 200 m, width – 25 m. The wooded slopes of the pelon are descended to the water itself. From Ayos-Joanis and Malopotamus here can be reached by boat.

Fakist (Fakistra) – small isolated sandy beach hiding between two rocky capes. Not equipped.

Plating (Platania) – Long Sanding-pebble beach near the village of Platanias. Perfect space for swimming. Near the beach there is a campsite and a small port, from where the ships go to the northern sporadic islands. On the shore can be reached to the sandy beach Micro.

Banikis (Banikas) and Plaka (Plaka) – pebble (banic) and sandy (cry) beaches located near the village Anilio (Anilio). Little beaches, small, surrounded by thick vegetation, very picturesque, crystal clear water. Near the banika is the legendary cave, in which he loved to rest Centaur Chiron.

Krishi Panagias (Chrysi Panagias) – Sandy Beach, owner "Blue Flag", Located 10 km from Volos. Length – 200 m, width – 10 m. On the territory – no sports facilities, there is also no rental of cars and bicycles, but lectures on ecology. Along the beach there are 2 small hotels and apartments. Around – olive groves and shrubs. Great Fishing Place. From the hair to the beach in the summer, two regular bus goes.

Regions of Greece Fessiona

Kala-Nera (Kala Nera) – Sandy beach 600 long, 8 meters wide, not equipped. There are several hotels and apartments on site, trees and shrubs grow. Along the beach, on the waterfront, there are taverns, shops, bars and disco. In a small bay, there is a harbor for fishing boats and a pier from which you can fish. To the same pier in the midst of the season regularly moisters "Music boat", breaking the surrounding loud music. From here twice a week, follows the excursion ship walking along Pelion.

On the coastal road from Cala Nera can be reached to the nearest beach Terretro axiomaticon (Theretro Aksiomatikon). This is a sandy beach with a length of 300 and 6 meters wide. There are also no sports facilities in the territory, but the shady trees grow and lectures and seminars are held.

Bulb (Boufa) – Sandy Beach Near Village Kopper (Koropi). Length – 400 m, width – 7 m. Olive and oak groves come down to the beach. The beach is not equipped, but in the summer months there is an opportunity to rent sun beds and umbrellas. On the beach there is a bar, in the village – a few taverns.

Sikia (SYKIA) – an uncomplicated sandy beach with a length of 200 and 6 meters wide. Olive trees and shrubs grow on the beach, lectures and seminars are held.

Prefecture of Larisa

Agiocampos (Agiokampos) – Sandy beach, owner "Blue Flag". On the territory – Rescue Station, Hotels, Restaurants, Sportsman Rent, Water Sports, Lectures and Seminars. This is a city beach in the city Melivia (Melivia). Near – Pebble Beach Cotyrista (Sotiritsa) with a similar set of services and also equipped.

Spitaki (Spitaki) – a pebble-sandy beach in the suburb of Melivia. Beach Length – 500 m. On the territory – water sports, sports equipment rental, canoe, water bicycles, sailing school, beach volleyball. Hiking in the mountains, mountain biking trips, excursions to the caves and the surrounding islands are organized.

Cokkino-Nero (Kokkino Nero) – a coastal city 45 km from Larisa, stretching at the foot of the Osse Mountain. Around Cokkino-Nero Set of hidden bays and picturesque villages with small sandy beaches. Perfect place for quiet rest.

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