Regions of Italy: Lazio

In addition to Rome and his suburbs, the Lazio region also includes a small group of Poncian Islands – Ponci, Palmarola, Dzannon, Ventoten, Santo Stefano, Gavi and La Botte. This archipelago of volcanic origin, lying in almost the center of the Tyrrhenian Sea, due to the diversity of its landscapes and paintings of settlements is considered the most extraordinary place in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

  • One of the most popular species of Rome
  • Palmarola Island. View from O. Ponty
  • View of the historical part of the tivoli
  • Abandoned prison on the island of Santo Stefano

The surrounding water has a middle depth within 30-50 meters, underwater geology is extremely unusual (volcanic area is still), and therefore this area is extremely popular with divers.


News from Lazio

  • 15: 1321.06.2019

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Reviews and studies of trips

Italian chociry

Chocaria – Historically Agricultural Region. Currently, the region is famous for its livestock. Black buffaloes are bought here, of which they make the famous Prostto. Read more →

galik_123 | July 2016

Black Buffaloes and Mozarella

We were lucky to the enterprise where they grow black buffaloes and produce all types of products from them and from the milk of black buffalo. This company is located in the province of Fronzinone read more →

galik_123 | Summer 2014

Alaty – City of Cyclops

At 100 km from Rome is the city of Alate, which is called the city of cyclops. In this city, to our time, a massive fortress wall of the Dorim era has been preserved. Read more →

Regions of Italy Lazio

In the heart of Italy. Ananya and Fumon

Chocaria is in the south of the Lazio region, and Anagni was the capital of this territory. We were not accidental there – our goal was inspected by the painted cripples in the cathedral of the old city of Anania. Read more →

galik_123 | April 2014

Civita di Baloredzho

This is a completely small town on a rock, which because of its location, has been subjected to natural cataclysm because of its location, and the inhabitants left it, descending into a safer place. Read more →

Tivoli. Villa-D&# 39; Este

The city of Tivoli is located in the Italian province of Lazio on the Anio River, 24 kilometers north-east of Rome. One of its attractions is the villa d&# 39; Este read more →

SOM_MOS | November 2013

Where to eat in Venice and Rome

Do not forget about Italian cuisine: spaghetti, pizza, paste, risotto, lasagna! Only in Italy in order to eat tasty you will be ready to stand the watch queue, and you will not regret it. Read more →

Smarty-Yulia | November 2010

New Year in Rome

It is necessary to know that on January 1, nothing works (except for restaurants) and you will have nothing to do, so so that it is not bored, you need to come up with something yourself. Read more →

Tatiana Peters | December-January 2009/2010

"Roman holiday"

City, undoubtedly beautiful. I would even stay there for a couple of days – walked, got a local wine. Beautiful, very beautiful. No cars, traffic jams, idiots – motorcyclists, Moscow smog and a lot more. And there is a coolness breeze and a great mood. Read more →

Alexxx | May 2010

Rome, Florence: several practical advice

On Uffizi. When trying to order or take tickets online price increases more than double. For those whom it gives me a toad to give money to Italian programmers, but reluctant to stand in turn in the heat 2 hours: the sale of tickets starts in the morning at 8:15. Read more →

lapot | July 2010

Rome – Our Eternal City

Of course on Sunday, the people in the Vatican are more than on the usual day. In St. Peter’s Cathedral, it is the turn that the ring is located in the area of ​​the square. Seeing this and since we were already in the cathedral, they just decided to take a walk around, buy souvenirs. As I said, in Rome and in the Vatican, including all commercialized. Read more →

Denis | March 2010

10 days in Rome in April

Went down down, sat down in a taxi and ten minutes looked at the observation platform on the Garibaldi Square – he’s personally put on horseback. Then past busts of comrades "Self" Let’s go down to the Trastevere district (that is, for the Tiber, the analogue of the Moscow Zamoskvorechye). Poor view area where the luxurious church of the third-fourth century of our era – Santa Maria in Trastevere. The impression is very strong. Read more →

Nicholas | April 2010

Practical Rome

Italians turned out to be sweet, albeit noisy people. Extremely friendly, smiling, polite. I recommend to show politeness yourself, greet at the entrance to the store and T.NS., Remember Easy Words Welcome in Italian. With an understanding of English problems, there is almost no (in contrast, for example, from Barcelona). Crime, which I warn so much, did not touch us. Just in case it is worth watching the bag on the shoulder, in T.C. in the cafe. Read more →

MY_COAST | April 2010

. We got to Rome

Probably there is not a single person who would not hear about the city of Rome. Now it is the capital of Italy. Previously – the capital of the Roman Empire. In Rome, there is a Vatican, where Dad Roman lives. Generally adjective "Roman" on hearing everyone. Roman audience at university, Roman numbers. So, we got to Rome. Read more →

Max-A-lebedev | September 2009

Rome and two hours in Pompeiy

I have a very big feeling of dissatisfaction with two hours in the pompes. I saw although important parts of the city, but did not even look at half of what I wanted to see. Read more →

Elena | April 2009

Self Tour in Italy

In these notes include brief information: how did you buy the flights, as planned a trip, guidebooks, about transport maps, about food and prices, how to get to. Prices for museums, info on those places where there were and to pay attention to, which in no way miss. The whole trip was planned independently. Read more →

Yarkova.Anna | May 2009

Unusual memories of Rome

Most of all I liked the Roman Forum, because the feeling of what you stand among the ruins of an ancient city is genuine and surprising. Read more →

Darkeyed | July 2007

Traveling in Italy from Rome to Milan

Arriving in Rome, 4 days in Rome, then by train to Florence, there are 4 days, then by car to Venice, 2 days in Venice, by car to Milan, 4 days in Milan, departure home from Milan. Read more →

Rinasan | August 2008

Italian chain of impressions: Bracho and Viterbo

To see Lake Bracchiano – one of the most beautiful in the region, and the castle, where Tom Cruise married not so long ago. The impregnable castle of the XV century belonged to the family of Orsini, one of the most powerful and wealthy families of medieval Italy (it is not surprising that even such families known in the Middle Ages, like Rozhmborks in the Czech Republic, claimed to their origin from Orsin. Read more →

Nat_Ka | July 2008

Italy by car

The car for the rental (economic option – we got Italian Lancia, which did not cause a single complaint) in 10 days (approximately 500 euros in 10 days or 35 euros per day) + Evrocar blocks 150 euros, which are returned in 2-3 weeks, If no incidents happened to you). The car was booked and paid in Moscow. Read more →

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