Regions of Greece: Messia

Messinia (Messinia) – the south-western tip of Peloponnese, the most charming corner of Greece, later all mastered not only by travelers, but also inhabitants of the central part of the country. Capital Messina – Kalamata (Kalamata). Messina – quiet, "Rustic" Province full of olive groves and blooming gardens.

Bysting to the West from Karityin River Alfios cuts over the mountains and turns to the north, dividing the sacred liko hills in the south and Milty in the West, going to Elijah. These places are very popular with fans of hiking excursions and alloy on rivers, and lovers of history will find here included on the UNESCO World Heritage List Temple of Apollo Epicurean on the ruins of an ancient pool (this is almost the coast of the Western Bay Cyparisia, 14 km in the mountains south of Andritzen) – One of the most remote and best preserved antique complexes of Greece. There are already lands of Messinia (Messinia), stretched from the Western slopes of the mountains Taiga, through the Kalamata plains to the shores of Mesiniakos Bay.

Green and fertile plains of the kneading are famous for their olives, good beaches and numerous castles, in abundance scanned in the surrounding hills.

The ruins of the ancient Messeni (Messene, ITHOMI) lie 30 km north-west of Calamata and 22 km north of modern Mesini (Messini). The ancient city was the fortified capital of the region of the region and was famous for the time as a peculiar "Showcase" fortification. Until now, the foundations of giant walls, towers and a gate, running between the slopes of the Mount of Itoma (800 m) and the pretty village of Mavromati (Mavromati), are affixed. Once they had a height of 10 meters at the length of the walls of more than 9 kilometers, therefore stood as intact not one century, only the earthquake of Middle Ages could cause some damage to this impressive construction. The top of the mountain crowds the ruins of the temple of Zeus, who was considered one of the most significant in the region, and a little north-west spread out the main archaeological site, the decoration of which is the ruins of the temple of Asclepia (IV in. to N. NS.), beautiful Roman theater and carefully restored stadium.

Fortresses in Koroni and Metoni (Methoni) lie on the opposite shores of the Mesinsky Peninsula, but are similar to each other almost like two drops of water. These are the oldest (1206-1500.) And the most fortified strategic appendix of Venetians on the medieval trading route to Crete, which received a figurative name "Eyes of the Republic". And today they seem to protect attractive small resorts – Koroni, Finikounda (FINIKOUNDA, 18 km west of Koroni), Metoni, Zanga, Mami, Coracast and others.


The eastern part of the Massania is rocky, Western – common, having extinguished by extended and wide sandy beaches and small picturesque villages. Local beaches, perhaps the best in Greece, the weather all year round is soft and pleasant here, and the prices are quite low. Prefecture beaches are located in the Bay of Mesiniakos and on the shore of the Ionian Sea.

City Beach Kalamata Honored "Blue Flag", located within walking distance of the center of the capital. This is a wide black room beach, extremely crowded in the summer months. Along the coast, numerous cafes and taverns, apartments and hotels. The length of the beach is 2.5 kilometers. 6 km east of the capital is the beach Almiros (Almiros). It is a beach with a large pebble, a small parking lot, is also very popular and crowded in the summer. On the territory there are two bars, souls, a vellabie place and water entertainment. Nearby is the beach Mikry Mantinia (Mikri Mantinia) with beautiful restaurants near the water itself. This beach is also owner "Blue Flag".

Resort Cardamili (Kardamili) presents some good beaches for every taste. sunny Beach Rice (Ritsa) with a large pebble surrounded by olive grove. In the summer, you can rent catamarans and canoes. Background (Foneas) – a picturesque rocky beach, solitary enough. Before the beach there is parking in the shade of trees. Sand with pebbles beach Delphinia (Delfinia) is in an amazingly beautiful bay, so that there is always a calm sea. Not far from the beach there is Camping.

Regions of Messinia Greece

On the east coast of the Bay of Mesiniakos, a small and calm resort is also located Mortar (Stoupa). Resort has three beaches. The largest and largest of them – Stupa Beach Stooup Beach). This is a magnificent sandy beach, one of the best in Messinia, perfect for families and beautifully equipped for children’s holidays. Near the sandy beach Calogria (Kalogria) surrounded by eucalyptus and blooming shrub, and a small rocky beach Halikura (Halikoura). Along the main road passing through the resort, there are many shops, supermarkets and restaurants, which serves traditional Greek dishes and local wine. On the resort there is only one disco. This is a great place for a quiet rest, for those who came here to swim, sunbathe, engage in fishing or snorkeling. Also, it is also convenient to make excursions on historical sights Peloponnes.

To the west of the capital is the city Messen (Messene), in the vicinity of which there are many extended beaches with golden sand. One of the most well-equipped and big is the beach Buka (BOUKA). This is the beach – owner "Blue Flag", With bars, cafes, playgrounds, cabins for dressing, shower and football field. Sand beach Petalidi (Petalidi) is located in the same resort town of 28 km west of Kalamata. Beach is suitable for a peaceful vacation. South of Petalidi is a very calm and slight sandy beach Agios Andreas (Agios Andreas).

Next on the West Bank of Mesiniakos Bay is a charming little town Koroni (Koroni). Here is located famous Zaga Beach (Zaga Beach) – a quiet and windless beach with a magnificent Venetian castle. A little further on the shore lies a fishing village Fiikunda (FINIKOUNDA) – one of the best Greek places for windsurfing with sandy beaches. On the beach – Rescue Station, Hotels, Apartments, Bicycle and Beach Rental, Water Sports. On the coastal road to the west is a magnificent, very long sandy beach Memi (Memi), ideal for family holidays.

63 kilometers from Kalamata is an ancient city Metoni (Methoni). City Beach Metoni-1 – Sandy and very clean, stretched 4 kilometers. On the beach there are taverns, cafes, playground. Beach Metoni-2 – Pebble, with salvation service, cafes, bars, water sports. Beach Macrinos (Makrynamos) is located on the city, but also landscaped as city beaches.

In the Bay of Navarino on the shore of the Ionian Sea there is an ancient city and a popular seaside resort Pylon (Pylos). Here are some excellent sandy beaches, the largest of which – Joombian Voidokoilia. This beach is one of the most sacted in the Messinia. Not far from the resort Kiparissey (Kyparissia) is located Ay-Lagudis (Ai lagoudis) – sandy beach with a length of 250 meters and width of 30-40 meters. Beach acknowledged "Blue Flag".

Regions of Messinia Greece

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