Regions of Turkey: Eastern Anatolia

The most informed foreigners, the district of Turkey lies in the east of the country. Dry and fruitless plains along the Syrian border are really little interesting to most travelers. However, it is here, in the upper course of the Euphrate and Tiger, in a wide fan-shaped flood, surrounded by the mountains of Takhtaly, Tedger and Bitlis, lies, perhaps the most exotic part of Turkey, which offers its guests a lot of archaeological sites, charming isolated cities with distinctive culture, as well as a unique natural environment, analogues of which in Asia a little. People inhabit these edges at least ten thousand years – here the city of Urartu and Sumer were rustling, the Army of Parphy and Assyria, Legions of Rome and Arabic faced. There was also a lot of unique cultures, whose influence can be traced in these edges so far. Turks are still here if not an ethnic minority, then certainly not the dominant nation – the overwhelming majority of these places are the Kurdish tribes, Syrians and even Iranians, and all life depends on the water in numerous canals and dams, irrigating this dry land.

Upper Tiger

Barren, but in their own way beautiful landscapes of the tiger’s top flow make a lot of interesting places. You should visit these edges with a certain caution – the standard of living of the overwhelming majority of the population is frankly low, and the opposition to the central authorities is clearly noticeable. And nevertheless land whose name is made to communicate with Kurdish separatism, is actually ready to offer a lot of unique places to the tourist.

Be sure to see black fortress walls, churches and mosques Diyarbakira (DIYARBAKIR) – one of the oldest settlements on Earth, clinging to a huge rock with citadel mansions, mosques and churches Mardina (Mardin), picturesque monastery complexes Deir-Az-Ziferena (DEYR-AZ-ZAFERAN, in the XII-XIX centuries. – Residence of the Syrian Patriarch) and Mar-Coen (Mar Augen, V in.), Roman ruins Nusabin (Nusaybin), hilly dry plateau Tour-Abdin (considered the birthplace of the Syrian Orthodox Church) with his ancient monasteries Mar-Gabriel (Deyrlyumur, IV in. N. NS. – The oldest Syrian monastery in the country), Indath-alo (Merrymanna, V in. N. NS.), Mar Bakhus and Mar-Yakub (II-VI centuries.), as well as the ruins of the medieval fortress city Hasankef.

  • Diyarbakyr
  • City of Siirta
  • Regions of Turkey Eastern Anatolia
  • Lake Van

Siirt and surroundings

Isolated city SIRIT (Siirt) lies at an altitude of about 900 meters above sea level 40 km south of the main highway (No. 99) between Diyarbakyr and Wan. Founded by the Babylonians, he reached a heyday during the Arab Board, from which the main monuments of the city were preserved – Ulu Mosque (XII in.), Kumhurie (XIII in.) and built already under the villagers of Kavan-Hamam (XIV in.).

44 km north, at an altitude of 1545 meters above sea level, lies with a colorful mountain city Bitlis (Bitlis) with his huge citadel, Sherefiye mosques (XVI in.) and ulu (1126 g.), as well as six sainted Sunni Mausoleums of Kufrevi-Türbesi (XIV-XIX centuries.).

A little north of the ancient Armenian city Tatwan (Tatvan) and the extinct volcano NEWRUT (3050 meters, should not be confused with Nemmit-Dag at Gaziantep) – the most popular area for mountaineering and mountain trips.

Lake Van

Southeast Turkey – the least developed and most ethnically excellent part of the country. This high-altitude, hard-to-reach and stamped area framed an extensive lake Van, surrounded by the southern spurs of the Armenian volcanic highlands. Here in one "boiler" Dozens blended, if not hundreds of peoples and cultures, and a stormy story left a tremendous heritage, for the most part, destroyed by time and people. Foreigners rarely visit these edges, and the Turks themselves consider their deaf outcrop, so the tourist infrastructure is quite weak. However, for fans of active recreation, these edges are true Eldorado, since they allow you to get acquainted with one of the centers for the formation of many modern civilizations without annoying compassing commerce.

Regions of Turkey Eastern Anatolia

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