Regions of Turkey: the surroundings of Istanbul

The most important attraction around Istanbul is undoubtedly a strait Bosphorus. The thirty-cell metering strait divides Europe and Asia and connects the marble and black sea. Its width ranges from 660 to 4500 meters at a depth of up to several hundred meters. His name comes from the Greek word "Bosphorus" ("Cow Brod"), usually connected with the myth of the beloved Zeus Io, which God-Threeszcitz turned into a cow to hide her from his jealous wife.

Long and narrow waterway between the black and marble seas is picturesque in any weather. This is one of the most stressful sea highways of the Old World (more than 80 thousand large vessels of all types are held every year), at any time of the day the Ocean courts are crashed, ferries, "Marine buses", walking boats and yachts. And regularly traveling up the Bosphorus Tourist Courts literally in a few hours will get acquainted with a whole string of ancient fortresses, picturesque coastal villages, palaces and historical places. In addition, from here it is very easy to get to the numerous seaside resorts of the Black and Marble Seas, as well as to the resort printed islands of the south of the suburbs of Kuchekialy and Maltepe. You can choose an organized bar on the bar (Bosphorus Tour), which is sent every day from the ferry terminal to Emineu, or the one-day Lufer day is equally regular in the summer (runs on a specially re-equipped fishing seiner), departing from the marina of Burleibay (on the Asian side) and Klabolsk ( between Arnavutki and Bebek on the European side of Istanbul). The boats during this excursion reach the Black Sea, where they usually cast an anchor for 3-4 hours, so that tourists can have lunch and swim (tickets for both rounds are about 20 euros, you can order them through any transport agency or the tourist office of the city).

On the European shore it is worth visiting the town Arnavutkiy (Arnavutkoy, is considered one of the most beautiful on the shore of the Bosphorus) with numerous wooden mansions, Greek taverns and traditional Turkish "Maikhan", Quiet resort town Bebek (Turkish – "child") With his palace of Hydiv-Saray, a picturesque park and a beautiful complex of the Egyptian consulate, "Capital Pirogov" – town Saryger (Sariyer, 12 km north of Bebeka) with the Sadbert Hani Museum (good collection on archeology and ethnography of the region) and excellent restaurants of seaside cuisine, as well as colorful village Rumelikavaga Rumeli Kavagi). Just a few kilometers west of Saryer begins the famous Belgrade Forest (Belgrad Ormanlarl) – Once reserved hunting grounds of Sultans, and today – a popular green zone with numerous forests, tea gardens and sports facilities. On all sides, the forest is framed by a complex system of dams, pools, aquatic towers and aqueducts that have once supplied Istanbul with fresh water.

  • Saryger – View from Bosphorus
  • Regions of Turkey surrounding Istanbul
  • Fortress Rumelichisary

According to the Asian side of the Bosphorus, the whole series of Istanbulic offenders and small villages, which are almost unknown to tourists. Here is worth a visit Kuzgundzhuk (Kuzguncuk) with his old Jewish Cemetery Ijadia-Sokak and one of the best Fish Restaurants Bosphorus – Ismet Baba, Balerbey Palace (XIX in., the model for him was clearly served by the complexes of the Tuileries and Alhambra) in the suburb of the same name, the Rococo Gosku Palace, or Kuchuksu-CASS, in Chengeelkoye (Cengelkoy) and picturesque north village Anadolu-Kawagy (Anadolu Kavagl) with her Byzantine Fortress (free entrance) and excellent fish restaurants.

Separate attention deserve two formidable medieval fortresses located in the narrowest part of the Bospor. Just one and a half kilometers north of Bebeka rises the fortress Rumelichisary (Bogaz-Kesien, 1452 g.) with the artillery museum and summer theater located in it, where concerts are regularly satisfied. It is carefully renovated and open to everyone from Thursday to Sunday, from 9.00 to 16.30 (Login – 2 TRY). And on the opposite shore lies a small fortress Anadolzhisara – The oldest Turkish building in the vicinity of Istanbul (it was built in 1393 specifically for providing the siege of Constantinople). Now there is a small private museum (closed for a general public). To the north of the fortresses the thread of a modern hanging bridge named after Sultan Mehmed Fatiha (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Koprusu, or the second Bosphorus bridge, length 1510 meters).

Resorts of the Black Sea

The Black Sea and its numerous resort towns are also easily accessible from Istanbul. However, it should be borne in mind that most of them have passed a period of stormy, literally explosive development in recent years, built up rather chaotic and are now far from the best sample of Turkish resort businesses. However, this does not interfere with the residents of Istanbul and other regions (and even states) to fill them in every weekend. Deserve attention closest to Istanbul resort Kilos (Kilyos) with an impressive historical monument of the region – the Middle Ages Genoese Castle (now there is a base of the Turkish army, so it is possible to examine it only outside), Shile (Sile) with its white sandy shores built by the French Striped Lighthouse, Genoese Castle (XIV in.) on the nearby island and workshops for the manufacture of traditional lace "Shile-Bezi", Small town Agva (AGVA, approximately 50 km east of sewer) with a beautiful beach, but quite strong currents, as well as the once small Polish village Polonaesey (PoloneZKoy, founded in 1848 by Prince Charterzhsky as shelter the nationalist leaders of Eastern European countries), which turned into a fashionable resort for rich Istanbulians.

Regions of Turkey surrounding Istanbul

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