Regions of Switzerland: Canton Bern

Lying southeast of the capital Highlands are called Berne Highlands (Berner Oberland) (WWW.Berneroberland.CH), although in fact it is just the northern spurs of the Bernese Alps together with the picturesque lakes Tuner Ze (THUNERSEE) and BRINCER-ZE BRIENZEREE). These edges have the status of a separate subregion of the canton of Bern, their own flag and some time was even considered a separate canton. Canton is often attributed to this area Owlden, Lying south of Lake Cirodldstater, as they are very close in their natural geographical conditions. But for tourists, the main thing is that these beautiful places of majestic mountain landscapes with the purest rivers and lakes are able to offer their attention a lot of interesting places. In addition, it is perhaps the easiest accessible part of the Alpine Switzerland, which has "Magnificent Troika" Mountain giants – Ager (Eiger, Eiger, 3970 m), Mongch (MONCH, 4099-4107 M) and JUNGFRAU, 4158 m).

Valley Lauterbrunnen

It is difficult to exaggerate the beauty of the Lauterbrunnen Valley (Lauterbrunnen), stretching south of interlakene. Many consider it the most picturesque in Europe and there are considerable foundations. A huge Russewin in the form of a Latin letter U is considered one of the deepest in the world – both of it "shores" rise over the lies of the river more than a kilometer, and 72 waterfall and threshold give it a completely breathtaking view. Here, within the middle of the valley, there are two first-class ski resorts.

  • Summer landscapes Murrena
  • Cableway from Lauterbrunnene to Shilthorn
  • Funicular on Almendyubel in Murren
Regions Switzerland Canton Bern

3 km south-west of the village of Lauterbrunnen lies Murren (Murren, 1650 m), whose tracks run from the peak of Shilthorn (Schilthorn, 2960 m). One of the most beautiful mountain excursions in the region is a consistent rise on a number of cable cars from Lauterbrunnene to West through Murren to the breathtaking Spirit of Birg Peak (Birg, 2677 m) and then on Schilthorn (WWW.Schilthorn.CH), offering a beautiful panorama of ice fields and peaks from Eger to Matterhorn and Montblan, plus a picturesque view of the Tun Lake and Bern. You can walk through the Luga Almendyubel (AllmendHubel, 1907 m), to the blumental (Blumental, about 3 hours in the way) or Marchegga (Marchegg), and then go through the stormy valley of the bubbles and the forest SprissaVald (Grutschalp) directly Over Lauterbrunnene.

And right on the eastern slope over Lauterbrunnen, another ski center is located – Wengen (Wengen, 1274 m), whose tracks are descended both in the valley itself and east to Grindelwald. This is one of the most famous ski resorts of Switzerland, regularly taking the World Cup competitions on high-speed descent and slalom (usually in January).

  • Winter landscapes Lauterbrunnen Valley
  • Ski Station on Shilhorn

As soon as snow comes with, Wengen becomes an ideal starting point for hiking routes to the array of Jungfrau (4158 m) and characteristic "creamy cone" Zilberhorn (Silberhorn, 3695 m) in the south.

Both resorts cost without cars, so the air is amazingly clean and fresh here. And Wengen is also famous for both the best point of the canton Bern to observe dawn and sunsets.


Through the entire eastern part of the canton of Bern, the Valley of the Emma River (EMME) stretches, which is considered one of the most picturesque regions of the country. The business card of the region is peaceful green hills, forever "Busy" flocks of characteristic local cows, sleepy rustic villages with their ancient architecture and isolated wooden oils. This is the birthplace of the famous emmental cheese, "Bern champagne" Beeri Schampis from berries, local meringue (official brand protected by law), cheese salad, wicker bread "Fupfe" etc. And in general, Emmental is considered the capital of charming folk cuisine, where come to see Switzerland without an overnight tourist gloss.

Tourist offices in Bern and Lannaya (Langnau IM Emmental) will be offered a lot of maps and all sorts of trail. For example, a tour through the picturesque pastures from Burgdorf (Burgdorf) to Affoltern (AFFOLTERN) takes only 3 hours and quite forces even an unprepared tourist. From Burgdorf Up River to Hasle (Hasle-Burgdorf), or from Valkringen (Walkringen) to Lutzelflfluh (Lutzelfluh) – Slightly smaller. And for a walk down by Emme from Lannaya to Burgdorf or a more serious excursion from Lannal to Mount Press (NAPF, 1407 m) will need a little over six hours. At the same time, the entire luggage of the tourist is transferred by transport to the end point of the route (3-5 francs per place).

But many come to these edges in order to simply live on farms and in numerous guest houses of local communities, in silence and rest to relax from the bustle of modern life and plunge into the ancient culture of horseshicles, which have a lot of distinctive traditions that have already disappeared in other areas of the country.

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