Registration at the place of residence in Pattaya

More travelers come to Thailand not for 2 vacation weeks, but for a month or all winter. When living on the territory of the Kingdom it is important to know and not violate the laws. One of the important items – Registration of holidaymakers. Does this procedure need? Yes, despite the stay and accommodation, it is necessary to register. This law has long existed for a long time, they do not always remember it, but it is better not to risk.

Does registration in Pattaya

Registration is needed in any city of the kingdom and is made for each person individually. Even in a children’s passport she is obliged to attend.

Register must be in the first 24 hours staying in the country. When moving the procedure repeats.

This is how the registration document looks like:

In the maximum risk zone are:

  • wishing to acquire real estate or means of movement;
  • decorated student visa;
  • receiving the rights of the Thai sample;
  • Creating deposits in local Thai banks or opening any type of bank card.
Registration at the place of residence in Pattaya

Lower, but significant risk are subject to vacationers when departing from the country. Officer may not pay attention to the lack of a liner. However, when the lack of registration, vacationers are required to pay a fine of 5000 baht at the airport.

What to do for registration tourist

There are several options for registration:

1. Hotel. When traveling near the holiday will remove a copy of the passport and independently register the hotel staff. The service is free and does not require any actions, in addition to providing a document at the reception when settling.
2. Registration through the office of Condominium. Also during settlement, employees will remove a copy of the passport and register themselves. It works only if the apartment is removed directly through the office.
3. Registration with the help of the landlord.The owner of the apartment can register guests on their own, but you need to carefully monitor this process.
4. Self. If vacationers remove the apartment / house through a realtor or a trustee, you need to assemble a package of documents and on a weekday to come at: Jomtien, Soya 5, Immigration Police Station.

Working hours:
Monday – Friday 08: 00-16: 30 (Lunch from 12 to 13:00)
Saturday and Sunday are days off

What documents are needed during self-registration?

If vacationers are registered independently, it is necessary to prepare:
• Passport.
• A copy of the first page of the passport named and pages with a stamp marker about a visa. On each sheet you need to sign.
• A copy of the Departure Card, which was filled in an airplane or on arrival, with their painting.
• copy of the lease agreement.
• a copy of the ownership of property (Blue Book), get a housing owner with his signatures.
• Copy ID card or owner’s passport with painting.

With all documents it is necessary to approach the immigration police office on a weekday from 8 to 16:30. From 12 to 13 lunch.
In the office immediately after entering the rack, a form for registration. You can fill out yourself or contacting assistants. They are located on the territory of the police station to the left of the main entrance. Service cost 50-100 baht for form.
After filling, it is necessary to approach the tighter the rack where the paper was obtained and taking a ticket. The numbers are called to the cabinet to the left of the rack.
If the documents are all in order, the procedure takes 5 minutes, not counting expectations.
The certificate of registration is attached to the passport.
Video allowance for receiving registration in Pattaya:

What documents are needed for the landlord

The owner of apartments / houses for registration of guests on a paid and free basis will require the same package of documents.
The lease agreement is written in English or Thai in free form. In the contract to register:
• an object;
• price;
• calculation conditions;
• Passport details;
• duties of the parties.

You can buy in the stationery store form in Thai language and fill it.
As well as all copies of documents for the house, their passport and tenant passport. In some cases, the attorney from the tenant for registration.

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