Registration of a Schengen visa to France independently in 2020

France is a country of exquisite wines, unique landscapes of Provence and incredible stories.

Before everyone who wanted to visit this country, the issue of execution of a Schengen visa.

You can open a Schengen visa to visit France independently without resorting to the services of travel agencies and other intermediaries.

Do you need a visa to France

If you have planned to spend your vacation in France, it should be noted that an open Schengen visa is a prerequisite for its visit.

Going to a romantic tour or on affairs in the French state, take care of the opening of a Schengen visa that provides the right to visit and other EU countries.

At the entrance to France, customs officers may require the presentation of the visa itself and other documents capable of confirming the purpose of your trip, medical insurance or platform.

What a visa is needed to France

Exists Three main types of visas, differing in the goal of visit to the territory of France and the duration of stay:

  • Categories (A and B) – are called transit visa and give you the right to cross the France border one or several times (by transfering to France airport with stay no more than 1 day, the visa of France is not necessary).
  • Category S – The most popular type of visa to France, which also has a tourism visa name. Opening this visa will give you the right one or several times (multivisa) to visit France, and to be on its territory for up to three months.
  • Category D – This is a long-term visa, giving the right to unlimited in terms of stay in the French state for the purpose of work, studies or entrepreneurial activities.

Schengen visa to France

Russian to fulfill all the necessary procedures for opening a short-term Schengen visa to France, without the services of obsessive travel agencies and third-party organizations, quite real and even preferably.

Action Plan to achieve success looks like this:

  1. To begin with, determine the purpose and duration of your trip to France;
  2. Prepare a list of documents for the standard procedure for opening a Schengen visa, both originals and certified
  3. With the help of the official website of the Visa Center of France, you will pre-register with the interview and transfer of documents;
  4. Download the form of the questionnaire and closely fill it with, sticking the photo;
  5. At the time assigned to you (the reception is carried out strictly by prior registration), transfer documents to the visa center and pass the interview;
  6. Pay cash charges immediately before transferring documents to verification;
  7. Get a ready visa.

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Sponsored letter for visa to France

For the successful opening of a visa to France, you need to prove your solvency.

Adults working citizens for this can take advantage of the certificate from work and provide an extract from a personal bank account.

In the event that you do not have such income, or are a pensioner, a student idle and t.D. To confirm your material wealth, you can provide a sponsored letter.

Such a letter is drawn up according to the sample.

In the subject line, the sponsor actually undertakes to fully provide you financially for all time traveling in France.

Only close relatives can be made by your sponsor for a trip to France.

Sponsored letter is compiled in free form in the official language of France.

The letter must specify:

  • State institution where the letter is served;
  • Sponsor’s pho and needy
  • Series and Number of the Community Passport Sponsor and the number of the challenger’s passport for a visa;
  • Registration of a Schengen visa to France independently in 2020
  • Degree of kinship with sponsor;
  • Country of destination and gap between departure and arrival.

In the subject of letters, the sponsor assumes obligations on the material support of the visa applicant during its stay in the French Republic.

To the letter you need to attach a few more documents:

  • A copy of the first page of the general passport with a photo (sponsor);
  • Confirmation of sponsor solvency;
  • A copy of the document having the power to confirm the close relationship.

Sample visa to France

The finished visa that is given to you by the Visa Center of France looks like this:

Documents for a visa to France

Having decided to independently go through all the procedures for obtaining a visa to France, carefully read the list of documents.

At the time of the provision of documents for verification by a specialist in the visa center, it is recommended to have in stock not only the originals of documents, but also their copies.

Remember that the validity of some documents is limited and is subject to additional requirements.

The list of documents looks like this:

  • Detailed program of planned events and visits in France, with a detailed schedule of each day of the trip (in Russian and English);
  • All ever received passports, One of them must continue its validity of at least 3 months after the completion of the trip. Make sure the presence of at least three free pages where the visa is pasted;
  • Two photocopies of the main page foreign passport (photo and signature page) and page where children are followed;
  • Two color photos for documents 3.5 x 4.5 cm (and photo of children of the same format);
  • Application form for the form of a visa center, which you make in French (filling in English);
  • Photocopy of the general passport (all pages and, if there is, liner on temporary registration);
  • France tickets and back, as well as their photocopies;
  • Document confirming the purpose of the visit (a copy of the official invitation from the representative of France or confirmation of the fact of armor at the hotel with the indication of all its details);
  • Medical insurance, able to cover thirty thousand euros and its copy;
  • Help from work, in which the requisites of the Organization and its type of activity will be indicated, as well as your position and salary (IP should make a certificate of registration and a certificate from the tax on registration with discharge from the bank account);
  • If you are a pensioner or a student, it will require confirmation in the form of a certificate (pension or student card) and one of the documents providing your solvency;
  • If you are driving dependents, That is, children or non-working citizens, then a sponsorship will be required with the signature of the one who will pay for the trip and stay in France.
  • Help confirming your platform (at least 50 euros per person per day). As confirmation of your solvency, documents like road checks, bank cards or cash.
  • Consent to the processing of your personal data for your personal signature;

On all children under the age of 18 years old, a visa center is required to be present:

  • Certificate of birth or its photocopy, certified by a notary (even if the child has already received a passport);
  • Departure permission from the country (signed at least a month before departure), for cases when only one of the official guardians or accompanying is riding with the child;
  • In the middle of the school yearRequires a certificate of study with a permit for the absence (for minor students also student cards);

Before feeding documents, you need to check whether they are correctly filled.

Issue tourist medical insurance

Requirements for a visa to France

For the successful opening of the Schengen, which allows you to travel to the territory of France, you must be prepared to document your financial consistency

(30 euros for every day of stay in France), have a timely and correctly executed list of documents and their copies.

Problems with the provision of a visa to the French state, as a rule, does not occur.

Application for a visa to France

The questionnaire can be taken in the Visa Center of France, as well as on his official website.

Fill out the questionnaire carefully and gently, guided by the main rules:

  • Fill out the questionnaire in French (it is allowed to fill in English);
  • Use printed capital letters;
  • Blank can be printed and fill in manually Or fill out on the computer and print an already ready version;
  • You can print on both sides of the sheet;
  • Your personal signature mustmust be present in paragraph number 37 and in the latest questionnaire;
  • Do not forget to glue a photo (3.5×4.5 for documents)

Cost and timing of the visa to France

You will pay for a visa immediately when transferring documents for checks in rubles ; it costs 35 Euro . In addition, the visa center requires payment of additional collection, its value ; 1124 rubles .

Children under 6 years old, adult under 25 years old, French teachers, educators of children’s tourist groups, the opening of a visa is free of charge (you pay only 1124 rubles – this is a fee for processing your documents).

Visa centers tend to accept applications for urgent and accelerated decoration of Shengen, in this case, be prepared to provide "burning" tickets and pay for a visa collection in a double.

Standard readiness will be from 5 to 10 working days (in the "high" tourist season, timing can be increased).

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Receiving a visa to France – Visa Center

On the reception to a specialist in the visa center it is better to sign up in advance through the official website.

Submit documents can be personally or entrusted with a member of a family who has a document regulating a document in his hands.

In the Moscow representative office of the Visa Center of France, your documents can transfer trusted persons, for this they need a power of attorney certified by a notary.

The schedule of regional offices of visa centers can be clarified on the official website.

France’s visa center in Moscow is located at: ul. Marxist 3, Building 2. Phone / Fax: (495) 504-37-05

Address of consulate (embassy) of France in Moscow: ul. Big Yakimanka, 45. Telephone: (495) 937-15-00

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