Travel Insurance Registration: Cardiff (Sberbank) + Renaissance (Tinkoff)

Everyone who goes on the trip faces the need Registration of traveler insurance. If it is not necessary to obtain a visa, then you need for personal peace.

When the insurance is needed for a couple of weeks, there are no problems, you can choose almost any insurance company, but if the insurance is required for several months, I want to choose the optimal value for money, since sometimes the cost of such insurance is translated.

Insurance Cardiff: Sberbank Secret Option

After a multi-hour and even several-day study of the issue on the Internet, it was decided to arrange insurance with Sberbank. As it turned out, the Sber cooperates with three insurance companies: Cardiff, Alfactory and Alliance. Focusing on the reviews of experienced travelers, decided to issue an international insurance policy traveler from Cardiff with Andrews (Assanis Mondial). We made an annual policy, "All countries of the world" (including Russia, besides the city of registration), 90 active days (that is, the duration of one trip abroad cannot exceed 90 days, the number of such trips per year is not limited), the insurance amount is 30 thousand. euro, without active sports. For one such policy we gave 40 euros (just!).

Under the insured amount of 50 thousand. euro policy cost 60 euros. Can also be issued for 100,000 and 200,000 euros.

In my opinion, an excellent option! Everyone who had to face difficulties, they say that Mondilla performs everything quickly and efficiently, no complaints.

Judging by the reviews, a whole adventure Find a Sberbank branch in Moscow with adequate operators who could without any problems would arrange such a simple document as traveler insurance. We also tried to get through in different branches of Sberbank and achieve information, where this document can do.

In the end, found! Did insurance at the river station at the address of Leningradskoye highway, house 102 in the wonderful girl Svetlana, which turned out to be very competent and positive. Can say lucky!

Insurance Renaissance: Online Option Bank Tinkoff

Three months who covered the cardiff’s insurance, imperceptibly approached the end. Since we are half a year in Mexico (and outside the homeland, perhaps longer), the question arose about the design of new insurance. The choice was small, so we could make it only online.

The choice fell on the bank Tinkoff, since we have long been familiar with him. You can travel on the site literally in five minutes. The slogan says: «Do not think about anything except recreation».

Policy can be issued Middle and annual:

  • A short-term trip with a one-time insurance policy cannot have a duration of less than 3 days and more than 180 days.
  • The trip on the annual policy can not have a duration of less than 3 days and more than 45 days.
    The number of trips on an annual policy is not limited, only the first 45 days of each trip are insured (if a trip over 45 days, the other days at this trip are not insured).

We approached the first option coated «The whole world (except US, Canada, Japan, Israel, Australia and New Zealand)». Policy for 97 days with an insurance sum of $ 50,000 cost 128 dollars for two, that is, about 2,200 rubles per person. The event that occurred as a result of an active sport, in our policy, the insured event is not recognized.

It should also be borne in mind that the unconditional franchise in our case is 30 dollars. These are minimal losses that are not reimbursed by the insurance company. That is, if something happens to you in the amount less than 1000 rubles, you pay this money from your pocket. Insurance with such trifles does not mate. Although, for an additional 10 dollars, the unconditional franchise can be reduced to zero.

And in general, you can not bad for surcharge «ride» Your policy: add legal assistance to protect against luggage, cancels and t.D.

Bank Tinkoff collaborates with an insurance company «Renaissance». How it works, I do not know. Is it good, whether it was not bad, there was no choice, it’s better to be at least with some polisha, than quite without it.

Registration of traveler insurance Cardiff (Sberbank) Renaissance (Tinkoff)

Readers recommend Mondian

Judging by the reviews, one of the most reliable and convenient companies that serves abroad (Assisans) — Mondial. In Russia, they cooperate with TripInsurance. See how much insurance costs, you can right here:

Comparison of traveler insurance prices

There are other options, insurance companies Great many. For different countries, they differ conditions for different countries, so you need to carefully examine more offers. You can do it right now:

Let you not scare the button «buy», You don’t need to buy anything at once, you just show prices for all available offers.

Good luck in terms of insurance, dear readers! We hope you will never come in handy.

Sheboldasik and Andrews!

Bonuses for our readers!

* On the first booking with a total amount of more than $ 75
** Instructions for working with the service and our reviews read here


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