Rehabilitation of blue beard

Blue beard kills wives – this is an axiom. Even those who have not read a fairy tale Charles Perro know about it. Someone knows that the prototype of the maniac-menobike was Gilov de Monmodrei-Laval, Baron de Ra. Even less people know why the beard is blue, how the boys turned into girls and whether these boys were generally.

Nantes: the place of execution

If you arrive in Nantes, the former capital of Brittany, the pedestrian quarter of the Buffal Buffal. There are cobbled streets, museums, restaurant cafes, other charms of informal life. On the area of ​​the same name with white-named houses, trading rows with all sorts of either, cozy fuss and serenity. And you will not imagine that five years ago on this area happened to the event, shook France and forever remaining in her history. Although it is possible (and even more likely) what happened at all on Saint-Pierre Square, where the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul is standing, and on the contrary – the castle of the Breton Dukes. Or at all on the site of this very castle – there are quite a few attractions to a major role in this sad story.

In short, on October 26, 1440, here (or there) was executed by the hero of the age war, the closest associate of the Orleans Virgin, the youngest Marshal in the history of the country Baron Gilles de Ra. In a little less than 50 points, the accusations appeared the abduction of hundreds of children, violence, perversion, sacrifices. In short, reasons for burning on the fire turned out to be enough. True, in the form of a special grace was allowed a villain before burning to suffer.

Boy from the castle Mashkul

The history of Baron’s life is no less captures than dum novels. The descendant of the most significant Breton generics of Monmodrance and Konon, the housing was born in 1404 in the castle of Marshil – on the border of Anjou and Brittany. The boy received an excellent education, from his parents inherited the love of books and toastness. At 11, he was orphaned, and his grandfather took up his upbringing, who preferred possession of the sword knowledge of ancient languages. Fencing, falcon hunting, mad jumps around the neighborhoods of generic possessions carried away the teenager no less than smart books.

The space for the jumps is pretty increased when the 16-year-old housing married Katrin de Tuar, the possessions of which lay just between the lands of Karaon and Re-Pavali. She became the first and, oddly enough, the only legitimate wife of blue beard. Katrin died, by the way, his death – from old age, having a lot of surviving a long-faced spouse.

Orleans Virgo

When the housing de refer came to the yard, the position of Karl VII, the semi-indulgent king, was very deplorable. The son of "madness and whores", as the name of Karl VI and Isabella Bavarian, there was no strength, neither means to cope with the devastation, in which France became a centenary war. Poor king and rich baron met to change each other’s life. De Rep finances and heads the impressive detachments that fight the British in the name of the Son of Charles Mad Steel to call Karl Winner. The king, in turn, represents him a miracle who broke to the court to the girl Jeanne from the village of Domremi, which will be called orlean Virgin.

Belletritists (for example, Juliette Benzoni in the book "Adventure Finder: Revelations of History") Choir say about suddenly broken love of handsome-aristocrat to a strange lagish. Who knows. But the fact that Jeanne was one of the strongest attachments in his life – undoubtedly. From the source to the source, the words of Zhilles de Ra are quoted: "She’s child. She never caused evil to the enemy, no one saw her someday someone struck by a sword. After each battle, it mourns the fallen. No one ever swears around it, and people like it, although all their wives stayed at home. Whether it is necessary to say that she never removes armor, if he sleeps next to us, and then, despite all her delicacy, no man is experiencing a carnal desire to it ".

Golden cell Tyffeja

They fought together under Orleans and under the frying. Happing in battles, Gilles de Ree in 25 years, in 1429, became the youngest marshal of France and awarded unheard of honor: the right to put the image of the "Royal Flower" in the labor coat of arms – lilies. Two years later, Zhanna was captured, and then executed. It is difficult to say whether it was the reason for the cooling of relations with the king or the baron, I didn’t need Karl, but in 1433 de Ra resigns and settles in the castle Tiffozh, who got him with giving wife. He is only 29 years old, but life as if already behind.

Well, if you can’t fight the enemy, you can get carried away to others. He lives in a unheard of luxury, surrounded by hundreds of knights, pieces, musicians, servants, replenishes an extensive library of rare manuscripts, finances the formulation of "Mystery about the siege of Orleans", glorifying the feat of Jeanne. Inquisitive mind looking for applications. Heads and Alchemists flow into the castle, looking for a philosopher’s stone, the elixir of youth, the methods of obtaining gold. Under the laboratories are converted premises on the first floor of the castle. Already depleted by military hiking and "sponsoring" means of melting. Baron begins to sell possessions. In particular, the magnificent castle of Santos, where he once brought his young wife.

Charged in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

Rehabilitation of blue beard

Whether the thick walls were taken by the monstrous orgies, which, then, for five centuries, the whole of France? Preferred our hero of pretty boys with his believed wife sent to the link? It is just known that at the end of August 1440, the bishop of Nanntsky in his sermon in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul told parishings about the vile bona crimes against young children and adolescents, the sin of sweetusty, sodomy and intercourse with demons. Bishop demanded that all those who have such information about Chevalé, immediately reported to him. And the good people prew the shaft.

When at first with contempt, all denying housing admitted his guilt under torture, the list of victims grew almost to 800. The testimony of the "main sorcerer" of the Italian Francesco Prelate, bodyguards, servants and just random passersby full of candy soul details. The villain and his two bodyguards sentenced to burn. Early in the morning of October 26, the Gilles de Ra brought public repentance in the crimes committed and asked everyone who hears him, pray for the salvation of his soul. His repentance was so hurt that the area was sobbed. Among others, all in white, stood the only wife of the future blue beard of Catherine de Tuar.

Why the beard is blue?

In 1697, the book of Charles Perra "Tales of My Mother Goose, or History and Fairy Tale of Three times with teachings" was published in 1697, after which the Gilles de Ra would have turned into a blue beard. It happened, according to researchers, due to the fact that the storyteller united the history of Baron with the ancient Breton legend of the Coromore’s column who killed his wives.

The last burning question remains: why the beard is blue? Among explanations there are options for every taste. First, the housing was a burning brunet with, respectively, iscin-black beard. Secondly, he was blonde (red), and a beard – black. Thirdly, some legend talks about the girl Blanche, agreeing to go out for Baron married if he gives her soul and body. After his consent, she turned into a devil and painted his beard a cheval in the appropriate color: "Now you will not be a camp de lawan, – Satan frogle. – You will call a blue beard!"And the fourth explanation is the most prosaic: it’s just an interpreter error – they say, the" syneboration "was called just befelling, shaved to blue.

Verdict: Nevinosen!

Over the centuries, the case of Gilles de Ra, behind which the title of blue beard has already fastened, has become new in detail. But in 1992, on the initiative of the writer and the historian Zhilbera Pruto, a new, unprecedented trial was held. Historians, lawyers, journalists – members of the Society of friends of Gilles de Ree – gathered testimonies, studied documents learned from the archives of the Inquisition, visited Baron’s castles – Tiffhood, Mashkila and Shanjos. The Special Judicial Board, meeting in the Luxembourg Palace, carried out the verdict: innocent! Yes, Baron was engaged in magic, but he did not commit human sacrifice. All the charges are based on the testimony of the accused, mined under torture – the evidence was not found none. I will unscruit the hero service served the vast of possessions that so much wanted to get to the hands, and the habit of de re-produce debtors, not at all thirst for debts return. Legal force court decision for years does not have a good name and historical justice restored.

But not to disappear legend? Traveling through Western Loire, it is easy to find a Croan and Laval on the map, wander around the ruins of Tiffup, stand at the foot of the Santos restored and settle in the cozy hotel Lalobema overlooking the gloomy walls of the ancient castle Mashkul. In any case, the guide will certainly inform the mysterious whisper: "Here the famous Gilles de Ra lived on nicknamed blue beard" – and start a story about innocently tortured children and ghosts.

Rehabilitation of blue beard

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