Even the most desperate and freedom-loving travelers sooner or later become parents. What inevitably limits them in choosing the type and direction of rest, which – I like it or not – automatically acquires status "family". So, where to go with children for New Year’s holidays?

By and large there are two vacation options: "Summer" (sea, sun, clouds) and "winter" (Snow, Ski, Santa Claus). Each of them has its pros and cons. The second option in terms of child well-being is more acceptable. There are no problems with a sharp change of climate and long flights.

Optimal "Winter" countries – by the number of advantages for both children and adults – Finland and Austria are represented. Finland due to its relative proximity and similar nature is, in fact, cottage with excellent service and Santa Claus as a bonus.

And the latter is only one of the few (and, frankly, not the brightest) points of the children’s program. In Lapland (by experience), not in Rovaniemi (Rovaniemi) should be stopped, where it makes sense to go only for Santa Claus, and in Primorsky Kemi (KEMI), where it will be interesting not only to your child, but also you.

Here, for example, there is a snowy castle with a snow restaurant (furniture and dishes, naturally, ice from ice), a snowy church and a snowyhouse 5 snowflakes.

From Kemi to easily reach the town of Ranua (Ranua) with his unique Arctic zoo, more like the usual winter forest, in which you can meet quite peaceful bears of both coloring, deer, trotters, sands, raccoons, wolves (apparently, bears and wolves "Peaceful", because Finnish).

School children will be interested in riding with you on motorcycles and deer sledding, passing on snowshoes or make a small journey through the Bothnoy Bay on the present icebreaker.

In addition, Kemi has a cute doll museum, dog farm, lair trolls, and most importantly – stores with indispensable New Year’s discounts. And also: literally a few kilometers from Kemi, in the Swedish town of Boden (Boden), the best Scandinavian Water Park Nord Poolen is located.

As for Austria, her baby service is considered one of the best in the world. If your child has not yet been four years old, it makes sense to stop his choice on one of the numerous kinder hotels with children’s rooms, swimming pools, kitchen and qualified personnel.


For older children in some ski regions there is a whole network of mini clubs, gardens and water parks. So the children do not necessarily follow the example of parents and stand on skis. If you still decided to take with you to the Mountains of the child, you can take it to a special children’s school with simplified tracks, game towns, amusement parks and children’s restaurants.

Now a few words about "Summer" Option. As you know, children for acclimatization takes from two to three weeks. In addition, it is undesirable flight of more than 2-3 hours. And most importantly – the climate in the country of recreation should be dry and not sultry. In my opinion, the UEA and Maldives and Maldives are more or less of these requirements.

In the latter case, however, the whole thing spoils the many hours of flight, but if you manage to go to bed in the plane, this trouble is more compensated by almost perfect weather, small ocean, white sand, luxurious nature, fruit and almost complete absence of dangerous tropics spiders and reptiles.

Children’s program in the UAE better thought out and more diverse. In addition to specially equipped beaches there are a number of large water parks, as well as the well-known Wonderland complex with water and ordinary attractions, baby clubs and children’s restaurants.

But with all the temptation to plunge into the summer in the summer of the present Christmas mood on the warm seas. Neither you nor your child will most likely feel. And so I want to imagine once a year, it is immentable with the age of the magic of the winter fairy tale. And maybe for the sake of such pleasure it is still worth starting children.


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