Release me in the mountains. Part 1

"We are at an altitude of 2060 meters above sea level. Tomorrow we will go to the peak of the Pastukhov Mountain. Her height is 2733 meters. The approach will be slightly more than 7 kilometers, "Stas, our guide and the expedition organizer, voiced the plan for tomorrow. Soon dinner, and after. And after everything just begins.

Memories carry us to the hotel "Andromeda" near the wound observatory. From the window of the room, the dome of the largest BTA telescope in Russia is visible, and somewhere far below, closer to the horizon, flicker the lights of the nearest settlements. Hotel these days collected 20 adventurers and romantics, lovers of adventure and looking for themselves, couples and singles, lovers of stars and lovers of mountains. This, of course, is not Himalayas, and breathes here as comfortable as below. But these are mountains, and they do not take away from this title.

In my life, I still travel a little, and my most bold babblers until recently were limited to the Crimean coast. Travel opportunities were few, and ride one, I started not so long ago. Many, if not all, of my friends go to different parts of the world, and they all bring baggage impressions and photos of sandy beaches on the island, the pyramids, the local residents of different countries, animals, fruits, things, key rings, magnets, and other exotics. Those who were not there, dreaming with your feet again predecessors routes. And there are thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions.

I, too, endlessly delighted and pleased with this sunny mood, the lapping of waves and the warm sand. But in some moments the consciousness turns his back to the sea and facing the high land. I knew that there would not be all that is here, on the beach. And every thought of it only spurred me on a trip to the mountains.

What is good to warm your feet in the sand, because I already had a. And in the mountains of the unknown. No one can make to stay there. Do not like it – and right. It is necessary to try.

For some reason, in my childhood kept specific and realistic dream: to see
The Milky Way, a trip to Spain. The earth turns around the sun dimmed, and increasingly forgotten dreams. So they again broke out in the memory, it was necessary to privacy. Children’s privacy, when nobody and nothing can distract you from the planned. Residents and active social citizen make it virtually impossible. You need to have the skills and self-control, to close his mind to external factors. Even closing the door to the room, even at night on us "attack" the sound of a passing car, someone else’s song in a neighboring yard, rustling neighbors and an avalanche of ideas and information, every day. But practice always gives the result, and with each attempt to move away from external stimuli silence level inside becomes higher. childhood dreams remind myself, and have come to realize that this is your truth.

Adult man today asks what he should do, at most – a child who appeared once on the light. That’s the way I’m small and brought himself an adult in the mountains, which were not my dream, but there were only something interesting. And who knew that there my dream would come true.

I worked in an advertising agency and planned to take a week vacation. It was the beginning of August. It was necessary to write a statement, but two weeks before the ranhouse I did not have a rest plan. You can say – travel, because in a different way I can not imagine vacation.

Release me in the mountains. Part 1

I do not remember exactly how I attacked the announcement, but I remember my determination before the new. I got information about the group set for a trip to the Mountains of the Caucasus, to the Observatory. Main goal of the trip – Popularization of space. It turned out that one person canceled the trip, and a free space appeared. I did not even ask myself to whom it. Just transferred money to the account and went to write a vacation application.

You can’t believe your happiness, and yet it is better to save joy for later. It often happens that you expect something, and in fact everything turns out to be quite different. And maybe even better than expected. But it happens rarely.

When you sit on the train, do not think about where you go and why. So I forgot about the stars and about the dream. I thought about my, rewritten with friends, played on the tablet, met a fellow traveler and with her drunk friend. In a word, I let go of my free swimming. For everything was paid, and everything that was to see was new, therefore there was no reason for any excitement, no boredom. Fantasy did not bother me.

In such conditions, I was doomed to the perfect journey. Naturally, then I was unknown. Train Vyz me to the unknown to my six days that I will spend in another world. It will really be different parallel. There will be no choice of life "before". And from there nothing will come out "after".

Southern Landscapes outside the window, familiar on old trips replaced with new, unknown.
It’s time to take your place, gather. The train stops, the conductor opens the door, and it remains to go down to the land of Karachay-Cherkessia.

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