Religious tourism for "Teapots"

Strict grandmothers in dark headscarves and long skirts go on an old bus in Orthodox monasteries – some of us are exactly what a pilgrimage tour is. Meanwhile, any person can go on holy seats. Today we will tell about the ten most interesting Orthodox routes and will try to dispel some myths.

Solovetsky Islands, Russia

Make a journey to this amazing land will be able only in the warm season. The first Orthodox devotees arrived on the islands in the middle of the XV century. Through the century, Igumen Philipp (who later became the Metropolitan Moscow and the only person with an influence on Ivan the Terrible) transformed the North Territory: Cathedrals were erected, dozens of lakes of the Main Island Monks joined kilometers of channels, built dams – a lot of those created in those years remained to this day. The tragic page of Solovetsky history was written in the 20s, when a special purpose camp created on the islands. Today, in addition to the monastery and churches at the Great Solovetsky Island, you can visit the Skeces on Anzer Island and on the Great Zitar Island.

Perhaps it is better to buy a regular tour of the monastery in a secular travel agencies?
If you are annoyed by one only type of believers, then go to a pilgrimage tour, naturally, not worth. But usually religious organizations have their relations with monasteries, which means that in the monastery to the pilgrimage group will be treated supporter, will tell and show much more.

Balaam Island, Russia

In the center of Ladoga Lake there is a small Valaam archipelago. On the largest of his islands a few centuries ago, a male monastery was founded. Most stone buildings preserved to our days were created in the XIX century. In the past century after the revolution, the monastery was closed and revived only in 1989, when six monks settled there. Get a tour on the ship from St. Petersburg, and then you can visit not only on Valaam, but also in the Kizhi Reserve.

Pilgrimage can not be combined with rest?
Travel agencies often go to meet the wishes of customers and offer trips that are given time not only to visits to monasteries, but also rest on the beach and excursions to different secular sights. However, you should not forget that the main goal of pilgrimage is not to mild the body, but to help your soul, so it is constantly distracted by entertainment will be wrong.

Perm region, Russia

Typically, the target of pilgrimage in Perm – Belogorsky Saint-Nikolsky Hostel Missionary Men’s Monastery on White Mountain. These picturesque places secular people call "Russian Switzerland", And believers – "Ural Athos". Then you should go to the north of the edge and visit the vintage churches of Usolye cities, Eagle, Solikamsk, Cherdin, get to the village of Golobrob and worship the memory of Mikhail Romanova – the first passionwater from the genus Romanov. In addition to religious shrines, pilgrims usually offer to visit a beautiful kungur ice cave.

Only pensioners go to pilgrim tours?
Not at all! As a rule, in the group there are people of different ages. There are many Orthodox youth organizations, and all of them from time to time invite like-minded pilgrimages. If you want to be guaranteed to be in the company of young people, choose such a tour.

Yekaterinburg, Russia

Usually, during pilgrimage in the capital of the Urals, people give a tribute to the memory of Nicholas of the second and other new martyrs of Russian. Of course, you need to visit the church-on-blood, erected on the site of the Ipatiev house, where the last Russian emperor and his family were shot. Near Yekaterinburg, a few years ago, a monastery of Saints Royal Straights on the Ganina pit was built – on the spot, where executioners, supposedly, buried the remains of the royal family.

Everyone should participate in worship services?
Unlike secular tours, pilgrimage trips usually allow you not to explode to inspect the temple, but to stay there for a long time, take part in one or even several services. But if only you have not contacted an extremely radical Orthodox organization, no one will make you participate in worship. You will be free to dispose of our time. Although a person, sideways churches, of course, will look strange in such a trip.

Holy Land, Israel

The most popular foreign pilgrimage tour – on the Holy Land. Not one millennium, pilgrims sought to visit places where biblical events unfolded: at the place of the Baptism of the Savior on the Jordan River, on Jericho, and, of course, in Jerusalem to see the place of the secret evening of the Zion Hill, the tomb of the Tsar David, the Great Path, Calvary, Temple Nativity of Christ, the place of ascension and other sacred places.

Tour members read prayers all the way?
It all depends on the organizers. Sometimes they, really, offer participants to travel to pray for a successful road or before the start of meals, but this is not always happening, and, of course, no one will force you to pray continuously during the whole way.

Sinai, Egypt

At the northern foot of the Mount of Sinai on the Peninsula of the same name, according to legend, Moses saw the unhappy bundle, now there is an Ekaterininsky monastery on this place. Two ways lead from him: long and gentleh, part of which can be overcome with horseback, and short, but very difficult, which is usually choosing pilgrims if they are able to overcome 3100 steps. Mount Sinai – a place where God once came to Moses and gave him a tag with ten commandments. At the top in honor of this event, the Greek Temple of the Blessed Trinity was built. Not far under the cliff, a small cave, where the prophet spent 40 days and nights.

During the journey, women will have to walk in scarves and skirts? In Russia, respecting tradition, representatives of weak gender on the territory of monasteries or churches should be in skirts and in the headdress. How to dress on the road is your choice. Often in groups there are quite a few girls in ordinary jeans and another "Light" Comfortable clothes. But entering the surrounding men in the temptation of the deep neckline too.

Istanbul, Turkey

Religious tourism for dummies

During pilgrimage to Turkey, Istanbul is worthwhile – the heir of Constantinople, to visit the ancient Byzantine Sophia Cathedral, decorated with wondrous golden mosaics. After the Ottoman conquest, he was turned into a mosque, and in 1935 he became a museum, but still considered a sacred place for Orthodox Christians. Pilgrims are also definitely going to the Varhranian Temple of the Virgin, Church of Konstantin and Elena and the Monasteries of the Holy Trinity and George Victorian on the Printed Islands.

In all Orthodox churches, the same rules of conduct?
Abroad you need to take into account local peculiarities. So, if you went to the pilgrimage to Bulgaria or Greece, know that in local councils we will calmly treat the pants and uncovered head than to the open shoulders.

Cetina, Montenegro

Among the Balkan Mountains in the monastery in the former capital of Montenegro, Cetina is kept the greatest Christian shrines – Dandy John the Baptist, who, by legend, was baptized by Christ, the miraculous icon of the Mother of God Philaremos and a particle of the Lord. The monks of local monasteries are well understood in Russian and always welcome pilgrims from our country.

Pilgrims sewn where?
If you want to save, it is worth choosing a hotel for hardships who are usually in monasteries: perhaps you have to live in one room with a dozen strangers, and for the shelter and food to pay for your work "in the glory of the monastery". But most travelers settle for a fee in the comfortable rooms of the monastery hotel, in the usual hotel with all amenities or in the private sector.


Many revered by the Orthodox believers, shrines are in Ethiopia. In the city of Aksu in the Church of St. Maria, the ark of the covenant, in Lalibel in a solid rock several temples designed to symbolize the new Jerusalem, and the largest Orthodox monastery of this country is located in the XIII century the largest Orthodox monastery of this country. Debra Libanos.

Will have to eat only lean food? When pilgrimage is at the time of fasting, then perhaps the diet will be somewhat limited, although the church officially permits the traveling not to observe posts. The rest of the food will depend on the organizers of the trip. However, this issue is always better to find out in advance, although if you live in a regular hotel, then there will be no problems with the choice of dishes.

Pühtitsa, Estonia

The legend says that the peasants came the Mother of God, and then the image of the Assumption of the Mother of God was found in this place. In honor of the miracle in the XVI century, local residents have erected a chapel, and in 1891, the Orthodox Women’s Monastery was founded near the village of Kuremae. During its existence, the abode never stopped working, and pilgrims still may be attached to the old miraculous icon.

What other rules must observe pilgrims?
The main thing is respectful to fellow travelers and their religious beliefs. As a rule, smoking and alcohol consumption are not welcome in such trips. Together in the hotel room, you will land only travelers of one sex or a wedded married couple.

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