Renovation in the Mussolini quarter

Modern Rome is not at all the city of only the grandiose antique ruins, the Great Palaces of the Renaissance, Churches of various eras, monuments and bizarre fountains. There are in the eternal city area, which was built on the orders of the Duchess itself – Benito Mussolini. Now the city authorities decided this area to seriously render. This will require almost half a billion euros.

In the youth of Mussolini was a good journalist and played the violin than a very long one was proud, because it confirmed "spirituality and artistry" The leader of the Italian fascists. Having come to power, Mussolini loved to reason about "The greatness of ancient Rome" and began to revive the cult "Imperial ideals". Then something "Forel’s ambition" (so unfriendly people called Mussolini, born in the provinces of Forli) decided to try his strength and on the architectural field. As, however, his closest ally Adolf Hitler.

In May 1938, Hitler flew to visit Mussolini. But not with political goals, but exclusively in order to admire the works of art. Do not forget that Hitler considered himself by calling by the artist. On the entrance exams in the drawing, he, however, failed. Later decided that he was better to study architecture. But also failed. "If it were not for the First World War, – said Führer in one of the speeches, – I probably would have become one of the best, if not the best architect in Germany". At the meeting in Rome, historians show, both dictators argued a lot about people who built the Great and Immortal Monuments of Ancient Art. Mussolini spoke decently in German, so they were without translators.

Already being visiting Fuhrer, Mussolini was amazed by his plans for turning Berlin in "The capital of the world", Cositovy except with ancient Babylon or Rome. Hitler, however, has always been delighted, if he heard from his architects, that in the next project they "beat" Dimensions of some historic building. What cost, for example, a project of structures in the center of Berlin, the similarity of the temple with a dome height almost three hundred meters, capable of accommodating 180 thousand people.

Unlike "Millennial Reich" "empire" Mussolini was not enough, but nevertheless, she built a lot and with a scope. According to his order in the center of Rome, the wide highway was laid – an alley of the imperial forums to make it convenient to march on parades. I had to destroy an old quarter. Near the walls of the Vatican – also on the site of old houses – stretched another prospectus.

Mussolini caught fire the idea to expand the boundaries of the eternal city to the southwest, in the direction of the Tyrrhenian Sea, which was hand to hand. Duce ordered the architects to develop a design project so as to demonstrate the power, the greatness and beauty of their "Empire". The new district was called "Esposition of the Universal Romana" (Universal Roman Exposition) – Abbreviated EUR. By the way, in this abbreviation, as it were encrypted and a claim for something more – EUR – EUROPA.

Looking ahead, I will say that after the war, the new Italian authorities thought to move Rome to the sea. The city began to expand in the opposite direction – north and east. There appeared "sleeping" Areas, where the capital proletariat now lives. Accordingly, the main street here wears the name of the former leader of the Italian Communist Party Palmyir Togliatti.

But contrary to everything expanded and EUR. It is in the direction of the sea, as he wanted a dead. And now, it seems, rich Italians want. In recent years, new microdistrics have emerged, for example "Torrino" (Turreka). Many at home, more precisely, say mansions, more like small fortresses. Just like u "New Russians". Now "Quarter Mussolini" — One of the most beautiful and prestigious regions of the Eternal City.

Many water leaked in Tiber from that time as Mussolini began to exercise his "imperial ideal". What managed to build during his life was isolated, dilapidated. Acquisition and objects erected here to the 1960 Summer Olympiad. For example, the Olympic Velodrome was completely abandoned. So decided the fathers of the city to upset – to reconstruct, you can say, the most famous buildings of Rome XX century.

Of these, in the first place I would put the Palace of Civilization and Labor. He same — "Square Colosseum". In the people, it is also called "Gruyarsky cheese". Due to similarity with a huge piece of cheese in holes. On each of the four sides of the building breaksitis 54 windows in the form of arches. Just like u "Round" Colosseum built in ancient Rome. The palace was supposed to become part of the World Exhibition in Rome, which Mussolini dreamed of. But wage prevented. Nowadays, the palace was used for different exhibitions, filming. Last time I was filmed here and our television viewers advertising an American company "Nike" — Football stars graze each other, and then there are strengths beside mercilessly on the walls and columns "Square Colosseum".

After reconstruction, the palace will turn into a super-modern "Audiovisual Museum". Here will be "stored" Sound, bibliographic and multimedia "off-line" and "On-line" Information that will cover the whole complex of modern telecommunications. Liver videos will also be located (hybrid library and video gallery). Access to it can be found in place or with the help of the World Wide Web. The museum will hold exhibitions, demonstrate educational films, giving concerts. Many interesting will find in "Square Coliseum" and tourists. On watching even small toliki attractions stored in his archives, can leave all day. There will be not only video and audio archives, telling about ancient Rome, Italy, world history, but also a large collection of classical and modern music. Everyone can listen to favorite works. Generally, Eur is simply coping museums – ancient Roman civilization and the Middle Ages, historical and paleontological, folk traditions and arts. So then and pulls tourists here.

The other attraction of Eura – Palace of Congres will be reconstructed. The architect Masimiro Fuksas will rebuild it. Fame he gained the fact that he developed the external appearance of the Center for the Design of Heavy Duty Sports Machines "Ferrari" and built high-altitude houses in Turin. Now the architect is engaged in what leads to the divine view of the sea coast in the city of Civitaveccia.

After completing the work, the Palace of Congresses will be one of the most modern in Europe. A new complex with a total area of ​​17 thousand square meters will be a poetic name "Cloud". But at the Palace of Sports, built more than 40 years ago to the Roman Olympiad, but now fully updated, the name is purely business -"Palaottomatika". So decided to perpetuate himself a tote, sponsoring the reconstruction of the building. I note that the water tower, topped with a restaurant with a survey platform. "Fungo", that is "mushroom" — The name of the tower is the locals – became a kind of symbol of Eura.

As for the other Olympic facilities – the pool and already mentioned by the Velodrome, the water park, solarium, gyms, beauty salons, saunas will appear in their place. I must say that the inhabitants "Quarter Mussolini" — People with a tight wallet – very reverent treat their health. New sports facilities, which here, really, and without the same, will come, how can not.

Lost and the park adjacent to the artificial lake Lagetto – additional kiosks will appear and shops. Will not forget, of course, about nightly entertainment institutions. But the water in the lake, which has long lost transparency, is not going to change on fresh. I learned about the reason. Once I talked with a police officer who patrolled on the shore of the lake. The word for the word, and the guard of the order in the rustling of revelations told me that there was a lot on the bottom of Lagetto. cars. Reset them there Mafios – Want to check the traces of crimes. And also – the bodies of dried suicides. Those rushing from the bridge to reduce the account with life. That is why they are not solved to pull water from the lake – they are afraid that a terrible picture will open.

I do not know how about mafiosis and suicides, and the homeless lake had plenty of. They were chosen by the voids under the bridge, according to which the Street of Christopher Columbus, the biggest in Rome. Police for a long time could not come up with them "smoke". The tramps diluted fires, littered, made a need straight on the Emerald Lawn Park, where the surrounding residents made jogging in the morning. The solution was found, like all ingenious, the simplest. "Nora" homeless piled up huge boulders with sharp edges. Now on such a ring "Perina" Do not spend.

Renovation in the Mussolini quarter

Another problem — "Night Butterfly". When twilight descend on the eternal city, on shady streets "Quarter Mussolini" Easy behavior girls appear. Good would be quiet, waiting for the client. And then shout, laugh, make bottles. Of course, with the appearance of police, prostitutes are instantly hiding – who are behind the trees, who are behind the parked cars. It is worth the guards of order to retire, like the girls again line up along the streets.

On the slave eros market in Italy, Russians are valued above all. Much higher for some reason than Ukrainians, Moldavans and natives of the Balkan states. Under the cover of the night along the streets of a fashionable Eura walking and dark-skinned Africans. In the thick darkness of the southern night, they are striking thanks to light clothes that they like, and snow-white teeth.

In principle, prostitution is prohibited in Italy by law. Now, if the police will notice the car, in which the girl sat down or worse – will be forced "at the crime scene" In some dark street or in parking, the law provides for a fine of 1000 to 1500 euros. And if the detained client did not turn out to be cash, then the receipt can send by mail to the house. As for the prostitutes themselves, then without a temporary residence permit, foreigners are expelled from the country. If everything is in order with the documents, they are brought to a police department, where they are interrogated to reveal who their pimp. But, as a rule, the girls hold their mouth on the castle, and, after the day spent in the police, they are released on the streets of the city, where they will soon be accepted for the old.

Italian authorities want to tighten the law on prostitution, to make close to the Swedish. In the event that the updated law is accepted, then girls of easy behavior will be arrested on the spot and transfer the case to court. And motorists, slowed down near the stakes of prostitutes, even those who allegedly wanted to just ask how to drive to the right street will be fined. As for the size of the fine, it will be much larger than the current.

"Quarter Mussolini", As it turned out, all these years kept the secret. Secret of state importance. Recently, the city authorities reported an unusual find. Repairing basements in the management of the EUR District, the builders unexpectedly found a whole system of tunnels leaving depth. It turned out that it was the bunker of Mussolini himself. By the way, the regional council building itself was built in 1939. At the entrance, the bas-relief is preserved with the image of Mussolini, grooming on horseback.

Nothing remarkable in bomb shelter. Ordinary box of reinforced concrete. When the bunker was opened, inside it was empty. Nothing but wooden boxes and similar to bike generators. True pedal "dynamo", could produce electricity. The walls are preserved on the walls that called for silence and calm. Several rooms were intended for "ImpiGate" — Cabinet staff Mussolini. Have not yet decided how to do with the bunker. There is, however, the proposal to place a branch of the historical museum dedicated to the years "Black twentieth anniversary" Stay dead in power.

It should be noted that the Italians belong to Mussolini in different ways – some curse, others are sorough. But the majority see the specific historical personality of a particular historical period. Monuments of that epoch do not demolish, and the bas-reliefs with the dead do not knock down. Even 25-meter granite stele with the inscription in Latin remains in Rome "Dux Mussolini" (Mussolini leader).

Why not destroyed it?

— We do not destroy monuments, – Italians answer. — This is history. What was – it was. And bad and good.

Renovation in the Mussolini quarter

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